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November 16, 2022

Blackjack Online: A Guide For Beginners

The origin of Blackjack is a bit unclear, but most believe that it was invented in 17th century France. Back then, it was called “Vingt-et-un”, translating to “Twenty-one”, which is what this game is all about. Up until online casinos were invented, you had to find a land-based casino or another venue where you could play the game, but today, you can play it from anywhere!

What Is Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack allows players to partake in one of the most beloved card games from anywhere in the world. The goal is to get as close to a card value of 21 as possible. Blackjack is a game where you play against the house, meaning you don’t compete against other players but against the casino. In classic Blackjack, you are dealt 2 cards, and they all have different values. The dealer gets 1 card face-up and 1 face-down. If  the result of your cards produces a value of 21, you win the hand, unless the dealer does too, in which case it is a stand-off, and you get your bets back. If a hand exceeds a value of 21, it “busts”, meaning that you lose the round. You keep receiving cards until you choose to “stand”, which you should do if you think that the next card will push your value over 21. 

Thankfully, the house can be found online, so you no longer have to attend a real-life casino to enjoy the game of Blackjack!

How to Play Blackjack Online

At Aboutslots, we have plenty of exciting offers from casinos in which Blackjack is available, such as Tsars and Slottyway. For more, check our casinos page, where you’ll find reviews of casinos.

To access games at an online casino, you’ll first need to create an account. To get a head start, feel free to use one of our deposit bonuses, giving you extra funds to play with. Just remember to read the terms & conditions! You can find Blackjack tables on most online casinos. They’re commonly found under “live casino” or “table games”. If you can’t find any, just search for “blackjack” in the search bar, that should do the trick!

Card Values in Blackjack

Blackjack is played with a set amount of card decks, often 6 or 8, and each card has a value. All cards, except King, Queen, Jack, and Ace, are at face value. This means that a 7 has a value of 7, and so on. The suited cards (K, Q, and J) have a value of 10. The Ace is a valuable card since it changes its value depending on your hand. Unless it will give you a score in excess of 21, the Ace has a value of 11. If, instead, you have a 10 and a 5, the Ace will count as a 1 to keep you from going bust (over 21).

Types of Blackjack Bets

Available bet sizes differ depending on the site, but you can find tables with a €1 minimum stake on pretty much all online casinos, as well as tables with a max bet of thousands of euros. 

If you get a Blackjack (21), you are usually paid 3/2, which is your original stake plus 1.5x your bet. Some operators use a 6/5 model, which results in a smaller payout for you. If you win without getting 21, you get your original stake back, plus 1x your bet. 

For an even more eventful session, many Blackjack tables offer side bets. These are some of the most popular ones:

21+3: Placing a side bet on 21+3 will involve the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s face-up card. You win by forming combinations similar to those of poker. If you choose to activate this, be on the lookout for Flushes, Straights, and Three of a kind, they can result in huge payouts.

Insurance bet: If the dealer’s shown card is an Ace, players can choose to place an insurance bet if they think that the dealer will get a Blackjack. However, insurance is a losing bet in the long term, so it’s generally not worth placing it.

Perfect Pairs: On some tables, you can place a Perfect Pairs side bet, which wins if your first two cards are a pair, such as two 4s, for example.

The Most Popular Blackjack Tables Suggested by Aboutslots

We suggest only playing tables with a 3/2 or 2/1 Blackjack payout, as these give you the best odds of profiting. Classic Blackjack is simple to understand, so for any beginner, that’s a good place to start. If you’re chasing an extra bit of excitement, Evolution’s Lightning Blackjack is tons of fun since it multiplies some of the possible hand values! We also urge you to try out Real Dealer Studios’ tables featuring celebrities and different themes. They can be found on many sites, such as Videoslots and Betsson!

5 Tips by Aboutslots For an Enhanced Blackjack Experience

Are you a fan of Blackjack, but you’re wondering how to improve your experience? Aboutslots has you covered with some sweet tips for ultimate enjoyment. 

