Punk Rocker 2 Slot Overview

Punk Rocker 2 is a casino slot from Nolimit City based on this vulgar series that was first released in 2020. With a hefty dash of bold colors, graffiti, and famous icons such as Winston Churchill with a fiery green mohawk, Punk Rocker quickly became a game that took root among the outrageous slots. It wasn't just its extreme and unusual theme that contributed to its fame, but its copious number of accompanying features were just as fascinating, with Anarchy Free Spins and Civil War Free Spins, among others. This time, we moved from the UK to the US, where punk rockers roam around in New York and spread messages through graffiti. Let's find out what you can expect to see during the spins.

Base game with one scatter symbol on the reels.
Base Game

Punk Rocker 2 is a video slot from Nolimit City with 6 reels and 3 rows, where you can get up to 46,656 ways to win using the various features. You can choose between making a Min.bet of 0.2 and a Max.bet of 100. The game has been created with three different RTPs, with an RTP of 96.06% by default, but operators can also choose to use one of the lower RTPs of either 94.05% or 92.07%. Punk Rocker 2 has high volatility and a max win of 30,144X the bet, which, on average, lands 1 in ~7M spins. It takes an average of 1 in 255 spins to activate the bonus game, and a win of 100X or higher occurs on average 1 in 741 spins.

In this punky adventure, this time set in New York, you have some festive features to help you hunt for the big bucks. The features of Punk Rocker 2 are Riot Respins, DisOBEY Spins, ChAos Spins, Mass Transit BBQ Spins, Jumping Wilds, Wild Symbols, xWays, Train Enhancers, Action Spins, and Feature Buy.

Punk Rocker 2 Slot Information

The game is designed with a punk theme, where you can enjoy a flamboyant gaming adventure with some rebels that roam on the streets of New York. In the background of the reels, you can see tall skyscrapers and a staircase leading down to the subway. You can play this slot on most mobiles, desktops, and notepads. You create a win by landing 3 or more of the same symbol type on adjacent reels starting on the leftmost reel.

The lower-paying symbols are a pair of boots, brass knuckles, an apple, a Molotov cocktail, and an anarchy badge. Creating a win with 6 of the same symbol type pays between 2X to 3.2X the bet. The higher-paying symbols are Abraham Lincoln with a mohawk, Jack Nichols with spikes, the Statue of Liberty, a punky Donald Trump, and a monkey dressed as Uncle Sam. Creating a win with 6 of the same symbol type pays between 3.6X to 6.4X the bet. The silver star is the game's scatter symbol, and during the spins, you can land many other special symbols such as wild, xWays, and xWild symbols. It's now time to find out what the features do.

Punk Rocker 2 Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot Punk Rocker 2?

You can win up to 30,144x the bet.

What features are available in the slot Punk Rocker 2?

The features are Riot Respins, DisOBEY Spins, ChAos Spins, Mass Transit BBQ Spins, Jumping Wilds, Wild Symbols, xWays, Train Enhancers, Action Spins, and Feature Buy.

DisOBEY bonus game with three jumping wild symbols on the screen.
DisOBEY Spins

Riot Respins

If you land 2 scatter symbols, the riot respins feature is activated. These scatter symbols will then turn into molotov wilds which become locked on the reels and all reels with wilds are locked. You then get a respin and if you land another scatter symbol, the process repeats again, with this scatter also turning into a molotov wild and giving another respin.

DisOBEY Spins

If you land 3 scatter symbols, the DisOBEY Spins are activated, and you get 8 free spins. You then get 3 jumping wild symbols and the top train enhancer.

ChAos Spins bonus feature with four jumping wild symbols.
ChAos Spins

ChAos Spins

If you land 4 scatter symbols, the ChAos Spins are activated, and you receive 8 free spins. You then get 4 jumping wild symbols and both train enhancers.

Mass Transit BBQ Spins

If you land 5 scatter symbols, the Mass Transit BBQ Spins are activated, and you receive 8 free spins. You then get 4 jumping wilds, both train enhancers and the burning cart.

Mass Transit BBQ Spins bonus game with four jumping wild symbols.
Mass Transit BBQ Spins

Jumping Wilds

During the bonus games you will receive the jumping wilds, which can come in the form of normal jumping wild and burning jumping wild symbols. These are persistent but will change position for each new spin performed and they help to enable more winning combinations by substituting for other paying symbols. The wild multiplier enhancers that the burning jumping wild has activated are persistent during the whole bonus game session.


