Reload Bonus: What Is It?

Reload Bonuses are a reward that casinos offer to players to keep them motivated to remain stable clients. Casinos with reload bonuses always gather a loyal audience.

The principle of the bonus is no different from other deposit bonuses: there is a minimum deposit amount and a rollover to make it withdrawable. The main difference is that match bonuses or no deposit bonuses are provided to new players as a welcome greeting. Instead, the Reload Bonus is for regular online casino users as an incentive to keep playing.

Reload bonuses are provided by all major operators, as in a competitive environment, they do their best to keep the players on their platform. This type of incentive encourages the user and creates pleasant conditions for them, in which even a loss will not be a big disappointment.

Casinos that have just appeared on the gambling market also introduce reload bonuses, since by offering such promos, they hope to engage a loyal audience.

Reload bonuses have the following advantages:

  • Simple terms and conditions;
  • They allow you to increase your bankroll;
  • They can be provided not only as a second deposit bonus but also for subsequent ones: it depends on the operator's bonus program.

The downside to this reward is one: a rollover, the conditions of which aren't always straightforward; however, a player can always refuse to participate in the program if they wish to.

The reload bonus is one of the best types of casino rewards. Therefore, it should be used as soon as possible. Your balance will increase, and you will continue to play your favourite slots and other casino games.

Wagering Requirements For the Reload Bonus

You definitely need to know how to unlock the reload bonus. By this, we mean the ability to convert the bonus money into a real and therefore withdrawable balance. To do this, you must meet criteria that vary depending on the casino in which you decide to play.

In general, having said that we always advise you to read the terms and conditions and if necessary to ask for assistance on the reload bonus or on the type of offer you have (nowadays most casinos have a live chat ), let's see the 3 main types of categories on which you will have a reload bonus:

  • Bettting reload bonus: The betting reload bonus is the one that usually needs to be replayed fewer times, however it is necessary to respect certain terms and conditions in order to unlock the reload bonus.
  • Casino reload bonus: The casino reload bonus usually must be replayed several times compared to the equivalent betting bonus, and obviously there are no minimum odds but only a certain amount of turnover, after which the money becomes real and therefore withdrawable.
  • Poker Reload Bonus: The poker reload bonus is usually somewhere in between the betting reload bonus and the casino reload bonus when it comes to wagering requirements. This is because it usually has to be replayed more times than the betting bonus, but at the same time requires less turnover than the casino reload bonus.

Features Of the Reload Bonus

  • Reload bonuses differ from other types of bonuses in that they are granted to existing users.
  • Always read the terms and conditions applied to the bonus before playing it at any game;
  • Reload bonuses are meant to keep players around and give them an incentive to play more;
  • Reload bonuses are not all the same, every online casino has its own;

How To Get a Reload Bonus?

Getting casinos to reload offers is quite simple. 

  • Register on the casino website.
  • Verify your account by phone number or email address.
  • Make your first deposit within the established limits.
  • Receive a welcome bonus and use it.
  • Make a second deposit.
  • Wait for the reload bonus to build up.

There are also a few restrictions on the reload bonus in the casino:

  • There is a minimum deposit amount.
  • There is a maximum top-up limit, which the operator will not exceed even if the deposit is higher than that required.
  • The reload bonus must be played through, usually x30 to x50. 
  • The Bonus must be used within a certain period set by the operator.


How can you get a reload bonus?
Reload bonuses are only awarded to regular casino customers. Usually, to receive such bonuses, it is necessary to periodically make deposits not less than the minimum amount or make a certain number of bets.
Is it possible to decline the reload bonus?
Since not all players want to spend their time playing bonuses, casinos offer the opportunity to give up all bonuses.
What is a reload bonus?
The reload bonus is one of the best casino bonuses for regular customers. It is awarded to users for active play on the site. Like other bonuses, the reload bonus has terms and conditions that must be respected. It can only be credited if the gaming account balance is greater than a certain amount and can be withdrawn if it has been played for the number of times indicated by the casino.