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September 8, 2023

Q&A – Chaos Crew 2 by Hacksaw Gaming

Starting out as a developer of premium scratch cards, it's safe to say that Hacksaw Gaming has been on a fascinating growth journey since then, with impressive slots being created along the way and added to its portfolio. With slots such as Wanted Dead or a Wild, R.I.P City, and Chaos Crew, they have left a big impression on the gaming world.

This fall, the game Chaos Crew 2 will be released, and we were of course curious to hear more about this sequel. We had the honor of taking part in an exclusive interview with Marcus Cordes, CEO at Hacksaw Gaming, who told us more about this release.

Logo of the slot Chaos Crew 2 with a cat and a skull.
Chaos Crew 2

Hello, and thank you for participating in this interview for your upcoming release of the game Chaos Crew 2. Please tell us a little about you and Hacksaw Gaming!

Hi guys, thanks for having us!

Many people might not know we started out as a developer of premium scratch cards which gave us a solid foothold in the industry and laid the platform for the ensuing growth, and what a journey it’s been. It wasn’t until September 2019, almost four years to the day, that our first slot rolled off the production line with the charming Stick’em which has made a celebrity of our unofficial mascot, Canny!

Needless to say, these days we’re better known for our extensive collection of slot games - some of which have gone on to achieve cult-classic status like our flagship Wild West release Wanted Dead or a Wild and R.I.P. City, a game that takes the age-old cat-and-mouse rivalry and brings it bang up-to-date in a unique and amusing way.

It’s hard to believe that release only came out this year - it’s been everywhere! Let’s not forget the punk-flavoured Chaos Crew that helped put us on the map in 2020. We have huge hopes for the long-awaited sequel arriving on the 28th of this month which retains the spirit of the original but packs in a host of exciting new features that we’re sure players will love.

We’ve won several awards in just a few years of operation, reflecting our focus on disrupting and innovating one release at a time while continuing to expanding our reach across regulated jurisdictions - recently breaking into the US which was a hugely significant milestone for us, capping months and months of hard work behind the scenes.

1. Describe Chaos Crew 2 in three words!

Twice the Chaos!

Actually, scratch that. Chaos Crew II ratchets up the Chaos factor several-fold on the original. You’re all in for a neon-soaked treat!

2. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Chaos Crew 2? What motivated you to create it?

It’s no secret that Chaos Crew is a beloved industry blockbuster. If ever a game in our back catalog was ripe for an upgrade driven by player demand - it was this.

And we really owe much of our success to the slot-playing community. We’re in constant two-way with communication with our audience to establish what we could do better, what players want to see more of, with a lot of fine-tuning coming as a direct result of player feedback.

Moreover, we were determined not to lose the DNA of Chaos Crew, which we’ve worked hard to replicate with this follow-up - while incorporating a smattering of features including one we feel could become a real game-changer.

Aware of the love fans have for Chaos Crew’s bonus round audio, we’ve brought that back; Cranky and Sketchy return all grown up even sporting limbs; and the original’s multiplier-centric gameplay has also been cranked up a notch.

3. Chaos Crew is still a favorite of many despite years on the market, so what can players expect when they visit this sequel?

As hinted at, we’ve worked a number of new features into the sequel without losing the essence of the first. The design is unmistakably Chaos Crew, multipliers are fundamental to the game’s best moments, volatility has been turned up to the max, and the base game now packs an extra punch.

We’ve loaded the base game with multiplying Cranky symbols which multiplier one another when sharing the same winline, while our new Epic Drop feature is a brand new introduction.

We’ve truly laid the bonus action on thick, quadrupling the number of bonus rounds on offer up from 1 to 4, and if that’s not enough, max win has been doubled from 10,000x to 20,000x the bet - representing our biggest max win ever.

4. The game comes loaded with features such as Epic Drop and Best of Bonus, which, from the names, sound like awesome additions. Can you briefly describe what they do?

The Epic Drop is another brand new addition to the game and we can’t wait to see how it’s received.

When triggered, the Epic Drop guarantees at least 5 multiplier symbols to land during a random base game spin, providing players with an instant taste of the series’ famed bonus round.

We’re confident our new ‘Best of Bonus’ addition will go on to shake up the industry. Once triggered organically or when purchased via the Bonus Buy menu where permitted, players get three shots at either the regular Bonus or Super Bonus. The result of each round is displayed on a leaderboard to the left, and players get their best result from 3 applied to their stake to determine the final payout.

Should players wish to purchase either of the two ‘Best of Bonus’ options, they’re essentially getting 3 rounds for the price or 2 - representing super value that slot fans will struggle to find elsewhere. The feature also offsets the game’s sky-high volatility - just the 13th entry into our portfolio scored as 5/5.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Finally, do you have anything you would like to say to our readers?

Thank you for continuing to give our games massive love and we hope you all enjoy the sequel of the year landing at an online casino near you shortly!

We thank Marcus Cordes, CEO at Hacksaw Gaming, for participating in this interview and look forward to the launch of the game. Click on the link to read our slot review of Chaos Crew 2.