Beheaded Slot Overview

Beheaded is a casino slot from Nolimit City in which you follow the journey of a lone survivor washing up on a tropical island after a shipwreck. What he is unaware of is that in the shadows lurk Tzantza, a soul devourer looking to add to its trophy case. This is the first time since Possessed that Nolimit City takes on a horror theme, but it can be looked at as a sequel to an earlier release, one that we believe was a much bigger success than the previously mentioned. Blood & Shadow brought with it an exciting grind mechanic that Nolimit hadn’t touched on much before. It was one of those games that, without making too big of a fuzz, had a good enough mix of innovation and fun level to be a hit. Today’s title works quite differently from Blood & Shadow but continues on the grind mechanic it made famous. So, if you have nothing against tribes looking to decapitate you while performing an ayahuasca, keep reading!

A screenshot of the basegame view

Beheaded is a video slot from Nolimit City with a setup of 5 reels, 4 rows, and 178 connected payways. Players can choose between making a of 0.20 and a of 100. The game has a default RTP of 96.03%, but there are also versions of 94.12%, 92.04%, and 87.01%, so be on the lookout. Lastly, Beheaded is played at high volatility and can net you a max win of 15950x the bet, with a max win frequency of 1 in 187.9k spins

As in many Nolimit City games, the mechanics of the game can feel a little overwhelming at first, but we’ve got you covered. The features of Beheaded are Progression Bar, Sould Wilds, Ayahuasca Spins, Tzantza Spins, Feature Buys, and xBet

Beheaded Slot Information

Beheaded takes place by a ritual grove on a tropical island. Skulls surround a boiling pot of what we assume is ayahuasca, a psychoactive brew used by indigenous cultures. It’s a drug that is supposed to get you really f*cked up, which is certainly a state you do NOT want to be in while dealing with these folks. 

Beheaded can be played on most common mobile devices, notepads, and desktops. A winning combination is created by landing 3 or more matching symbols on consecutive reels in a connected payway. This means that the matching symbols simply need to “touch” horizontally or vertically.

The lower-paying symbols are 10, J, Q, K, and A. Five of one of these pays 0.15x-0.75x the bet. The medium-paying symbols consist of various heads and skulls. Five-of-a-kind with one of these pays 0.90x-1.5x the bet. The higher-paying symbols include the same heads and skulls but with a blue glow. A winning combination of 5 with one of these pays 3x-9x the bet. Soul Wilds can also be activated by a certain mechanic, but more on that in a bit.

Beheaded Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Beheaded?

You can win up to 15950x the bet.

What features are available in the slot Beheaded?

The features of Beheaded are Progression Bar, Soul Wilds, Ayahuasca Spins, Tzantza Spins, Feature Buys, and xBet.


Progression Bar

Just like in Blood & Shadow, you need to make winning combinations to progress and turn medium-paying symbols into higher-paying ones. 

There are 5 levels of progressions. The Progression Bar resets for each level up. Exceeding collection will be carried over.

Each Wild symbol included in a win gives +3 to the progression bar, each Higher-paying symbol gives +2, and each Medium-paying symbol gives +1. Each level completed converts a medium-paying symbol into a higher-paying symbol. The following amount of points are required for each level:

Level 1: 15
Level 2: 25
Level 3: 50
Level 4: 80
Level 5: 110

If you drop in 3 Scatter symbols (jars), you progress to Tzantza Spins, rewarding +6 spins. For each skipped level, you are awarded +2 Free Spins. Scatter symbols also increase the overall multiplier value, which then resets after each spin.

Soul Wilds

There are three Soul Wilds with individual Soul Collectors. Each time a Higher-paying symbol is included in a win, it drops a Soul, which is collected by the Soul Collectors. The Soul Wild feature gets enabled in the following order:

Level 1: Happy Soul Wild, requires 4 souls.
Level 3: Sad Soul Wild, requires 10 souls.
Level 5: Angry Soul Wild, requires 18 souls. 

When no more souls are collected, the Soul Wild is put out on the grid. Level 1 awards a 1x1, Level 2 awards a 2x2, and Level 3 awards a 3x3. They also multiply the overall multiplier by 1, 2, or 3, respectively. 

A screenshot of the Soul Wild Level 5

Ayahuasca Spins

Whenever you reach a new level of the progression bar, you are awarded +2 Free Spins, giving you a chance to keep progressing and replacing medium-paying symbols. 

Tzantza Spins

The Tzantza Spins are awarded either by progressing to level 5, awarding 10 Free Spins, or by landing 3 Scatter symbols, which awards 6 Free Spins and an additional 2 Free Spins for each skipped level. During Tzantza Spins, all medium-paying symbols are replaced with higher-paying symbols. 

When Tzantza Spins are over, you will get to pick a potion. The Butterfly Bottle pays a random win between 5x-8000x, and the Skull Bottle either awards the max win of 15950x the bet or removes your win completely. The chance is determined by your accumulated win amount, the higher the better.

Feature Buys

The following Feature Buys are up for grabs:

100x = Gives you 6 Ayahuasca spins, starting on level 3.

225x = Activates the Lucky Draw, giving you either Ayahuasca Spins on various starting levels or the Tzantza Spins.

500x =Awards 10 Tzantza Spins.


The xBet can be activated and will double the cost of each spin. In return, you get to start with the first level done each spin.

Beheaded Slot Conclusion

Some of you are probably eagerly waiting for the Punk Rocker 2 release, which is coming up after Beheaded, but we ask you to put that aside for a second because this is an interesting one. There’s something about Beheaded that makes it satisfying to play. First of all, the connections and animations are pleasing to the eye, which is an underrated feature of a game. Slots won’t always do well for your cash balance, so everything surrounding it such as music and visuals are very key to keep a player playing. And that’s a point in which Nolimit City thrives. Some may be scared of the volatility they provide, which is fair, but they honestly do make some of the most complete slot games in the business. 

Beheaded does feel like a more fulfilling game than Blood & Shadow did, but it’s always hard to determine if it will be as big of a hit. The first of its kind always gets extra hyped, requiring its sequel to top it. So did it? Well, put Blood & Shadow and Beheaded next to each other, and we’d honestly prefer this one. It might be the “new game effect”, but it’s better looking, has an interesting overall multiplier, and has more features that make the game enjoyable. The huge multipliers make it feel super powerful, and just during the short playthrough we’ve had, we’ve seen some great wins being triggered. We hope that the good feeling we have now carries over and that the game feels as good when we’ve played it for real. If that’s the case, we might be looking at a banger. Just…don’t let them behead you.

Beheaded from Nolimit City offers a horror theme and works as a sequel to Blood & Shadow but with brand new features and ways to win.