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September 29, 2022

Jade Rabbit partners with Relax Gaming

Malta-based slot provider Jade Rabbit Studio has signed a Silver Bullet partnership with iGaming powerhouse Relax Gaming, which allows them to supply content exclusively for the latter. 

Relax describes the Silver Bullet partnership as “a unique, market-leading offering bringing some of the most innovative, high-quality studios to the Relax network. Silver Bullet offers all the benefits of our expertise and distribution, allowing our partners to focus on creating top-quality content and leaving the rest to us”.

Although relatively new to the scene, Jade Rabbit has a close-knit team with plenty of experience and skill in the industry. The provider has only released 12 games so far, but with all the tools that come with this deal, that number is likely to increase drastically. 

Roger Admeus, CEO of Jade Rabbit Studio, said: “Innovation is the vanguard of our strategy, so we don’t just rely on proven mechanics. We tirelessly aspire to bring the next breakthrough to gambling enthusiasts across the globe. With that in mind, Relax Gaming is the perfect partner for us, ensuring our games reach as many players as possible as we continue to push the genre forward.”

Jade Rabbit will be the 14th team to sign with Relax, along with other studios such as Northern Lights and Fantasma Games. The partnership puts this Maltese provider on a fast track to success by giving them access to Relax’s vast network of operators and alike.  

The feedback from other providers working alongside Relax with this Silver Bullet partnership has been very positive. Jonas Byström, COO & Co-Founder of SthlmGaming, said: “We like Relax Gaming as they provide very smooth co-operation and an excellent service to publish our slot games. We can focus on what we do best, Game Design, and can fully rely and trust Relax Gaming is doing their part. They are highly efficient, extremely professional and have a great network.”

Was Jade Rabbit Studio bought out?

Simon Hammon, CEO of Relax Gaming, said: “As Relax Gaming continues to expand globally, it’s essential that we continue to offer our operating partners the most innovative and forward-thinking games on the market. To ensure we continue to do this, we’re delighted to join forces with Jade Rabbit and we look forward to seeing their success grow as a greater number of players enjoy their top-notch products via our industry-leading network.”

Although this is an exclusive partnership, it’s important to distinguish it from a buyout. Jade Rabbit will remain an independent studio when it comes to the creation of its games. Instead, Relax simply invests in the brand to maximize everyone’s returns. 

Andy Goodale, CEO of Northern Lights, said that partnering with Relax Gaming allows them to focus on their games and not get detracted from that by having to deal with all other things, such as distribution and marketing. It’s purely a win-win. 

Not only will Jade Rabbit’s games reach larger audiences, but a Silverbullet deal also comes with additional perks. All partners are promised to receive the same attention, visibility, and exposure as Relax Gaming’s own content. With Jade Rabbit being a relatively small studio, Relax will lift many burdens from their shoulders.