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September 17, 2021

World Record Win on Dead Man’s Trail!

Dead Man's Trail is a new casino slot from Relax Gaming where we get to take part in exciting adventures among fortune-seeking pirates. The legend says that gigantic wins can be made for the brave people who follow the dead man's trail, and that is exactly what you’ll do in this amazing slot. But nothing comes served on silver platters: instead, a game with high volatility awaits, where the lucky player can eventually win up to 50.000X the bet.

But let’s get to the reason of our blog today: someone actually has!

One incredibly lucky player managed to dance around the red pirate signs on Dead Man's Trail for long enough to scoop an insane amount of 50.000x: the maximum exposure on Dead Man's Trail! How exciting is that?

To activate the Trail Bonus, you’ll have to land on 3 or more scatter symbols. You will then be moved to a new place, where you will be able to walk along a map that has 37 tiles with 1 to 9 steps at a time. When you land on a tile, a feature will be activated that provides different conditions for the game.

For this one player, it did not take multiple premium symbols from the chests, but a persistent Sniper on 7x to reach the 50.000x on a 0.20 cent stake, which amounts to an insane €10.000 payout from one single bonus!

So, how would it feel, to win 10K with a 0.20 euros bet? Find out by watching our review of the big win right here!

About Dead Man's Trail Slot: 

Slots with a pirate theme are constantly recurring, and the pirates' adventurousness and exciting quests, are usually reflected in the features of these various slots. We have, among other things, Pirates' Plenty Megaways and Booty Bay, which both gave us the opportunity to take part in very nerve-wracking features. The pirates live constantly on the edge with a fast-paced presence, where risky adventures finally can pay off. 

Dead Man’s Trail is a video slot that has 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 ways to win. You can choose between making a minimum bet of 0.10 and a maximum bet of 20. The game's RTP is 96.29% by default and if you use the game's Bonus Buy feature, this RTP will increase to 98.00%. When you make the spins on this slot, it has a hit frequency of 19.15%, where a high volatility can give up to 50,000X the bet.

If you’d like to learn more about the slot, feel free to read our full review here, or watch the video review at this link!