Play'n GO Review

Play’n GO Overview

Play'n GO was founded in 2005 in Växjö, Sweden, where it was made possible through a bunch of tech savvy people getting together in the mid-90s. They had a strong vision that the casino world would move towards online gaming, and they certainly seized the opportunity early on. Where through careful planning, structuring and recruitment, they were finally able to turn their thoughts into reality when the gates of Play'n GO finally could open. They are a game provider that has been around for a long time and through their active years they have certainly impressed the gaming world with brilliant design, exciting features and cleverly put together mechanisms that have generated numerous thrills along the years.

They were one of the first game providers to enter the mobile arena, which quickly became their strength and gave them the edge. Where over the years they have taken part in a constantly evolving journey, where a large number of slots have been released over the years. Something that is very impressive about Play'n GO nowadays, is their ability to deliver a new slot every week on average and still maintain a tremendously high level of quality. Their game development follows the three words Energy, Quality and Trust, where these smaller words having a huge impact on how the games are created.

Through several successful years, the small group of people who laid the foundations for the company in the mid 90's has grown to be over 490 employees today. They now have offices in Sweden, Hungary, United Kingdom, Malta and Philippines. Over the years, they have received numerous awards for their slots, confirming the skillful work that goes into the creation of the slots.

“We think we’re the best gaming provider in the world – that's the standard we’ve set – and that’s our goal, to continue that legacy for many years to come.” - George Olekszy, Head of Game Retention at Play’n GO.

They often emphasize the importance of players having a good time playing the games and the development is done in a way that it should be an entertaining time in front of the screen, which they have succeeded in doing well over the years as players flock to the games that are released. They have a huge range of games with all sorts of different themes, interesting features, cleverly crafted designs that really characterize the games from Play'n GO. Over the years they have released many bangers that have been very well received from the outside world, where we have games such as Reactoonz and Book of Dead. Something that certainly permeates most of the games from this game provider, is the ability to create games with entertaining base game spins that eventually result in bonus game activations that have nerve-wracking features that can yield big wins.

Through collaborations with famous people, they manage to capture the interest of a wider audience, where we have been able to enjoy slots featuring Hammerfall and Alice Cooper, among others. They skillfully move between different themes in the creation of their slots, where the variety and especially the smooth adaptation between theme and features make the gaming experiences memorable. Through exposure to the market through streamers and tactical partnerships with renowned game operators, has resulted in the brand remaining well known, where they have been getting plus points over the years for taking note of and listening to the opinions of the players. They are a game developer that despite their many years on the market continues to amaze and impress with their releases, where they are constantly looking to create new innovative games to offer to the market.

The Journey of Play’n GO in the world of slots

Play’n GO has one of the most impressive and comprehensive portfolios in the entire video slots industry. As of 2021, Play’n GO are releasing a new video slot every week, which is almost unmatched. Their very first release took place on the 26th of September, 2012 - so it is needless to say that Play’n GO were one of the first providers in the online video slot industry.

“We are releasing new titles almost once a week and we’re doing it with a certain kind of quality that players have come to expect from a Play’n GO game.” - George Olekszy, Head of Game Retention at Play’n GO.

Shortly after their first release, PNG (Play’n GO) released their second video slot: Pearl Lagoon. Up until this day, this slot is still fairly popular among players; even though the potential and graphics are somewhat obsolete compared to their latest productions.

Without any doubt, their two most popular video slots are Book of Dead and Reactoonz. With a maximum win of 5000X and 4570X respectively, the slots are of insignificant potential compared to highest potential slots in 2021 - but that does not stop people from still playing these games as if they were of religious value. Why, you might wonder? Well, with stellar production PNG managed to keep these slots interesting to people even years after their releases. Music, graphics and themes are almost flawless in both productions, which makes them as relevant as ever in 2021.

From Book of Dead to Anything with Toonz and the Wilde Dynasty

PNG have been adjusting to the environment of video slots the past two years, making more and more slots with an insane maximum win potential of over 20000X. So it is safe to say that PNG is up there with their competitors when it comes to providing the industry with video slots that can pay a life changing amount of money, even on lower bets.

In the recent years, PNG has been in close collaboration with a lot of big rock bands, using their music and characteristics and putting them into a slot, with the same name as the artists. With the latest release being Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness, one of the biggest rock legends. PNG is aiming for the more mature audience of slot players, having bands such as Hammerfall, KISS, and Saxon in their portfolio already. Alongside the rock bands, PNG have also managed to keep a “teenage spirit” within many of their releases, such as Reactoonz, Reactoonz 2, Dr. Toonz and their next big release in that series: Gigatoonz. These grid-games, Candy Crush-like slots appeal to a broader audience, and PNG have already immortalized the original Reactoonz - so their Toonz fanbase is only increasing after each release.

