Jammin' Jars 2

Slot Review
June 17, 2021

Jammin' Jars 2 Slot Overview

Jammin' Jars 2 is a new casino slot from Push Gaming, where we get to take part in a sequel to their previous success Jammin' Jars, where the colorful party continues. It is a slot that we have all been waiting for with excitement and soon it is finally time for all of us to take part in this spectacular gaming adventure. It is thanks to the recently received preview of the game that we are now happy to finally being able to share this slot info with you.

All Wild Jam Jars still dances around and by participating in winning combinations, their multiplier will increase. But there's a reason why all of these Wild Jam Jars are dancing extra wild this time, and that's because of the new DJ who's on stage. He is part of the game's logo and in addition to delivering great songs, it is a character that you should keep an extra eye on. He will be collecting golden vinyl’s and suddenly changing these songs, resulting in a Fruity Blast surprise!

Jammin' Jars 2 is a video slot from Push Gaming that has 8 reels and 8 rows. You create a winning cluster by landing 5 or more of the same symbol type in a cluster, where its winnings can increase significantly as the Jammin' Jars begin to participating with their multipliers. You can choose between making a Min.bet of 0.10 and a Max.bet of 100. The game's RTP has been lowered slightly from the previous version which then had an RTP of 96.83%, in this version the RTP is instead 96.40% which is still is a solid size to have on the RTP. It is a slot where it can take a little longer than normal before wins are created as there is a high volatility, but once the wins are created, they are usually bigger. Push Gaming certainly has a lot to live up to since their predecessor was incredibly appreciated and popular, so one of the things they have done is to really increase the potential maximum win significantly to show that this is truly a sequel that is worth taking part in. The lucky player can get a maximum win of 50000X the bet, which is a substantial increase from the previous version’s 20000X the bet.

Much may be the same, but with a new Giga Jar DJ and a new dance floor, there will also be many new features that we can participate in during the spins. The features of Jammin' Jars 2 are Wild Jar Symbol, Instant Prize Symbol, Collectable Gold Vinyl, Fruit Blast, Free Games and Giga Jar.

Jammin' Jars 2 Slot Information

The game's design consists of a disco theme where a bunch of Jammin' Jars together with a Giga Jar DJ boogies on the dance floor. In the background of the reels we see neon-lit objects such as palm trees and fruits, where we to the left of the reels can see the funky DJ. It is a slot that has 8 reels and 8 rows, where you get a winning cluster by landing 5 or more of the same symbol type in a cluster. When a winning cluster is created, the symbols that were part of it will disappear from the reels, then new symbols will fall down to cover these empty positions. If you are looking for mobile slots online, then this slot is a perfect choice as Push Gaming has developed the game to fit on several different devices such as mobile, notepad and desktop. It is a very captivating and atmospheric music that is played in the background, where you often sit and sway to the sound during the spins.

Base game

The lower paying symbols are blueberries, raspberries and peaches. If you get 32 or more of the same symbol type, it gives between 100X to 150X the bet. The medium paying symbols consist of watermelon and pineapple. If you get 32 or more of the same symbol type, it gives between 200X to 600X the bet. The highest paying symbol consists of a pomegranate and if you get 32 or more of this, it gives an incredible 1000X the bet. The game's Wild Symbol is also the game's Scatter Symbol, and this consists of a Jammin' Jar in a wonderful mix of lots of colors. It will also be able to land Instant Prize symbols that show different sized prizes that you can take part in and something else that can land is Gold Vinyl. These Gold Vinyl’s can activate a really festive feature if you collect enough of them. Let's find out what happens if you collect enough Gold Vinyl’s and what the other features do.

Jammin' Jars 2 Slot Features

How much can you win in the slot Jammin' Jars 2?

You can win up to 50000X the bet.

What features are there in Jammin' Jars 2?

The features of Jammin' Jars 2 are Wild Jar Symbol, Instant Prize Symbol, Fruit Blast, Free Games, Collectable Gold Vinyl and Giga Jar.

Instant Prize Symbol feature

Wild Jar Symbol

This symbol helps you to create more winning combinations by substituting for all other symbols. The great thing about this symbol is that if it is part of a winning cluster, it will stay on the reels and before new symbols will rain down through the collapse, the Wild Jar Symbol will jump to an empty adjacent position.

The Wild Jar always starts with a multiplier of 1X and every time it is part of a winning cluster it will increase by 1. Since these multipliers can increase really high, it becomes extra festive when you manage to land more Wild Jar Symbol in the same winning cluster, since all of the multipliers then will be applied.

Instant Prize Symbol

As mentioned, it can land Instant Prize Symbols, and these can have a value of 1X to 1000X. In order to be able to take part in these, it is required that you land 5 or more in a cluster. This feature can also be activated within the Fruit Blast feature.

