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August 26, 2022

Slot Recap: What’s New on Aboutslots This Week? (Aug 20-26)

Another week has come and gone, and more slots have been added to the plethora of choices we have available in the world of igaming. Aboutslots reviewed the most interesting ones, so let’s take a look and see what’s the next game you should absolutely try. 

This week, we bring you gems from Gold Coin Studios, Relax Gaming, Snowborn and much more!

Cairo Link & Win

Release Date: August 25, 2022

Cairo Link & Win is a new casino slot from Gold Coin Studios set in old Egyptian times. If Egypt was as popular in the rest of society as in the slot world, it would surely be the most successful and visited country on the planet. The main character is a woman with a golden crown; should we guess it’s Cleopatra? She was recently the star of Wild Link Cleopatra, with the Wild Link feature sharing similarities to this game’s Link & Win feature, which is the most lucrative feature in the game, awarding up to 10000X the bet. You’ll also find free spins and expanding reels in the undergrounds of this ancient Egyptian house.

Going Underground

Release Date: August 25, 2022

Going Underground is a new casino slot from Pragmatic Play taking place in the underground train system of London. The London Underground, or the Tube as most Londoners call it, is the world’s first underground railway for passengers. In this game, we go back to a time when all people, men and women, wore coats and hats. Catching three red train symbols will get you one of the four free spins features or the End of the Line Respin, where one single symbol can be worth up to 2500X the bet. Apart from all the bonus features, the underground is equipped with five spin features that trigger randomly in the base game. Make sure to find the closest tube entry, and hop on the train with us.

Time Spinners

Release Date: August 12, 2022

Time Spinners is a new casino slot from Hacksaw Gaming that takes us on a gaming adventure that revolves around time. A place where we can participate and influence the amount of time we have at our disposal, where features such as the Borrowed Time Bonus Game and Sync Your Watches, can make the gaming experience long-lasting and above all beneficial. In fact, it is possible to scoop up wins of up to 10000X, which is a more or less standard value for this game provider, where we have seen this maximum win within previous games such as Xpander, among others.

Dead Riders Trail

Release Date: August 24, 2022

Dead Riders Trail is a new casino slot from Relax Gaming following up the pirate story Dead Man’s Trail with contemporary action resembling video games such as Grand Theft Auto and movies like the Fast & Furious series. The game is packed with guns, explosions, and impressive features. The free spins come with bombs that covers entire reels with the same symbol, and the Bonus Trail is inspired by the pirate excursion in Dead Man’s Trail. The player will move a pawn on a game board full of multipliers and trucks containing hidden prizes. Perfect timing on the game board will result in Road Rage and the max win payout of 50000X the bet.

Cats of the Caribbean

Release Date: August 23, 2022

Cats of the Caribbean is a new casino slot from Snowborn where a bunch of cats is captaining pirate ships in the Caribbean. The title might make you think of the film series Pirates of the Caribbean, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the game creators have seen those movies. Disney makes the films, and the cats in this game are animated in a way that somehow resembles Disney. There are no less than three cat captains on this ship, each having their own free spins feature. The most generous is Captain Red, giving you 15 spins and 90 guaranteed wilds symbols. You will also get to know the Jackpot game Cat Pots Bonus which can award up to 10000X the bet in cash prizes.

Bonus Runner

Release Date: August 23, 2022

Bonus Runner is a new casino slot from Stakelogic with a classic fruity design. At first sight, it looks almost the same as the developer’s previous games Mega Runner and Mega Player. There’s a big difference, though. The previous game’s low volatility has been changed into mid/high. Stakelogic has also thrown in free spins with stacked dropping wilds, a bonus buy feature, and the progressive €5000 Mystery Jackpot. Are you ready for an old-school slot with modern features?

A preview to what’s coming up! always brings you scoops and previews. This week, we’ve added many upcoming slots to our list. Ready to take a look? You’ll find masterpieces from Netent, Push Gaming and Pragmatic Play, which will come out in either August or September!


