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September 1, 2023

Q&A – Pirots 2 by ELK Studios

At the beginning of the year, ELK Studios launched the slot Pirots, where they brought a new mechanic to the table. Together with a bunch of gold coin-loving parrots, you could take part in an innovative experience and already this fall there will be a sequel!

We were obviously curious to hear more about this game, so we had the honor of taking part in an exclusive interview with Fredrik Lindberg, Product Owner at ELK Studios.

Fredrik Lindberg, Product Owner at ELK Studios together with some pirot birds.
Fredrik Lindberg, Product Owner at ELK Studios

Hello and thank you for participating in this interview for your upcoming release of the game Pirots 2. Please tell us a little about you and ELK Studios!

Thank you for having me! I’m Fredrik Lindberg, Product Owner at ELK Studios. I’ve been at ELK for about 2 years. Started off in the math department and for a few months now I’ve been part of the product team.

1. Pirots has received a very positive response from the gaming community, and we understand that you are eager to release a sequel quickly. Did you expect that Pirots would be the enormous hit that it is?

Pirots was the first game using our unique CollectR mechanic. During the production of the game, we had a lot of fun trying to figure out which adventure our small pirots would set out for. By the end of the project, we felt that the theme and mechanics came together well and that we were on to something. However, the amount of positive feedback we have gotten from both players and operators has really exceeded our expectations.

2. Describe Pirots 2 in three words!

Bigger, Better, Popcorn!

3. How is Pirots 2 different from all other games?

Being a sequel to a game that is one of its kind makes it naturally stand out from other games on the market. With a large amount of different features and a growing grid size, there are endless combinations and scenarios for players to experience when hitting the spin button. One unique feature that we will see in Pirots 2 as well is the Max Win coin with which players can hit max win in just a second!

4. What inspired Pirots 2?

After Pirots was released we immediately felt that it deserved a sequel. All the feedback we received inspired us to try to make something better and more thought-through than the first game but still keep its core.

5. What made you choose this theme?

We had a lot of suggestions on the table, but we finally agreed that little pirot birds stealing from giant lizards at a theme park could allow for some fun elements to be added in the game. This also made a natural development of the story from the first game and something we can continue to develop in (eventual) coming games in this series.

6. What can players expect when they visit this game?

They will recognise some elements from the previous game plus a whole lot of new features and fun animations where our heroes face new kinds of troubles while continuing their plundering in a different setting.

7. As fun as it was, Pirots often felt quite predictable. Are there any changes in the math model to prevent that in the sequel?

One benefit of doing a sequel is that we have the chance to improve on everything from the previous game. A lot of work has been put into the math design and balancing of this game and we believe we found a great way to deliver exciting and unpredictable game rounds in every play mode of Pirots 2.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Finally, do you have anything you would like to say to our readers?

Looking at the roadmap for the rest of the year, and the beginning of next I must say we have a lot to look forward to. Lots of interesting mechanics, themes, and features, and a whooole lot of Nitro in the beginning of 2024!

We thank Fredrik Lindberg, Product Owner at ELK Studios, for participating in this interview and look forward to the release of the game. As soon as we receive more info and a demo of Pirots 2, we will review the game which you can find here.