Mobile Casinos:

Mobile Casinos are platforms that allow you to play your favourite games from mobile devices, such as phones or tablets. In the past years, few operators were providing mobile options, and even those who had developed one, in the form of an app, were most of the time unable to offer a complete service. Today, most gaming operators are equipped with a mobile version of the casino, and through phones and tablets, it is now possible to have a 100% complete gaming experience.

Of course, not all casinos have the same timing in managing the evolution of their sites and their offers. For this reason, if you are part of that group of players who are always on the go or away from home, or who simply love to play through their mobile or tablet, before joining a real money online casino, it is important to verify that it provides a section of mobile game that suits your tastes.

Why play at a Mobile Online Casino?

The main reason to play at mobile casinos obviously is the convenience of being able to play on the go, while you travel, take a break from work, or commute.

You will find these mobile casino versions at your disposal: 

  • Casino App
  • Mobile casino via browser
  • Android Casino
  • Casino iPhone

There are many reasons to choose a casino with a complete mobile version: mobile casinos are just as safe and reliable as any other casino you have played at, with a desktop version;

The mobile game mode is available on both Android and iOS portable devices, including all their modern smartphones and tablets, which means that they will likely be accessible by anyone with such a device. In some cases, you might need to download an app, while in others you’ll be able to play from a mobile browser, without downloading anything at all. In either case, playing at a mobile casino will be easy as playing Candy Crush!

Furthermore, mobile casinos add new games day after day that adds to the fantastic mix of online roulette, slots and blackjack already present. With so many mobile casinos available, you might wonder which is the right one for you: AboutSlots has prepared a list for you with the best mobile casinos available: find it right here!

The technological development of smartphones has now reached levels such as to allow the development of mobile casino sites or casino apps, which have nothing to less than the desktop versions of casinos. 

Indeed, by exploiting the technology that we find in the latest smartphone models, such as the touch functionality, some mobile casinos can offer a gaming experience that is even more engaging and realistic than that via desktop.

Furthermore, mobile casinos follow the player everywhere. Our phone is a tool that is with us at any place and time, and with which we carry out an incredible series of operations both related to our work, to everyday life and to leisure. In short, it is incredibly convenient to have everything we need in a single device that we can simply keep in our pocket or bag.

The ease of use of mobile casinos allows players to start a new gaming session at any time, even when they can’t play for too long. Shorter but more frequent gaming sessions represent a new way to enjoy online casinos.

Mobile casinos offer more privacy than desktop casinos. In an era like ours where the level of information sharing has reached levels never known before, being able to protect our privacy in some areas is really essential. Mobile casinos allow us to do just that. The computer can be a tool that we share with other family members at home. So if we download the software of a casino, it is difficult for other people not to know about it. Using our phone completely solves the problem, since it is an extremely personal tool and that we can protect with a password without arousing any suspicion. Therefore, if you are a mobile casino user and you play regularly, you will not have to worry about deleting the history of your browser to maintain your privacy.

Hand in hand with the theme of privacy is also that of security. To protect your mobile phone from unwanted access, you must therefore be careful to set a password or access key that is not easily guessed. Don’t be naive, remember that through your mobile you also make economic transactions, so security is absolutely essential and if a mobile casino guarantees it by law, you too must do your part.

Casinos treat their mobile users with velvet gloves and often offer additional promotions to incentivize mobile gaming. The promotions reserved for mobile casinos are more and more frequent, because there is no player who does not welcome with satisfaction some free money or some free spins to have fun at a casino.

Mobile casinos are not actually an alternative, but an additional option available to casino users. What we mean is that with the same gaming account you can switch between having fun with your computer and then continue betting with your mobile phone if you leave home or are traveling on the subway.