Release Date: August 25, 2022

Cornelius is a new casino slot from NetEnt where we meet the cat with greedy guts, Cornelius. He is truly a treat freak and unlike Garfield who loved lasagna, this cat's favorite is instead big biscuits. His red bowl stands next to the reels, where he eagerly waits for it to be filled with food, which at the same time creates winnings that can reach 1051X the bet. At first glance, this might be considered a very low potential maximum win when compared to their Silverback Gold, for example. It can be justified by the fact that a low volatility has been applied along with a higher RTP, which ensures that there will be consistently smaller payouts instead of a rare high paying one.

Carnival Cow Coin Combo

Release Date: August 23, 2022

Carnival Cow Coin Combo is a new casino slot from Light & Wonder and the fourth game in the Coin Combo series, following up Marvelous Mouse Coins Combo and the other forerunners. Carnival Cow has, just like Marvelous Mouse, a Chinese theme with symbols such as lanterns, fish, and a golden cow doing the Indian and Buddhist greeting Anjali Mudra. Carnival Cow Coin Combo looks a lot like Marvelous Mouse, and the features are similar. However, this game offers more action with high volatility and a very generous max win of 30000X the bet. You will ind several bonus features, with the most valuable Cow Feature expanding the reels 5 rows high, giving the player several opportunities to land wins on each spin.

Space Stacks

Release Date: August 23, 2022

Space Stacks is a new casino slot from Push Gaming where we head to outer space in search of the bigger wins. Having recently been on planet earth among Mad Cars and the Deadly 5, it's now time to broaden our horizons and visit new places. This space adventure will be followed by a similar slot this fall with the game Mystery Mission: To the Moon, but its contents will remain a mystery for a little while longer, so let's focus on introducing the little we know about this slot now. Within this version we are introduced to the new Reelbets mechanic, where the player gets the opportunity to split bet between different Instant Prize blocks, Max block and Bonus Round blocks. It will be a completely new way to place a bet on, where you can choose between 10 different blocks that offer exciting opportunities to win big.

Wild Hop & Drop

Release Date: September 22, 2022

Wild Hop & Drop is a new casino slot from Pragmatic Play where we head to a magical pond located in the deep jungle. It's a place where the frogs have a real fiesta, where nutritious insects make them grow to gigantic sizes. It's a game with a bonus game reminiscent of what we've seen before in slots such as Fat Banker, where a moving wild can grow during the game by eating scatter symbols. During the spins you can win up to 5000X the bet, so let's find out how to achieve this and what you can expect to see during the spins.

Max Megaways

Release Date: September 21, 2022

Max Megaways is a new casino slot from Big Time Gaming with a big-time agent theme. The reels are placed on a big rock on an island, and the catchy music is a big flirt with the James Bond theme song. This agent adventure uses the Megaways mechanic, giving the player up to 117649 ways to win and cascading wins that can build up huge sums. The base game has several bonuses awarding maximum megaways, a full reel converted into wilds, and a wild bomb replacing all symbols but scatters. The free spins feature is in its own league, where multipliers, duplicating wilds, and increased ways to win can give you the phenomenal max win of 139200X the bet.

Crown of Fire

Release Date: September 19, 2022

Crown of Fire is a new casino slot from Pragmatic Play that offers a gaming experience steeped in a nostalgic casino feeling. Unlike other slots that this game provider has created, such as Book of Golden Sands, this is a much simpler gameplay that we get to enjoy. It's a game that, apart from the Wild symbols, doesn't have any extra feature, because here it's all about winning combinations, like in the good ol' days. We've seen similar games recently with simple setups like in the game Up4Timer and this game is clearly targeted for the nostalgic souls out there.


