Silverback Gaming Review

Here we have a slightly smaller game developer that has its foothold in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. Where they are very keen that all their employees should be involved and share the same dream of creating slots that will be the most enjoyable of all. They are permeated by a vision that strives for their work not to be seen as a job, but rather a life mission to be able to deliver fun to millions of people around the world. By creating as familiar a feeling as possible at work through open landscapes, board games and other activities, they create a strong cohesion between the employees. This results in increased creativity and being able to deliver games efficiently with great design.

Their creation of games with fantastic class, takes place through high creativity, focus and innovation

As they are quite small on the market at the moment, it is important that they show top class and strength in their game that is developed to be able to compete with the giants. They have a philosophy that they live by and that helps to be able to offer games that are phenomenal. It is that they should work efficiently by keeping things simple and delivering elegant solutions, through high focus, creativity and innovation. They have currently only created 2 different slots, namely Mystery Stacks and Aztec Luck. Where both shows a high level of knowledge in creating games that have a fascinating design and innovative game solutions. In both of these games, they have partnered with Relax Gaming and worked through their Silver Bullet program to simplify the process of delivering games. At the same time, they get to take part in the enormous knowledge that Relax Gaming possesses. This is a collaboration that is both tactical in the short and long term.

Aztec Luck

This was the first game they released. Here you can dive into the deep jungle in Central America to the Aztecs. The Aztecs who are known to worship their gods and give great gifts to them, to make these gods happy and in return eventually be able to get luck in life. These treasures are something that you in this game will get the chance to take part in. You play on a slot that has 5 reels and 3 rows. Its RTP is slightly below average and is 95%. During the game you can with a little luck manage to win the maximum win of 5000X the amount you bet. Here you get to take part in free spins and expanding symbols, which gives a wonderful touch to a very beautifully created game.

Mystery Stacks

Here you get to take part in a very exciting and action-packed gaming experience. Where its Mystery Symbols is the highlight of the game. You also play here on a slot here that has 5 reels and 3 rows. The maximum win, on the other hand, is only 500X the amount you have bet, but you must keep in mind that there is only a medium volatility. During this slot you get to take part in its mysterious coin flip feature, this as it can randomly land Mystery Symbols on the game's reels and then give you a second chance to win and create bigger wins.

Silverback Gaming Conclusion

Silverback Gaming may be small in size, but they prove in both Aztec Luck and Mystery Stacks that they can truly deliver innovative slots with a fantastic design. These are carefully thought out and you notice that they want to make a big impression right away, which is definitely appreciated by the players. They are in a constant growth phase and it will be very exciting to follow them during their journey.

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