“The detail, innovation and attention paid to every aspect of our games are obvious by the loyal audience we have.” - George Olekszy, Head of Game Retention at Play’n GO. 

But it is not only heavy rock and childish “toon-animations” that defines PNG’s portfolio. The Wilde family has about as many slots as they have family members. Rich Wilde and his accomplice Cat Wilde are appearing on more and more of their book-related slots. Despite the fact that there might be 1000 “book copies” with the same mechanisms and maximum win, PNG refuse to let go of their beloved Wilde family, which is more of a dynasty or legacy at this point - and with Book of Dead as their anchor, it looks like PNG can do no wrong in this category. Each release they do receive moderate to high success, even though the innovation level is not as high as in some of their other releases.

Casinos Offering Games by Play’n GO

Their perseverance and hunger to constantly develop new innovative games has resulted in them becoming very popular on the market where many casinos choose their games. Online casino game providers such as Casumo and LeoVegas are some of all those who choose to use Play’n GO's wide range of games.

Play’n GO Slots

Over the years, Play'n GO has managed to create an incredibly large variety of slots, where you as a player can take part in a festive mix of all possible themes. The design within their game is very sharp, where all factors in the game development have been reviewed with careful precision. There are usually games with a high volatility, where you can win big prizes through various features such as Dynamic Payways, Expanding symbols, Free Spins, Sticky wilds and many more. Where many well-known characters and groups can be seen in their various slots.

By clicking on the slots above from Play’n GO, you can read more detailed information about the various games and also try playing for free to get a better idea of ​​them.

Play’n GO RTP

Play'n GO usually has an RTP that is slightly higher than the average, where an RTP of 96.20% by default is recurring. But the slots that are created have several different sizes of the RTP that the game operator can use, and you should always check which RTP that is used before you start spinning the reels.

Play’n GO Volatility

Over the years, a large variety of volatility sizes has been used, where in recent times they have increasingly used a high volatility more on their slots.

Play’n GO Potential

Play'n GO is usually very generous when it comes to the size of the potential maximum win. Where they usually have slots that can give winnings of 10000X. But there are also slots with higher and lower potential maximum winnings.

Interview with George Olekszy, Head of Game Retention at Play'n Go

We have had the pleasure of sitting down with George Olekszy, Head of Game Retention at Play’n Go, and had him talk a little about Play’n GO’s past, present, and future. Take it away George!

Who is Play’n GO according to you?

We’re the best gaming entertainment provider in the world and we don’t shy away from saying it. That’s the belief of every one of our 700-plus employees worldwide and it’s why we continue to lead the industry with our unrivalled collection of online slots. We take our players’ fun seriously.

At Play’n GO, we know why our players keep coming back – they love our games, they love being entertained and they know they’re getting the safest and most secure gaming experience with us. There’s no secret sauce here... Our games are more than just slots to us – they’re stories. We work every day with three things in mind – trust, energy and quality – and focusing on those fundamentals has allowed us to realise the success of a shared goal of creating world-class products and premium games that keep our players safe and on the edge of their seats. That’s what we’re all about here, providing players with the ultimate gaming experience.”

What are your goals?

“Not to sound like a broken record here, but I think that’s it... We want to provide players with the ultimate gaming experience, point blank. From the quality of the games they're playing to the type of protection they receive to the unique storylines they jump into. We want our players to know what they’re getting with a Play’n GO game, that from start to finish, every detail and mechanic has been scrutinized so it makes the best impact. We’re big on sustainability here. By that we mean we want to make the games players want to play and return to time and time again; we want them to have as much fun playing our games as we have making them – this is what we love to do.”

Can you tell us about your journey and what motivated you to start developing slots? How have you developed since then? What’s special about your games?

First and foremost, we recognised two things. That the future of gaming would be on mobile and that players wanted more than just a slot game – they wanted a story to sink their teeth into. Ultimately to be entertained.

So, at a time in which many other suppliers were thinking in the present, we focused on the future and providing the absolute best mobile gaming experience and crafting the most adventurous storylines. That foresight has served us well. We do this for our players, and we know how important mobile play, security and entertainment value are to them. By focusing on these two aspects, we’ve been able to provide our players with an immersive experience and introduce them to characters and narratives they really enjoy. By creating stories instead of slots, we’re able to reach a broad range of audiences – there’s a Play’n GO game for everyone.

What’s your best game?

That’s kind of like picking your favourite child, which is impossible to do! But we’re not going to stick you with a cliche answer like, ‘Every game is our best game,’ because obviously, some of our games are much more popular than others, like Book of Dead, which we look at as probably our No. 1 game in terms of performance.

Everything that makes Book of Dead great is the essence of Play’n GO. You’ve got a great storyline with a memorable character in Rich Wilde, a character that players love. You drop them into an Ancient Egyptian setting and send them exploring with Rich Wilde and add in the features and mechanics, that’s how an iconic game is made.