This symbol contains 2 to 4 of the same symbol type when it lands on the reels, and if you land multiple xWays they will all show the same random symbol type. When this symbol is expanded to 4 during the base game, it can also be super extended up to 20 in height. The xWays during the bonus game can expand up to 4 in height, where it contains 4, 6 or 8 of the same symbol type.

Train Enhancers

If you land jumping wilds on the same reel, the train enhancers are activated. Depending on whether it is the top or bottom train, the following may appear:

Top Train Enhancers = You can land wild multiplier, Molotov wilds, xWays, extra spins, all reels become 6 high, enable bottom train enhancer or upgrade bonus game.

Bottom Train Enhancers = You can land wild multiplier, extra spins, or burning jumping wild.

If the burning cart contains a burning jumping wild, then all jumping wilds that you have landed on the reels will turn into burning jumping wilds.

Wild Symbols

There are two special wild symbols that you can land, the molotov and pipe bomb wilds.

Molotov Wild = This will turn all symbols above it into wild symbols. You can land this in the base game, free spins and riot respins.

Pipe Bomb Wild = This contains 2 to 4 wild symbols and will turn all positions above into pipe bomb wilds of the same size. You can land this within the base game and riot respins.

Action Spins

You can utilize the action spins feature if you want to take advantage of the spins in hyper mode and do the spins at an extremely fast speed.

Bonus buy features with various options to choose from.
Feature Buy

Feature Buy

If you want to take advantage of the features right away, there is a festive range of options that are and do the following:

Nolimit Booster

2X (xBet) = You are guaranteed to land any of the special symbol’s scatter, xWays, super xWays, molotov wild or pipe bomb wild on the second reel.

15X (RIOT Respins) = You get to take part in a spin that guarantees the riot respins feature is activated.

Nolimit Bonus

100X (DisOBEY Spins) = You activate the DisOBEY bonus game.

370X (ChAos Spins) = You activate the ChAos bonus game.

3000X (Mass Transit BBQ Spins) = You activate the Mass Transit BBQ bonus game.

1368X (Lucky Draw) = You activate any of the three bonus games with the following percentage chance for each, DisOBEY (20%), ChAos (40%), and Mass Transit BBQ (40%) respectively.

Punk Rocker 2 Slot Conclusion

There have been a lot of sequels to previous bangers lately, and whether it's Gates of Olympus 1000, Pirots 3 or another hot sequel, a common trend has been that they come packed with more potential. Higher max wins are a common touch that is made, but also optimizations to take the gaming experience to new heights without affecting the lovable elements of the original. In this slot, you once again get a big dose of anarchy, where their rebellious graffiti now instead adorns the streets of New York, and as always, it worries a little when sequels are created to something that was so good from the beginning, but here you can quickly see that they have succeeded phenomenally with this creation.

There is a lot going on during the spins and in the base game the riot respins and xWays symbols will provide the majority of the entertainment. Big wins were scooped up from time to time during our test, but it is undoubtedly within the bonus games that the high-octane action kicks in. There, the train enhancers will be able to give big boosts to the jumping wilds that have been sprinkled out, and with the addition of the Molotov and pipe bomb wilds, things can heat up even further. This since many winning combinations can be generated along with high multipliers on the jumping wilds.

The game reminds of the feeling you get at San Quentin xWays, where one feverishly waits for the jumping wilds to be cut to gain more multipliers, but this time it is instead the multiplier adding from the train enhancers that takes place. Something that happens much more often, even if it's not always gigantic multiplier adders, but which gives a little more hope. In true Nolimit City spirit, this version comes with a smorgasbord of feature buys, where you can get quick access to everything from lightning-fast action spins to activating a bonus game directly. However, even though some of these comes at a great cost, a bonus buy that costs 3000X, is certainly something you want, the natural or fast way. The thrilling thing is the knowledge that that option exists and once it happens, you are likely to be up for a treat.

Punk Rocker 2 is a balls-to-the-wall, adrenaline-fueled rush that unleashes a relentless barrage of punk rock-inspired mayhem. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to this series, get ready for an unforgettable time.