Northern Lights Gaming Review

Here we have Northern Lights Gaming, a video slot games studio that is really on the rise in the online gaming world. With over 50 years of experience in online gaming, a small group of professionals joined forces. Where they began to hone an idea and vision to create the best high-end video slots that should ever have been on the gaming market. Even though their group was small, it was a quality over quantity mentality, bringing together top-class developers, creators and designers. When all these vital parts were in place, they could start Northern Lights Gaming in 2017. It all started in Stockholm, Sweden, where they now run this business together with the office in Manchester, United Kingdom.

They are very professional in their profession and leave nothing to chance. All of the pillars must be top class to be able to offer a unique gaming experience. When it comes to launching games, there are many requirements that must be met, and licenses that are required. During their relatively short time as a company, they have made strategic choices to fulfill this. They launch games that take place through collaborations with other companies such as Yggdrasil Masters program, Relax Silver Bullet program and with SG-Digital. Where all of the above are very tactical collaborations to create first-class games, which then have platforms with a high standard.

Innovative features create a wonderful gaming experience

They create games that are available to play from all devices such as mobile, computer and tablet. Where the user experience is wonderful and the creativity among the different themes and mechanics is brilliant. As mentioned, they want to be the game developer that delivers the best games, which is a high goal that requires discipline and innovative work. Where they really show this in the game Golden Stallion which will be launched soon. This slot has Ultraways mechanic, where it helps to create incredibly high paylines by increasing the number of symbols. Northern Lights Gaming is an upcoming provider that has created Rocky's Gold, All Star Knockout Ultra Gamble and Golden Stallion Ultraways, among others. Let's take a look at how these games are below.

Rocky’s Gold

The first game that Northern Lights Gaming released was Rocky's Gold. Here you get to follow Rocky down into the mine and dig for gold, here there is really gold fever and as a player you got a really good introduction to them as a game developer. Here you get to play on a slot that has 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. Even at this early stage, one got to see and partake of their skillfully designed symbols. Here, color is given through lots of colorful minerals and gold in an otherwise fairly colorless environment. Rocky's Gold is not only loaded with gold, but there are a lot of exciting features here as well. Here you can with the help of dynamite succeed in creating winning streaks in the game's Wild Dynamite Bonus. To succeed in finding the big hidden treasures you need to look at unexplored places, this is done fantastically well with the TNT bonus feature. A lot really happens in this mine and if you manage to trigger the Paydirt free spins Bonus game, you can manage to scoop up real winnings.

All Star Knockout Ultra Gamble

As a sequel to their previous All Star Knockout version, they came here with a fruity and colorful slot with 5 reels, 4 rows and 20 paylines. Here you can take part in, among other things, the game's Win spins. This feature is free spins that are guaranteed to pay something. Where they will spin until you win, like their name. As an upgrade to its predecessor, Ultra Gamble has been added here, this allows you to collect even more stars this time to be able to get even bigger wins by being able to knock out symbols. At the same time you can continue to spin longer through the free spins obtained. Here the multiplier may increase as well, in other words it will be a magical mix of wonderful features in the game. Prepare for a cool experience here, as the chances are great to succeed in triggering many bonuses within a short session. Reach for the stars and keep your eyes on the prize.

Golden Stallion

In their latest slot Golden Stallion, we get to take part in an innovative gaming adventure. You play here on a slot with 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. Where you can choose from making a of 0.20 and a of an incredible 500. This is a game created for the slightly more risk-averse souls, where the base game is relatively calm. But here you can take part in Northern Lights Gaming's innovative Ultraways mechanic, which gives you an incredible 200,000 paylines. Which gets the snowball rolling and gives greater chances of winning. Here, in the game's Bonus game, you want to collect as many horseshoes as possible to be able to bring home crazy wins. In the bonus game, you are welcomed with three spins that have different features, if it goes well during these, you can, among other things, manage to convert regular symbols into quad symbols and then play with these during the next 10 free spins you get. Can you manage to tame this golden stallion?

Northern Lights Gaming Conclusion

Here we have a game developer who started strong directly in their premiere with Rocky's Gold, but despite a high bar, they constantly manage to make better and better games. Where the game has carefully thought out designs, mechanics and features. They have tactical and rewarding collaborations with larger companies such as Yggdrasil, Relax Gaming and SG-Digital, which help to deliver a high standard of the gaming experience. Northern Lights Gaming certainly has an exciting journey ahead of them and you immediately become curious about what they will bring up to table here next. That makes you look around little extra, because just as it is incredibly wonderful to see Northern Lights shine up on a dark night, it is wonderful to see a slot that has a Northern Lights Gaming logo next to it.

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