We’re obviously thrilled with the success Book of Dead has had and you’ve seen what’s happened: We now have five Rich Wilde titles with more to come. So I think you put Book of Dead right up there but also don’t discount games like Cash of Command and Legacy of Dead, which also have become fan favourites in a very short period of time from the way our designers continue to find exciting new ways to evolve the gaming experience.

Let’s talk about Cash of Command. We (CasinoDaddy) have streamed that game a lot recently. What was the thinking behind the game, and what do you guys like about it?

Cash of Command was a grid slot that, for years, we were trying to execute to perfection. We knew we had a good idea, and we knew our players would love the concept, but it was a true labour of love at times – we weren’t willing to put out a game with this much potential without making sure we had it right.

Last year, we really buckled down on it and boom, it has become one of our most popular games in just a few months. The thinking behind Cash of Command was to create a truly immersive experience and I think players feel that way when playing this game, details like the way the symbols are blasted by the cannons on the grid, making it look like there is an actual battle taking place on the waters!

There are so many unique ways to win, so many different paths players can take while navigating through the narrative, that it feels like every time you sit down, you’re expecting the unexpected.

The thing I love is how our designers have married the features with the characters, so each naval officer has a unique feature that plays out on the grid. But honestly, what

 I like most about it is that our players love it – again, this is why we do what we do and to see a game that we poured such effort into becoming this successful this soon, that’s what we want the most.

Legacy of Dead is one of our (CasinoDaddy) all-time favourite games in the entire industry. What do you think makes it so great, and why do people continue to play it?

I mean, you said it yourself. What about Legacy of Dead isn’t great? Obviously, we may be a bit biased here but I’m glad you brought that game up because it really is one of those games that has come to define Play’n GO as an industry leader.

Part of our aim when making these games is to blend classic themes with contemporary features that result in the best entertainment experience out there. I think Legacy of Dead is a perfect example of that. You put the audio-visual excellence together with a great game and fun features and this is what you get – an absolute classic.

For me, the Free Spins combined with the Expanding Symbols – which are synonymous with the Dead Series – are iconic as they create so much potential, there is no limit to the number of Free Spins you can achieve and the possibilities to cover all reels with the Expanding Symbols really hammers on excitement. That, combined with the theme, is the reason it fast became one of my personal favourites since its release in 2020.

What are your future plans?

Let’s go back to Rich Wilde. After Book of Dead proved to be a smash hit, we’ve created multiple sequels with Rich Wilde and he’s become one of – if not the most – iconic Play’n GO character. Now we’ve introduced Cat Wilde and these spin-offs continue telling the stories of these characters that our players have really come to enjoy playing with.

So, in short, our future plans are to continue making these great games for our players – that’s what they want and that’s what they deserve. But in doing so, we’d like to continue setting industry standards with our innovations and storytelling so they’re able to experience the kind of entertainment value they’ve come to expect from us.

We believe we’re the best gaming entertainment provider in the world but the only way to solidify that is to keep evolving with our players’ wants and needs and to this point, it’s clear that they want to share in these adventures with our classic characters and need to have a certain level of gameplay quality that they can count on us for.

What would you like to tell your viewers/fans/users?

This is just the beginning of the Play’n GO story. With the kind of success we’ve had thus far and with how popular our games have become – you should feel the kind of anticipation we get from our fans with every new release – we truly feel like we’re just scratching the surface here.

So I guess what I’d tell them is come join us. With the stuff we have going on behind the scenes, I think our next chapter is going to be our best chapter and I don’t really envision us slowing down. We were at the forefront of mobile gaming technology and now we’re ready to ramp things up to the next level and we’d love for you to join us.

Like I said earlier, we don’t look at it as we’re creating great slot machines – we look at it as we’re creating great stories. And those stories continue to get better.

Play’n GO FAQs

  1. How many casinos have Play’n GO games?

Play'n Go is one of the most beloved games developer currently available, hence you'll find that most casinos offer their games. If you're looking for Play'n Go Casinos, we recommend you visit Leovegas, Videoslots, or Cashi Mashi Casino, just to name a few!

  1. What type of casino games does Play’n GO develop?

Play'n Go produces slots, table games and bingo games.

  1. How many games has Play’n GO developed?

At the moment, Play'n Go has devoped 238 games.

  1. Is Play’n GO legit, licenses?

Play'n Go is 100% legit. They hold several licenses, such as the UKCG, the MGA and the Gibraltar licenses.

  1. When was Play’n GO launched?

Play'n Go was launched in 2005.

  1. Who are the partners of Play’n GO?

Play'n Go has partnerships with many casinos and other studios, as it is one of the major slot producers currently on the market.

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