Fruit Blast feature

Fruit Blast

This feature can be randomly activated after a collapse and then an equalizer will start moving on the reels. If this equalizer finally covers all the reels then either 1 to 3 Giant Fruit Symbols will land, or a Giant Instant Prize Symbol will land. If there are Giant Fruit symbols that you have landed, they will contain the same symbol types as it shows, while the Giant Instant Prize Symbols contain a wonderful mix of Instant Prize Symbols.

Free Games feature

Free Games

If you land 3 or more Wild Jar Symbols, the Free Games feature is activated. You will then be welcomed with 6 free spins and the special thing here is that all Wild Jar Symbols will remain on the reels during the remaining spins that are made, regardless of whether they are included in a win or not. As a result, you can really build up their multipliers a lot.

Collectable Gold Vinyl

Something that happens randomly during your spins is that it lands Gold Vinyl’s and when these lands, the DJ will collect these. When a Gold Vinyl is picked up, a paying symbol will be placed in its position. By gradually filling up this meter, you will reach different levels, where there are a total of 5 levels and with each increased level, the RTP also increases. You get the following RTP per level and need to collect the following number of Gold Vinyl’s to level up.

Level 1 = The RTP is 96.10% and you need to get 20 Gold Vinyl’s to get to Level 2.

Level 2 = The RTP is 96.20% and you need to get 25 Gold Vinyl’s to get to Level 3.

Level 3 = The RTP is 96.30% and you need to get 30 Gold Vinyl’s to get to Level 4.

Level 4 = The RTP is 96.40% and you need to get 35 Gold Vinyl’s to get to the final Level 5.

Level 5 = The RTP is 96.60% and the Giga Jar is now full. By landing Gold Vinyl’s, the Giga Jar feature can now be activated at any time, just like in the Wild Swarm slot.

Giga Jar feature

Giga Jar

Once you succeed in activating the Giga Jar feature, you are up for a treat. Then all symbols are removed from the reels and then a Giga Jar will land in any of the sizes 2X2, 3X3 or 4X4. This Giga Jar is an Instant Prize Symbol block and when it lands on the reels, 3 to 4 Wild Jar Symbols will be placed on the reels. Where these Wild Jars have the same characteristics as before regarding their multipliers.

Once you have received your Giga Jar and Wild Jar Symbols, you are welcomed with 8 spins. What makes these spins special is that they can only land Instant Prize Symbols that will remain during the remaining spins and if they do, it can also result in you getting 1 to 2 extra spins.

Jammin' Jars 2 Slot Conclusion

The party certainly continues in this slot where you realize that the predecessor was only the pre-disco, as a DJ with a groovy look, smooth tunes and phenomenal features has entered the stage. Much is the same regarding Wild Jar Symbols who jump around on the reels to increase their multipliers, where 3 or more of these activate the Free Games feature. The random landing of Giant Fruit Symbols can also be seen here, as the DJ from time-to-time shoots these out on the reels. But how do you manage to create a sequel when its predecessor was a real success with most people? Just like how Push Gaming has done here in an elegant way, they have preserved previous features, where the symbols and surroundings have been given a perfect upgrade, increased the max win to 50000X and they have also sprinkled out some new features.

The DJ plays an atmospheric music in the background during the spins and randomly it will land Gold Vinyl’s on the reels, and as the vinyl fanatic person that he is, he gathers these. When the meter is then filled with Gold Vinyl’s, the Giga Jar feature can be randomly activated. Then you are truly up for a treat because a Giga Jar of 2X2, 3X3 or 4X4 will land on the reels. Which is filled with Instant Prizes and together with this, 3 to 4 Wild Jar Symbols will land, but even though the eyes quickly become heart shaped, the fun doesn’t end there. Since you will receive 8 spins, where it can only land Instant Prize Symbols which together with the Giga Jar and Wild Jar symbols can create crazy big wins. This new Giga Jar feature and Instant Prize Symbols are something that blends in a very elegant way with the previous favorites Wild Jar Symbols, Free Games and Fruit Blast. Its colorful theme, captivating music along with a max win that has increased from 20000X to 50000X the bet really becomes the cherry on the already tasty cake.

It is said that practice makes perfect and the dancing Jammin' Jars show us a lot of new captivating dance moves in this slot. Although the predecessor has given many big wins, Jammin' Jars 2 looks even more promising with its maximum win of 50000X the bet. Refine your moves and dust off your shoes, because the party that starts on the 2nd of June 2021 is not something you want to miss!

  • Title: Jammin' Jars 2
  • Developer: Push Gaming
  • Reels: 8
  • Rows: 8
  • Paylines: 5
  • RTP: 96.4%
  • Hit Frequency: N/A
  • Max Win: 50000x
  • Volatility: High
  • Min/Max Bet: €0.1/€100
  • Release Date: Jun 02, 2021
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