High Roller Bonus: What Is It?

Are you an experienced player in online gambling as well as a high roller? Then you must carefully read this complete guide on online casino with High Roller bonuses. This type of bonus is designed and dedicated mainly to the range of those players who play and win big money in virtual casinos. High roller casinos are designed for risk-takers who are willing to commit large sums of money.

Precisely by virtue of this and the recurring episodes of large quantities, these users are encouraged with a series of special advantages and treatments. Thus, by making a large volume of play, these players are essentially given a different treatment than the others.

In the gambling world, there are different definitions of the term "High Roller", depending on the game you play. For example, in poker, High Roller will relate more to a tournament, while in an online casino, High Roller will have more to do with a bonus. It is this last definition that concerns this page.

High Roller casino bonuses are common in online casinos. These are special promotions, often dedicated to slot machine players, and have a high win rate, which results in impressive bonuses for which the sums offered are incredibly interesting. Of course, for the player to get a High Roller bonus, they must make a deposit.

The High Roller bonus of online casinos serves to complete and reach a huge user base, as online casinos must include and embrace people of all social roots. From the novice player to the professional, passing through the amateur who, thanks to an elevated lifestyle, can bet more significant amounts. The high roller is, almost always, the highest bonus offered to players in virtual casinos. And it is awarded, as already mentioned to the big players, giving considerable advantages to the high-level users to outline their VIP player status.

This bonus is designed and dedicated primarily to those players who like big risks. High roller casinos are designed for players who are willing to commit large sums of money. Precisely because of this, these users are 'supported' with a series of special advantages and treatments. Thus, by making a large volume of play, these customers are essentially given a different treatment than the others. 

High Roller Bonus vs. Match Bonus

Let’s go more specifically into the High Roller bonuses of online casinos. It's is similar to a traditional deposit bonus, but with concrete differences regarding the conditions. The latter are recognizable both in the amounts and in the percentages provided

If you like playing with a bonus, don't hesitate to use a High Roller as it won't be uncommon to end up with a sum of several thousand euros. However, you should know that to get so much money from the casino, your deposit will need to be accordingly high, which is why it is often said that a High Roller bonus is meant for big players.

This bonus is not for everyone. The essential condition is to create a high number of plays and deposits. When we talk about high roller bonuses, we refer to real money amounts that are always at least four digits. There is no definite limit in this regard, but it is the online casino itself that decides who acquires VIP player status or not. Obviously, a very high bonus must necessarily correspond to high deposits.

In this case, in fact, the expert player has the possibility to put into play, for a single bet, an amount of real money that is not in the least comparable to the 'normal player'. So, to give a practical example, an online casino can give a high roller bonus of 500 euros against a minimum deposit of 1500 euros. So it soon becomes clear how earning one of these bonuses is not for everyone. The required amount as a deposit may be too high for some players.

Don’t Forget About Wagering Requirements!

It should also be borne in mind that even the high roller bonuses are subject to playthrough. There will be terms and conditions that must be met in order to proceed with the collection of the bonus. Ultimately, these are the same requirements as online casinos have for deposit bonuses and must be read in detail before requesting it. 

So, for example, the wagering requirements describe that if you want to unlock the bonus you will first have to play the entire amount a number of times established upstream. The greater the wagering, the less attractive the offer will be. Another requirement to be met will be that of the time limit, strictly connected to the previous one. In other words, the wagering requirement must be fulfilled within a set time limit. This is generally a long time, but the special High Roller casino bonuses could instead impose a much shorter time before expiring.

Finally, not all online casino games may be included in the wagering volume. That is, not all games may participate in unlocking the bonus and once the High Roller is unlocked, you might need to use it on certain games made available by the online casino. It will therefore be necessary to pay close attention to the page of the Terms and Conditions which will immediately indicate which games are included in the offer and which are not, to avoid nasty surprises.

Features of the High Roller Bonus:

  • High roller bonuses differ from other types of bonuses in that you can win a lot of money, but you also have challenging wagering requirements to go through;
  • Always read the terms and conditions that apply to the bonus before playing it at any game;
  • High roller bonuses are meant to reward frequent players that aren’t afraid of high stakes;
  • High roller bonuses are not all the same, every online casino has its own.

How to Get a High Roller Bonus?

To get the bonus, you will need to go through a series of steps. First, you will need to register at one of the available casinos and verify the account. To do this you often have to show a series of documents to the online casino so that they can be checked.

Once you've signed up, it's time to deposit into your account and start playing. If you keep using high stakes when playing, the online casino will notice. As long as you do this for long enough, you will automatically end up on the casino VIP list. The casino will see you as a real bettor and thus you’ll be able to take advantage of the high rollers’ bonuses.

When the online casino sees you as a VIP member, they will send a personal message that an online casino high roller bonus is waiting for you. Employees of the online casino you play at will activate it for you and add the amount to your account. This can be in the form of a casino bonus, but it can also be playing credit or free spins.

Find the high roller casino you prefer among our list of high roller bonuses!


Can all players benefit from the high roller bonus?
Not all players are eligible for the high roller bonus. You must play for some time to obtain it and play for high stakes. Only when you are seen as a top player by an online casino will you receive special bonuses.
Does the high roller bonus have multiple forms?
The high roller bonus can come in different shapes and sizes and this depends on the online casino you play at. It can be a money bonus, but game credits or free spins are among the variations as well.
How do you get a high roller bonus?
If you are a top player and the casino also sees you as such, you will get a personal message from the casino employees. These will prepare the bonus for you and activate it.
How is a high roller bonus different from a regular casino bonus?
The difference between standard bonuses and special high roller bonuses is that the latter has a higher value than the standard ones. This is why it is natural that the minimum amount of the deposit required must also be higher than usual, but the return value will be proportionately much higher.