Cashback Bonus: What Is It?

While many people play for fun, many others do so in hopes of winning a hefty sum, which is why most casinos offer rewards and prizes continuously. Some are doing more, offering incredible cashback bonuses to loyal customers.

Like many things found in the world of online gaming, the idea of cashback deals originated in the world of land-based gambling halls, where VIP customers could enjoy extra perks like free hotel room upgrades, free meals, and other benefits. The truth is that as good as these perks may be, most players prefer getting their hands on real money.

The first thing a player needs to know is that an online cashback bonus or cashback program is different from the casino bonuses offered by so many online platforms. Furthermore, for most cashback casinos, the amount a player can get is directly related to how much he has wagered.

These bonuses are paid in cash directly to your online casino account and are sometimes given in the form of credits to play. Casino cashback programs operate in different ways, but they all share one thing: they offer real money without any conditions.

That being said, the amount that can be earned by participating in a casino's cashback program is not fixed and varies from casino to casino and from player to player.

For example, if you are a high roller player who spends thousands of euros a month, you will get more cashback than an ordinary player who occasionally plays a few tens of euros. In any case, if you choose carefully you can get a cashback of 5 to 20%, although as mentioned the sites that offer a higher cashback bonus usually require the player to place higher bets to receive the money.

Types of Cashback Bonuses

  • Cashback with real money

This type of cashback is not very frequent and the amounts that are offered with it, compared to other types of cashback, are quite low. The online casino, in this case, deposits a certain amount of money into the player's account as a refund on losses. This money can then be withdrawn.

If the cashback is based on a percentage, then it is clear that if the amount that is wagered increases, then the cashback figure increases accordingly. In other words, the more you lose, the more you get back.

  • Cashback with bonus funds

Same principle as above. You'll get a percentage of the money you bet and lost. However, this money won't be withdrawable. Not unless you play it and win some more money with it.

  • Cashback with free spins

Beware: some casinos have cashback offers in the form of free spins on slots. Often, when it comes to slots, the cashback and free spins offer is kept separate. The bonus, in fact, can include both a certain cashback and free spins.

But when the cashback itself consists of free spins, talking about "cashback" could be a little deceptive.

Cashback Offer Terms and Conditions

Each online casino has its own regulations regarding cashback offers, so it is a good idea to take some time to study the particularities of the offer.

Even the cashback offers, and everything that comes with it, are linked to the general regulation of the site: therefore it is necessary to know the relative terms and conditions in depth.

Here are some common rules:

  • Not all cashbacks are credited automatically: you need to enter a promotional code to see them appear on your account.
  • Users who somehow try to cheat the system will no longer be able to take advantage of the offer.
  • Users must always be of legal age.
  • There is usually a maximum amount that can be credited for any single player.
  • Cashback offers cannot be obtained in conjunction with match deposit bonuses.

Features of the Casino Cashback Bonus:

  • Online casino cashback bonuses differ from other types of bonuses in that you receive real money or credit for playing;
  • Always read the terms and conditions applied to the bonus before playing in any game;
  • Casino cashback bonuses are meant to reduce your losses;
  • Cashback bonuses are not all the same, every online casino has its own

How Did We Choose the Best Cashback Bonuses?

We list and rank the best cashback bonus casinos by studying the largest online gambling companies. These satisfy all the requirements for international online casinos.

To rank the best cashback bonuses, we use the following factors:

  • Bonus amount
  • Wagering Requirements
  • Period of validity
  • Free spins
  • Reputation and reviews

To distinguish a good online casino bonus from a bad one, the bonus itself can give you a lot of guidance. How big is the bonus? Is it a bonus with no wagering requirements? A no deposit online casino bonus? It is important that you choose the bonus that is suitable for you. All the online casinos listed by us are serious and therefore you are on the safe side with any choice. It's up to you to choose the online casino bonus that suits your requirements.


What can I get with a cashback bonus?
A cashback bonus returns a certain percentage of your losses to you. So, if you play 200 euros and lose it, a cashback up to 10% of your losses will return 20 euros to you, that you can then withdraw or play on the platform, depending on the program.
How often does the site pay cashback bonuses?
This depends on the provisions of the terms and conditions of the cashback bonus. In principle, the refund is given at the end of the promotion period, which can be daily, weekly or monthly. The timing of accreditation, however, may vary from operator to operator.
What is the maximum refund amount?
There is no single cap for all casinos. Each operator applies their maximum refundable amount, which therefore varies according to each site. In some cases, there may also be no limit. To find out, just read the terms and conditions of the bonus, so you can be sure you have all the necessary information on cashback.
Are casino bonuses safe?
The only legal and safe bonuses are those offered by licensed online casinos. Only regulated gaming operators can protect the safety of users and avoid scams.