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It really is true that the casino world is magical! Just think of all the films it inspired and that made us dream.

We at AboutSlots, are so fascinated by the world of slots and green table that we have decided to create a section of the blog in which to tell you the latest news on the casino world as well as all the stories, anecdotes and rules which have contributed to making the world of gambling so intriguing and full of "behind the scenes" interesting facts.

The average user prefers digital casinos above all for one reason: they know that they can always find different games, with lots of new additions. It is also possible to find out about the latest news by reading an online portal specialized in casinos such as AboutSlots, for example, where you will find a list of new slots and the main online operators that allow you to play with the latest generation software.

In addition to slots, of course, there are many other concrete examples of possible games, such as the various versions of roulette and poker, along with blackjack or baccarat. In summary, every day presents new opportunities for fun, with no place for boredom.

So if you want to know more about the casino in general, or even just how to refine your techniques, you just have to throw yourself into reading the contents you find on these pages!

On this page, you will find the collection of all the news published on AboutSlots. Not just the latest slots and casino news, but also our Big Wins news, and industry news. You can read all you need to know about the magical universe of online slot games in the news in this archive.

Check regularly back on this page if you want to stay updated on all upcoming slot machines, the latest slots released by online casinos, active promotions and bonuses related to particular games. Plus, lots of exclusive news from the gambling world!

AboutSlots’ Gambling news: How do we do it?

On the News section of AboutSlots, you’ll find:

  • Gambling Industry News, where you’ll read all the major information about partnerships, new casinos opening, new tournaments and software developers,
  • Big Wins News, where you’ll find all the news related to the big wins CasinoDaddy’s streamers have obtained,
  • AboutSlots Blog, where you’ll find information about games, gambling in different cultures, and other general guides and information
  • AboutSlots Promotions, where you’ll read about the latest promotions available in the gambling world, the best giveaways and bonuses

How often do we update our news section?

The world of online entertainment is enriching with more and more enthusiasts, and there are many gamblers who are familiar with online slot machines, online blackjack and online roulette. For this reason, all the virtual casinos on the Net are fighting a real battle in the name of innovation, to make the gaming experience more and more unforgettable in terms of emotions but also in terms of overall offer, playability and comfort.

The world of online casino games, in fact, is one of those that benefit most from the achievements of technology and on which production studios, software developers but also companies for online transactions are focusing more to conquer an even greater audience and market shares. On this page, we will discover some of these innovations, which we will be able to experience more frequently in online casinos.

We update all the news sections at least once a week and post a piece of industry news once a day. So, make sure to check this page regularly, so you can check which section has been updated and with what!

Online casino competitions, slot tournaments & leaderboards

Each reel exhibits a number of symbols ranging from 2 to 7, so that, from one spin to another, the possible winning lines vary.

Slot tournaments & Slot races

For those unfamiliar with slot machines, certain terms may be obscure or unsuitable. For example, it is known that those who play slots play alone against a machine. However, there are also mods that allow players to compete with each other, and these are exactly slot tournaments or slot races. But are there any differences between these two modes? Let's get to know them.

Slot tournaments are generally defined as competitions that take place in land-based casinos, while slot races are more typical of online casinos. The differences, however, are not just in the name.

Slot tournaments in casinos have their own peculiarities. They can be free, and in this case, they are called free rolls, like free poker tournaments. Alternatively, they can require a registration fee, which makes up the prize pool of the same tournament.

A slot tournament generally has a time duration (1 hour, 30 minutes etc.). Each player is given an endowment of chips that can only be used in the slot machines involved in the tournament. When the start is triggered, all players start spinning, trying to accumulate points but also to run out of chips in the budget. In fact, only credits that have been won count when calculating the score, while those not played are simply considered lost.

Sometimes slot tournaments provide for the possibility of a rebuy, or to re-enter the game in the event of a run out of chips, by purchasing more. This possibility is generally offered in timed tournaments, not in credit-based ones.

The prizes paid out by slots tournaments in land-based casinos are usually in chips, which can then be exchanged for real money. In free roll tournaments, however, these prizes may be paid out in chips that must be replayed before they can be cashed out.

We speak instead of slot race purely in online casinos. It is a similar mode to slots tournaments, in the sense that here too, the players compete with each other to get as many points as possible and try to win the leaderboard with the relative prices. Contrary to tournaments, races are practically always free.

Slot races are practically always free, the only thing to do to participate is to click on the appropriate button. The prize pools offered in slot races are typically paid out in the form of replayable bonuses or free spins.


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