Features of a Mobile Online Casino:

The Mobile online casinos must ensure a number of benefits and have a series of characteristics. Let’s look at the main ones:

  • Safety: in order to be considered completely safe, the casinos need to hold a license from an official source, such as the Curacao Gaming Control Board the Malta Gaming Authority, Spelinspektionen, or the UK Gambling Commission. Furthermore, the casino needs to be encrypted with SSL technology in order to ensure complete safety. A further indication of the safety of a platform is the fact that it offers the main banking methods approved and used worldwide.
  • Responsible Gaming: The best online casinos partner with organizations such as Gambling Therapy to tackle the problem of compulsive gambling. 
  • Awards and prizes: Obtaining prizes and awards is another very important indicator of a Mobile casino. There are several awards, but among them, the most prestigious is certainly the EGR Awards.
  • Games: Mobile online casinos include top games from top providers. Slots and jackpots, table games such as blackjack or roulette, and a complete live offer are indicators of a great online casino.
  • Bonuses and promotions: the best online casinos must entertain users with bonuses and promotions that don’t end with a welcome bonus. No deposit bonus, cashback promotions and loyalty rewards are some of the riches you’ll obtain at Mobile casinos!
  • User-friendliness: A Mobile casino must be easy to navigate, with wonderful graphics and a functional interface.
  • Customer support: Mobile online casinos always include a few different ways to contact customer service, either by phone, form, live chat or e-mail. Customer service agents must be available at all times and reply competently within an acceptable time frame. 

There’s much more to consider, such as a comprehensive VIP club, many banking methods, currencies supported, tournaments and languages supported: it depends on what matters the most to the user.

Our casino reviews include all the necessary information for you to make the right decision. Check them out and find the perfect casino for you!

Always play responsibly

In addition to informing and advising you on all the best online casino platforms that are active online, we at AboutSlots also promote responsible and safe gaming. Always remember that online casinos are platforms on which to have fun and not to be used as sources of income. 

Play responsibly, according to your possibilities and only when you are comfortable. We want your casino experience to be the best ever. Always look for honest, safe and responsible information, and online casinos will be your best of friends. All our staff agree on promoting responsible and safe gaming.

Playing responsibly in online casinos is the best way to approach this fun industry.

Mobile vs Online Casino

With the spread of smartphones, online gaming has also had its natural evolution. Even before the launch of tablets and iPads on the market, virtual casinos began to test the first games and apps that could be accessed directly from smartphones so that users could have a casino just a click away. 

However, during this evolution of online casino games, some aspects must be taken into account that relate precisely to the usability of casinos via smartphones and tablets. There are in fact some users who think that playing on a desktop PC or laptop is much more relaxing or better functional since the screen is larger and therefore at least partially creates the effect of a virtual casino

On the other hand, some games lend themselves better to the evolution of smartphone apps: think for example of roulette, video poker, but also card games such as baccarat or blackjack.

In any case, the main difference between the two types of casinos remains purely a matter of preference: the functions of both are the same, and you should be able to do exactly the same things in either one or the other.

FAQs about mobile casinos

Can I play my favourite online casino game on a mobile device?
Yes, of course, you can! Most online casinos will have a fully mobile version that can be accessed through most devices. Depending on the mobile casino, they will either have a full casino lobby or a small selection of games. Live casinos are on the rise on mobile sites, so some may have live mobile casino games available, but you will need to check them out in advance as not all casinos offer them.
Are mobile casinos safe?
Yes, mobile casinos are very safe. If you are concerned about the safety of online casinos for mobile phones, take a look at our page to find many safe mobile casinos.
What are the best casinos to play on mobile?
While there are many online casinos with a mobile site or app, not all of them have a huge selection of games and payment options. You can find the best mobile casinos in our list on this page: these are the best and safest casinos available for mobile.
Will I be able to withdraw my winnings on mobile devices?
Absolutely. The same payment methods accepted by casino sites for withdrawals and deposits will generally also be accepted on the mobile casino site or app.
Is it more convenient to play via browser or download a casino app?
This choice depends on the online casino you want to play at, but in general, the versions of mobile casinos that you can play directly from your smartphone, without having to download a casino app, are in our opinion the most convenient.