Dead Man’s Trail

Slot Review
August 16, 2021

Dead Man’s Trail Slot Overview

Dead Man's Trail is a new casino slot from Relax Gaming where we get to take part in exciting adventures among fortune seeking pirates. Where the legend says that gigantic wins can be made for the brave people who follow the dead man's trail and that is exactly what we are going to do. But nothing comes served on silver platters, instead a game awaits with high volatility, where the lucky player can eventually win up to 50,000X the bet.

Slots with a pirate theme are constantly recurring, where they, like the pirates' adventurousness and exciting quests, are usually reflected in the features of these various slots. We have, among other things, taken part in Pirates' Plenty Megaways and Booty Bay, where they both gave us the opportunity to take part in very nerve-wracking features. Yes, the pirates live constantly on the edge with a fast-paced presence, where risky adventures finally can pay off. Let's find out what this slot contains and what you can expect to see during the spins.

Dead Man’s Trail is a video slot from Relax Gaming that has 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 ways to win. You can choose between making a of 0.10 and a of 20. The game's RTP is 96.29% by default and if you use the game's Bonus Buy feature, this RTP will increase to 98.00%. When you make the spins on this slot, it has a hit frequency of 19.15%, where a high volatility can give up to 50,000X the bet.

To be able to succeed in taking part in this gigantic maximum profit, we have a bunch of exciting features to our aid. The features are Wild Symbol, Trail Bonus, Coin and Bonus Buy.

Dead Man’s Trail Slot Information

The game's design consists of a pirate theme where we during a very dark night with rough seas, follow the trail that the dead men has left behind. In the background of the reels, you can see a very foggy place, where the pirates are preparing for a trip at sea with their big pirate ship. This slot can be played on desktops, notepads and mobiles. You create a win by landing 3 or more of the same symbol type on adjacent reels starting at the far left.

Base game

The lower paying symbols consist of J, Q, K and A. If you land 5 of the same symbol type, it gives 3X the bet. The higher paying symbols consist of 4 different pirates with background colors showing blue, green, orange and red. If you land 5 of the same symbol type, it gives between 5X to 30X the bet. The golden W is the game's wild which gives 60X if you land 5 of them and the pirate ship is the game's scatter symbol. During the Trail Bonus feature, a wonderful mix of other action symbols will also be able to land, where we talk more about these within the feature section. It will also be able to land coin symbols during the spins, where the right amount of these activates the Coin feature. Let's find out what the features do.

Dead Man’s Trail Slot Features

What's the max win in the Dead Man’s Trail slot?

You can win up to 50000X the bet.

What features are in the Dead Man’s Trail slot?

The features are Wild Symbol, Trail Bonus, Coin and Bonus Buy.

Coin feature

Wild Symbol

The game's wild symbol helps to create more winning combinations by substituting for other symbols. The only symbol it doesn’t substitute for is the scatter symbol.

Trail Bonus

If you land 3 or more scatter symbols, the Trail Bonus feature is activated. You will then be moved to a new place, where you will be able to walk along a map that has 37 tiles with 1 to 9 steps at a time. When you land on a tile, a feature will be activated that provides different conditions for the game. The four normal tiles that you can land on are and do the following:

Normal Tile = This gives you a visible value based on your bet size.

Start Tile = This will reset the special action.

End Tile = This ends the feature, and you will receive the total win.

Mystery Chest = This will activate between 1 to 11 special actions.

The various special actions that this Mystery Chest can activate are and do the following:

Scout = This adds 100X to 1000X to a random normal tile.

Commander = This adds 3X to 5X to all normal tiles.

One-Eye = This will multiply 2X to 5X with a normal tile, where this is repeated 2 to 4 times.

Collector = This will collect all values from the normal tiles, where this collected value is added to the total win.

Reset = This will substitute all End tiles with normal tiles.

Collect & Command = This will collect all values from all normal tiles, then this summed value will be placed on all normal tiles and also to the total win.

Super Reset = This will replace all End tiles with temporary Mystery chests.

Coin Win = This will add a random coin win of 25X to 50X to the total win.

Persistent Scout = This works as the scout; the difference is that it is activated at each round.

Persistent One-Eye = This works as the One-Eye, where the difference is that it is activated at each round.

Persistent Commander = This works as the Commander, where the difference being that it is activated at each round.

Regarding Scout, One-Eye and Commander, they can upgrade their respective Persistent action by adding their displayed value to the value of an active persistent action. Once you have taken part in normal tiles or mystery chests, these will turn into End tiles. Each normal tile has a maximum limit of 10000X.

Trail Bonus feature


When you land coin symbols on 3 or more reels, the Coin feature is activated. These coin symbols show value from a predefined set that is based on your bet size and by activating this feature, you get to take part in the total value from these coin symbols.

Bonus Buy

If you want to take advantage of the Trail Bonus directly, you can use the Bonus Buy feature. You then pay 100X the bet and then the bonus feature is activated, where the RTP has increased to 98.00%.

Dead Man’s Trail Slot Conclusion

It is truly an action-packed adventure that Relax Gaming has managed to create within this slot, where we together with a bunch of pirates are in a pursuit of richness. Already at the start of the slot, you are greeted by a very atmospheric environment, where its careful design that takes place during a foggy night creates the perfect existence. It is really a calm before the storm in the base game, where you get a pleasant stay with the wild symbols and coin symbols. These coin symbols will often land during the spins, but it is necessary to land these on 3 or more reels in order to take part in them. When you have succeeded in doing so, all the values that appear on these coin symbols will be collected and then distributed.

When you land 3+ scatters or use the Bonus Buy feature, the Trail Bonus feature is activated and thus the fantastic adventure that this game revolves around begins. We will then be able to move around on a map, where each tile that you can land on has different features that can be activated. It's an incredibly large mix, where like the move on a Monopoly game, you get very nervous at every step taken on this board. It is reminiscent of the respins feature that has been seen in among others Money Train 2 and Baron Bloodmore and the Crimson Castle, where you mainly collect multipliers. Where these multipliers can, among other things, receive upgrades in the form of collectors, scouts and commanders assigned, which causes them to increase significantly. You will be moved 1 to 9 steps at each new round and this amazing adventure continues until you land on an end tile. Some visits to this Trail Bonus can sometimes end very quickly, where you have only received lower winnings, but like most games from this game provider, its high volatility can be favorable and generate gigantic winnings. Where they have chosen to add an extremely high potential maximum win of 50000X the bet, where you have a good level of the RTP in the base game of 96.29% and through the Bonus Buy you can instead take part in an incredibly high RTP of 98.00%.

With a packed bonus feature that this slot offers, the choice of theme feels perfect and their skillful creation of designs as well as mathematical models make the experience perfect. It is a slot that has a very high volatility and it therefore suits the riskier player.

Dead Man's Trail is a slot that allows us to take part in an adventure out at sea among pirates, where this stormy sea can show us the way to the Trail Bonus which can give huge winnings.

Quick information
  • Title: Dead Man’s Trail
  • Developer: Relax Gaming
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 4
  • Paylines: 40
  • RTP: 96.29%
  • Hit Frequency: 19.15%
  • Max Win: 50000x
  • Volatility: High
  • Min/Max Bet: €0.1/€20
  • Release Date: Sep 07, 2021
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Bonus € 1000 + Free Spins
Bonuses Avalible
18+, New Customers Only, T&C Apply, Gamble Responsibly
Bonus € 1000 + Free Spins
Bonuses Avalible
18+, New Customers Only, T&C Apply, Gamble Responsibly
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