Nolimit City Review

New innovative features, creative game mechanics, and unique themes are some of the key elements that have helped game developer Nolimit City rise through the ranks.


Since going live in 2014, Nolimity City has pushed the boundaries and shocked the online gambling industry with some of the most creative yet outrageous games on the market. On top of that, Nolimit City has brought innovative features to the gaming world known as xMechanics, such as the xNudge, xBomb, xWays, xPays, and the recent xGOD.

This is a game provider that leaves nothing to chance, except the chance to win, where music, sound effects, graphics, and design are exceptionally good in most of the games released. Some of the company's known titles include San Quentin xWays and Tombstone RIP,  Devil's Crossroad, and Nine To Five.

Furthermore, all of their games are fully optimized to work across many operating devices and systems. Whether you want to play on your phone or your laptop, the games play out seamlessly and smoothly without losing quality in the graphics or value. In this guide, you'll learn about Nolimit City’s history, various casino games, payout percentages, and other notable achievements.

Who Is Nolimit City?

Nolimit City is a prominent software game developer that hails out of Sweden. Along with local developers Play'n GO and NetEnt, it has been at the forefront of pushing creative games for the online gambling market. It began its operations in 2014 and is now located in Malta, with development teams in both Sweden and India.

Nolimit City describes itself as an innovative, young, and ambitious company. With around 100 employees, they have experts in all areas surrounding gaming, and this has surely been a part of Nolimit City’s success and kept them at the forefront of creating innovative, high-quality slot games with unique features. Furthermore, they have over ten years of experience working with some of the industry's most prominent gaming providers and operators.

In 2021, they released one of their most popular games, San Quentin xWays, which took the gaming world by storm and grew their fanbase. They followed this success in 2022 by releasing Serial and Tombstone RIP, which were also huge successes. This year was also the year the company was acquired and became a part of the Evolution Group.

Additionally, Nolimit City has a full fan page on their website where players have access to all kinds of statistics and fun in their games. You can check which games are ”Hot as Hell or ”Cold as Ice” right now. On top of that, you can check out the biggest and recent winners and comment and get answers from other players, bringing a social element to gaming.

Nolimit City Journey/Timeline

Nolimit City is an exciting gaming company that has gone from strength to strength and here are some of the key milestones on its journey:

  • 2014: Nolimit City was founded in Sweden
  • 2016: Nolimit City launches the game Oktoberfest
  • 2017: Nolimit City launches the games Kitchen Drama: Sushi Mania, Wixx, and Kitchen Drama Bbq Frenzy
  • 2018: Nolimit City is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission
  • 2019: Nolimit City is licensed by the Swedish Gambling Authority
  • 2021: Nolimit City released their popular title, San Quentin xWays
  • 2022: Nolimit City released their popular titles Serial and Tombstone RIP
  • 2022: Nolimit City was acquired in 2022 and became a part of the Evolution group.
  • 2023: Nolimit City release several games, including, Ugliest Catch and Space Donkey
  • 2023: Nolimit City is granted a B2B supplier permit from the Swedish Gaming Authority
  • 2024: Nolimit City releases their popular title, Land of the Free

1. Which are the best casinos that host Nolimit City?

We highly recommend JustCasino, Gangsta Casino, and LyraCasino, among many others.

2. What type of casino games does Nolimit City develop? 

Nolimit City currently creates online slot games.

3. How many games has Nolimit City developed? 

Nolimit City has 85 games in its portfolio.