New Online Slots

New Online Slots is a section that we have dedicated to true slot machine enthusiasts who are always waiting for the release of new titles to try out.  To help our viewers stay up to date with the latest slots, we’ve put together this page, in which you’ll find the new games that software developers launch every month, not only to keep themselves active on the market but also to meet the growing needs of players. Welcome to the most complete collection of brand-new online slots! 

The fun of playing a new slot.

Thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology, slot machines are experiencing continuous innovation and growth: because the game is ruled by software, the combinations of symbols are almost infinite. The reels stop in positions generated in an absolutely random way, thanks to the virtual gaming software, and the slots come with spectacular special effects, bonuses, wilds, scatters, free spins and much more.

Online slot machines are becoming an increasingly fun and unpredictable casino game. Today slots have infinite themes, and they can also be played with a “trial” version, i.e. for free, without ever getting bored of the usual games.

Furthermore, with the increased gamification of slots, it is not uncommon for software developers to come up with sequels to the most beloved slots. For example, among the newest hit slots, you’ll find Bonanza Megapays and Jammin’ Jars 2.

If there is a market that continuously launches new products, changes constantly and is never the same, it is that of slots. These apparently simple games are in fact made by extremely dynamic companies that are attentive to novelties that can attract players. For example, among the most famous ones, there’s ELK Studios and Relax Gaming.

What can we expect from new slots?

  • It is probable that the line of slots inspired by the most successful films of the year will continue to be popular;
  • Given a certain vintage trend, slots with a slightly retro taste will also be abundant, at least in the themes.
  • Another trend that is sure to strengthen this year concerns bonus features. With these the slots remain a simple game suitable for everyone, but also become much livelier;
  • All slots released will be compatible with mobile. No new game that is launched nowadays can ignore the audience that plays from smartphones or tablets, which is now the majority.
  • In the previous years, we’ve seen that new slots also have higher RTPs, and we expect this trend to continue
  • The slots will also have better graphics, animation and sound, as well as incredible gamification.

Get your hands on some free new slots:

The free play mode is the free version of the classic digital slots that you find in online casinos. It is often offered by gambling platforms to allow players to try out the slots they find interesting but don’t know yet. However, just as often, you’ll need to create an account on a casino before you can try out the slots.

This is where AboutSlots come into play: you’ll find plenty of free play mode available on casinos that don’t require you to create an account. Yes! New slot machines that you can try out completely for free: no need to download anything, install any software, or register anywhere. You can try them all simply by connecting to the internet, from any device that suits you.

We bet we know what you’re thinking. Where can you find them? And how can you be sure the platform you choose is 100% safe? Easy! You can follow AboutSlots’ recommendations. Get some first-hand experience; just choose a game, and in the review page, you’ll find the best casinos on which to try the slot for free!

Furthermore, in our slot reviews you'll find the rules and information needed to start a game while having fun in complete safety. Our suggestion is to check this information before you start playing, so that you can learn about the slot’s features, as well as turn your fun into a Jackpot win.

Things to look out for in a new slot:

There are many things to consider before choosing the new slot you’d like to try next. For example, we recommend you check the following:

  • The RTP, a value described in statistical terms, over a large number of reel spins, which equals to its return in cash to the player (a good RTP is higher than 96%)
  • Paylines are virtual sequences that take into consideration the position of symbols when they stop on the reels. If the combination of these symbols is successful according to the rules of the slot machine you are playing, then the payout line is activated, leading to the winning of a prize. When you have a higher number of paylines, you also have more chances of winning.
  • Volatility is the risk linked to a certain slot, or the frequency of winnings a player can expect from the video slot at the end of the session. High volatility slots are the most popular; in fact, they pay out the biggest cash prizes and cost more to play.
  • A safe online casino to play at is another necessary feature for those of you who’d like to try a new slot game. Check our Casino Reviews, where we’ve done all the legwork for you, and established which are the best casinos to play at!

You’ll find that these concepts are clearly explained in our slot reviews, written by experts for you!

Strategies for Winning at New Online Slot Machines

Are there any tricks to win at online slots? The answer is no. However, there are certain strategies that each user can implement to increase their chances of winning. The truth is that all new online slots work with an RNG, which means that no matter how much time you spend playing, you won't be able to find a guaranteed winning system.

How to win at slot machines has always been a hot topic and for this reason we have decided to give you 5 precious tips, which are both real strategies and mistakes not to be made, to raise the probability of success:

  • Know how the slot works: not all slots work the same way. Therefore, we recommend playing the Demo version, you can use our site, or our friends at DemoSlot for that; Or even try a new slot with Free Spins
  • Know the probability of winning: there are different categories of slot machines: those that have a winning percentage that varies between 50% and 80%, and those in which instead this rises and varies from 80% to 90%;
  • Focus on High Payback Slots: Each machine is pre-programmed with a payback percentage. Most slots have 85% to 95% payback, which means they pay 85% to 95% of what they win - not all at once, though. A trick to increasing your chances of winning is definitely to consider the payout of a slot. If the payout is high it means that the reference slot machine has paid more over the time taken into consideration, usually monthly or yearly;
  • Do not change slots and set limits: the odds of winning on one slot are the same as those found on multiple slots. Set a limit on your play even if it is the same slot. If after a certain number of spins, you don't get the payout you are looking for, it’s just not a lucky day: stop before spending more than you can afford;
  • Stop When You're Winning: This is one of the hardest things a slot player can do; quit when all the odds seem to be in your favor. Since the results are generated randomly, you could realistically win one or two games in a row, and then lose 3-4 in a row. If you find yourself in a winning sequence, don't tempt fate by continuing to hope that RNG has your back;

FAQs about new online slots

How can you play new slots for money?
If after playing for free, you want to start betting with real money, it is recommended that you start with one of the online casinos you’ll find in our Casino section. You might need to register, but afterwards, you will be able to select the machine on which you want to bet and play it using either the welcome bonus obtained or your own deposit money. We remind you to only use reputable casinos, where your data and transactions can be safe.
Can you play new slots from any device?
The spread of smartphones and fast internet connections also on mobile devices has allowed the birth of gaming platforms accessible everywhere. You no longer have to be at home in front of your computer to play new online slots, now you can also do it in the queue at the post office or on public transport. 
What are the main types of new online slots?
There are endless types of new slots coming out everyday, but here are some categories to divide them into: Vegas slots, games inspired by those in the famous Sin City casinos. Classic Slots, popular games of the past decades that are making a comeback. Video Slot, with very high-quality graphics and audio. Fruit Slot, with a nostalgic vein and bright colours. 3D slots, the latest and most realistic thanks to three-dimensional technology. Sticky Wild Slots, featuring wild symbols that “stick” during the spin. And much more!