Welcome Bonus: What Is It?

Casino bonuses are a great incentive to play and a way to maximize your winnings. Most major online gambling sites constantly offer their members daily, weekly or monthly promotions, as well as bonuses to start playing: in short, there are really a great deal of promotions to choose from.

However, besides the variety of bonuses that can be enjoyed, these are different for each casino as the conditions and methods of their operation change, and this can sometimes confuse the player. It is important for you to better understand how a casino bonus works and how to use it and how it is credited before claiming your next welcome bonus!

The world of online casinos is constantly growing, therefore finding the right online casino for you among new and existing ones becomes a difficult task. "Which welcome bonus casino is right for me?" or "Which casino has the best bonuses?" are the most popular questions we've heard from our readers.

Here at Aboutslots, we have very high expectations of the online casinos we list. If you choose one of our online casino bonuses, you know they meet basic requirements such as security, customer service and a brilliant choice of games, including the best online slots.

Welcome Bonuses: an Introduction

Bonuses are promotions offered by an online casino that allow give playersbenefits that often coincide with sums of money or free spins.

As we have already mentioned, there are different bonuses: some are credited automatically, and to benefit from them, you'll just need to make a deposit that meets all the requirements of the bonus itself. An example is the classic welcome bonus, which is based on the very first deposit at a certain casino. Other bonuses, however, must be unlocked, and this is only possible after satisfying a series of requirements that change depending on the site.

Parameters that must be respected are usually the game volume, a time period within which to bet, and other constraints which we will discuss shortly. When the bonus is progressive, this will be credited only when these requirements are met.

Another question that is often asked is whether bonuses can be refused. The answer, in most cases, is yes. In fact, if you need to use a certain code or perform other actions, you can just skip it, while with bonuses with automatic credit, you can easily contact support via live chat or by email to request that the bonus be cancelled.

No Deposit Casino Bonus

One of the most popular promotions for gambling enthusiasts is the well-known no deposit casino bonus. When it comes to "free money", of course, everyone’s interest spikes, and it couldn't be otherwise, because of the many interesting offers available. Many platforms offer a small amount of free money to play at the casino, or a number of free spins on slot machines. It is, therefore, a sort of prize for new members, and it represents an opportunity to try the games immediately without spending a single cent.

Having made a general overview of bonuses, let's now understand better how they work and the conditions in which they are subjected. All casinos have a bonus terms page available on their site. In addition, the individual bonuses will also be explained in the promotions section, and for any other questions, you can consult the FAQs or contact the customer service the site offers.

Characteristics of the Best Welcome Bonuses:

  • Minimum and maximum deposit:

To receive a deposit bonus, casinos always place minimum and maximum limits on the amount that the player can deposit to get the bonus. These are always stated in the bonus conditions, and, for example, we may be faced with a first deposit bonus of 100% up to €500. 

Here, we know we will only be able to benefit from the bonus by making a smaller or equal deposit. As for the minimum deposit, however, you can find information in the bonus terms section, for example: "To receive deposit bonuses, players must make a minimum deposit of 10 euros".

  • Percentage:

In the previous example, we saw how promotions are always accompanied by a percentage. This simply shows the amount of the bonus, and therefore we know that with a 100% bonus on the first deposit we will essentially double our money (if we pay €100, we will have €200 in the account, €150 will correspond to €300 and so on).

  • The wagering volume:

Often, in the conditions of a bonus, we will find ourselves in front of the so-called wagering volume, or rollover. This basically shows the number of times a bonus must be played before it can be withdrawn, and is also accompanied by a minimum number of bets. 

Let's say, for example, that we decide to join a casino where we have a first deposit bonus of 100% up to €200, and we deposit the sum of €100. This means that we will have 200 euros in our account. If in the conditions we have a betting volume of 10x on the deposit, this will mean that before we can withdraw all the winnings we have, we will have to bet €1000 total (€100 x 10). If we have a 10x on the bonus + deposit, we will instead have to make €2000 of total bets.

  • Validity/duration:

The conditions of the bonus also indicate a period within which the bets must be placed, and the rollover completed, in order to withdraw the bonus. This is also a very important parameter and must be taken into consideration, thus avoiding the risk of cancelling the promotion. 

For example, we may find ourselves faced with such a situation: "The bonus is valid for 30 days from the date of assignment". So, we know we will have 30 days to meet all wagering requirements.

  • Bonus Free Spins:

Casinos sometimes give players free spins, which are free spins on slot machines. Here, too, we will have conditions similar to the previous ones, including wagering volumes, validity, etc. One thing to check is certainly which slots the bonus refers to, and in fact, specific providers associated with the promotion are often indicated.

How Did We Choose the Best Welcome Bonuses?

We list and rank the best welcome bonus casinos by studying the largest online gambling companies. These satisfy all the requirements for international online casinos.

To rank the best welcome bonuses, we use the following factors:

  • Bonus amount
  • Wagering Requirements
  • Period of validity
  • Free spins
  • Reputation and reviews

To distinguish a good online casino bonus from a bad one, the bonus itself can give you a lot of guidance. How big is the bonus? Is it a bonus with no wagering requirements? A no deposit online casino bonus? It's important that you choose the bonus that is suitable for you. All the online casinos listed by us are serious and therefore you are on the safe side with any choice. It's up to you to choose the online casino bonus that suits your requirements.


What are welcome bonuses?
Casino bonuses represent a kind of reward - a sum of money or number of free spins - that the user receives when registering a gaming account in an online casino, when they make their first deposit or when they create an account on the platform.
Do all casinos offer welcome bonuses?
No, not all casinos offer welcome bonuses, even though it is a common practice. Some casinos, such as no-account casinos, rarely offer welcome bonuses, as they do not allow for the creation of a user account.
What are the most popular welcome bonuses?
Are casino bonuses safe?
The only legal and safe bonuses are those offered by licensed online casinos. Only regulated gaming operators can protect the safety of users and avoid scams.