Our Story

CasinoDaddy is a prominent and influential brand in the world of online gambling and casino streaming. Consisting of a passionate team of casino enthusiasts, we have carved a remarkable niche for ourselves by creating captivating content and delivering thrilling experiences to our dedicated audience.

The three brothers, Masse, Ante, and Ebro, first fired up the stream in 2016. The idea came to them when they decided to open an affiliate business. They used to enjoy sports betting in their free time, so they decided navigating the business of slots and casino games would be interesting. Since then, they have become passionate about all types of casino entertainment, but most of all, the phenomenon of slot streaming.

Although it started as a laidback thing, where the stream was live for a few hours every evening, it quickly became a full-time operation. Today, the stream is live between around 9 am CET and 23 pm CET or later every single day. In 2022 and 2023, it’s even been live on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, making sure that no one is alone. Because, in many ways, that’s what the channel has grown into. A place where you can always feel at home and have someone to talk to, regardless of what’s going on in your life. It’s a community that is so incredibly tight-knit, and that is what we’re most proud of creating. Viewers come and go, but we still have hundreds, or probably thousands, of the same viewers that we had 7-8 years ago. 

Much has changed since we first pressed the “start streaming” button. First of all, all of the three brothers have become fathers and family men, making the name “CasinoDaddy” make more sense. Secondly, changes to the streaming crew have happened a few times, which has now resulted in a strong lineup consisting of Masse, Ante, Ebro, Ogge, and Sebbe. Ogge is a friend of the bros since before, while Sebbe was previously working with other things in the company and later became a streamer. With a fantastic community, solid streaming crew, and an amazing staff surrounding the stream and Aboutslots, Casinodaddy looks forward to the future with high hopes and excitement!

So, what can you expect when tuning into our live stream? Well, first of all, each streamer has their own unique way of taking on the stream, so you’ll get different experiences depending on who’s live at the time. One thing you can always expect, however, is real money gameplay (often with a deposit bonus attached to it). Deposits and withdrawals are regularly shown on stream.

Although our streamers have different ways of streaming, they all share one thing in common: a love for high-roll degeneracy. Of course, we don’t have endless funds, but if we hit something big, we love to raise that bet and go crazy. This often ends up in us losing it all instead, so don’t do this at home..