Release Date: October 17, 2022

CritterPop is a new casino slot from Avatar UX using the developer’s Pop mechanism that we have seen before in MonkeyPop and LolliPop, to mention a few of the games from the Pop series. It takes place in space and can produce wins of cosmic proportions. Every symbol taking part in a win will vanish and be replaced by two new symbols. This time, the growing reels can go from 3 rows high to 8 rows in the free spins, giving the player 65536 ways to win. Before the free spins, players will be taken to the Bonus Round where more spins, extra multipliers, multiplier growths, and huge symbols up to 3x3 can be won.

Jekyllz Wild Ultranudge

Release Date: October 10, 2022

Jekyllz Wild Ultranudge is a new casino slot from Bang Bang Games inspired by one of the world’s most famous books, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, which has later been portrayed in pop culture. The scientist Jekyll invents an infamous potion in his lab, turning himself into the murderer Mr Hyde. This spooky game comes with free spins and a chance to gamble the spins for an opportunity to start the feature with an extra valuable multiplier. It’s also equipped with Bang Bang Game’s Ultranudge mechanic – also seen in Jokrz Wild – where the reels lock and nudge one position with a big chance of scoring consecutive wins. 

Calavera Crush

Release Date: September 26, 2022

Calavera Crush is a new casino slot from Yggdrasil celebrating the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, also known as the Day of the Dead. A calavera is a death skull, usually made in clay for decoration purposes or in edible sugar. Four death skulls are also the high-paying symbol in this game, where wins are being made with 8 or more symbols, no matter where they land. Every win gets an Avalanche Respin with a growing multiplier that doesn’t reset until the avalanche is over. In the free spins, the multiplier never resets, building up for huge wins at the end of the feature. Big risk takers can also gamble all their free spins for the chance to win more.

Tropical Bonanza

Release Date: August 18, 2022

Crown of Fire is a new casino slot from Pragmatic Play that offers a gaming experience steeped in a nostalgic casino feeling. Unlike other slots that this game provider has created, such as Book of Golden Sands, this is a much simpler gameplay that we get to enjoy. It's a game that, apart from the Wild symbols, doesn't have any extra feature, because here it's all about winning combinations, like in the good ol' days. We've seen similar games recently with simple setups like in the game Up4Timer and this game is clearly targeted for the nostalgic souls out there.

Wild Buzz

Release Date: August 25, 2022

Wild Buzz is a new casino slot from Hurricane Games, where we go to a swarming forest. It's a place where the busy bees replenish their honey stash with abundant amounts and as players, we have the chance to partake of this liquid gold, which can yield wins of up to 5000X the bet. Yes, this sweet stuff is something that has been eaten by humans for a long time, where it sometimes is much easier to collect than some others, where for example the honey collectors in Nepal climb over 90 meters on a rickety rope ladder to get to it. This isn't the first-time bees have made an entrance into the world of slots, where we have games like Bee Hive Bonanza and Wild Swarm, among others.

Champions of Mithrune

Release Date: September 1st, 2022

Champions of Mithrune is a new casino slot from Play’n GO in the fantasy world Mithrune. The Dark Lord Duran is trying to infect his dark magic and bring the kingdom of Mithrune under his rule. Your job is to stop him with the help of 5 heroes – the champions of Mithrune. Each champion has its own special feature, adding wilds or upgrading symbols. In the free spins, the heroes’ features can be unlocked and used in each spin together with a multiplier. Play’n GO has created a complete fantasy universe for us, and it’s about time to visit it.

Floating Dragon Megaways

Release Date: September 26, 2022

Floating Dragon Megaways is a new casino slot from Reel Kingdom where we once again get to enjoy a Chinese gaming adventure among floating dragons. It was during the spring of 2021 that we were first introduced to their game Floating Dragon, a slot that was more or less a plain copy of their hit Big Bass Bonanza. Sure, there was a new theme applied and thus the game got a new life and this time they have applied the Megaways mechanic, whereby a hefty increase from the previous potential maximum win of 5000X, now instead can be up to 20000X the bet.


There’s a lot more coming up, and we’d love your suggestions on reviews you’d like to see but the Aboutslots team hasn’t tackled yet. Let us know which of these games you’ll try first, and we’ll see you next week for another update!