  1. Set a budget! Make sure you set a roof for how much you want to win if you go on a hot streak, and stop if you reach it. Also, set a limit for how much you are prepared to lose!
  2. Calculate your chances! There are several different strategies in Blackjack. What they all have in common is that you want to get closer to 21 than the dealer. Thus, it’s important to consider your moves. If you have 17, there’s a high risk that you’ll bust if you hit, so always consider what kind of position the dealer is in before you make a decision.  
  3. Concentrate! Whether you’re playing online or in-house, try to keep up with what others are doing and what cards you and the dealer have. Mistakes can be costly.
  4. Practice! Most online casinos offer free-to-play Blackjack games. Consider having a go on one of these before hitting the real tables. This allows you to build understanding and skills, free of charge. Opposite of slots but similarly to poker, Blackjack isn’t just a matter of luck. Technique, practice, and strategies can make a difference.
  5. Enjoy! You might have heard of counting cards, where you use math to determine whether you are likely to get a good hand or not, which can make Blackjack profitable in the long run. However, this is not allowed in land-based casinos, and pretty much impossible in online casinos. They use software to prevent this possibility, which means that they will always have an edge on you in the long run. This doesn’t mean that you can’t strategize and increase your chances of winning, but remember that gambling should be fun, so make sure you prioritize enjoying it!

Blackjack Live

If you want an authentic experience with some company and conversation during your session, Live Blackjack is available for you!

What Is Live Blackjack?

Live Blackjack means that you play against an actual dealer, not a computer-generated one. Furthermore, other players can also play alongside you. Historically, this has been done at land-based casinos in real life, but you can now do it online! Many providers offer table games with real dealers. This means that a real person, located at a studio, will be dealing cards for you. Live dealers usually conversate with players, creating an authentic Blackjack experience! 

Just like poker, Blackjack is an information game. Thus, more players mean that more cards are dealt, giving you more information about what cards are left in the deck. For example, if everyone is dealt cards with a value of 10, you’ll know that there’s a lower chance of hitting one of these. 

Live Dealers

Live Blackjack games by trusted providers are recorded in high-tech studios with professional dealers. It’s available in plenty of languages and bet sizes. There are also different scenes, backgrounds, and themes, which means that there is almost certainly a table that suits you.

How to Play Live Blackjack Online

Evolution, Real Dealer Studios, and Playtech are some of the most prominent studios when it comes to live table games. Their games can be found at most online casinos! You’ll usually find them under the “live casino” section. 

Live Blackjack vs Virtual Blackjack

Although it’s the same game, there’s a big difference in the experience between Live Blackjack and Virtual Blackjack. In Virtual Blackjack, you’ll be by yourself, with no real dealer or other players. However, you’ll have more time to think, so it’s all about what you prefer.


If you want some quick answers, here’s a list of FAQs for you!

What is live blackjack?

Live Blackjack is as close to an authentic real-life Blackjack experience as it comes. It features an actual dealer and other players. It can be found in most online casinos that offer live games, such as Slottica and Bethard.

What is the difference between live blackjack and virtual blackjack?

In virtual Blackjack, a computer will be dealing the cards for you from a computer-generated deck. This makes the game move quicker or slower, as you decide the pace. This can be good for a beginner, giving them time to consider every move. However, you’ll miss out on conversations and engagement from a real dealer. 

What are the rules of blackjack?

The goal in Blackjack is to have a total hand value of 21. The hand with the highest total wins as long as it doesn’t exceed 21. You only play against the dealer, so even if there are other players at the table, they are not your competitors. If your card value exceeds 21, you “bust”, meaning that you lose the round. 

What are the rules of live blackjack?

Live blackjack features the same rules as the virtual or land-based counterparts.

Can we speak to live dealers in a live blackjack game?

Yes, you can! This is usually done by writing in a chat, where you can conversate both with other players and the dealer.

What are the types of blackjack online?

There are a bunch of different Blackjack versions. Some of the most popular include Classic Blackjack, Progressive Blackjack, European Blackjack, and Multi-hand Blackjack. The rules differ, so make sure to read them before you start playing!

Is live dealer blackjack better than online blackjack?

It’s all about preference! However, live dealer Blackjack gives a more authentic experience.

Is live blackjack real money?

You can find free-to-play virtual Blackjack on most online casinos. If you want a real dealer, however, you’ll have to play with real money. 

Can I play blackjack online with my friends?

Live dealer Blackjack games are open for everyone, so just join the same one as your buddies!

Is there a minimum bet in live blackjack?

Most tables have a minimum and a maximum bet, but there are Blackjack games for almost any bet range!

How much does blackjack payout?

A hand value of 21 will generally award you your original stake plus 1.5x the bet. However, this can differ, with some sites using a 1.2x model, and some using a 2x model, so always look at the rules of the table! A win with a lower hand value than 21 pays back your stake, plus 1x your bet.

Can I play live blackjack from my mobile?

Yes! Most operators provide live casino games accessible on all common mobile devices!