Lady Luck Games Overview

Lady Luck Games is a slot game developer based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company was founded in 2019, and they now have a diverse group of employees from all over the world. Its employees work remotely, which allows the company to hire the best personnel from all over the world.

In May 2022, Lady Luck consolidated its position as a studio that is here to stay and compete by acquiring ReelNRG. The acquisition resulted in another 46 games being added to Lady Luck’s game portfolio, further strengthening their market position in the online gambling industry.

The company includes experienced and skillful staff such as Rasmus Guldberg-Kjær, one of the most important Art Directors in the gaming industry, having created the original design for the famous Agent 47, the main character of Hitman

Overall, the combined experience of the company’s employees is tremendous, with many of them having successful careers in the gaming and iGaming industry

It’s great knowing that the provider consists of such experienced and accomplished personnel, and it definitely reflects on their games.  

Furthermore, Lady Luck Games possesses important licenses in jurisdictions such as the MGA, UKGC, GRA, and Curacao. For you as a player, these licenses work as proof that Lady Luck Games can be trusted. 

Lady Luck Games has only just begun but has already created popular games like The Treasures of Tizoc, Valhôll Hall of The Slain, Xmas at the Cabin, and Madame Clues

Lady Luck Games Slots

The striking features of slots provided by Lady Luck Games are their uniqueness and diversity. While they do have some classic 5 reel games, they are also very innovative and try to invent new ways to experience slot games. 

In the past few years, a lot of new providers have entered the market. They all have their own niches and strengths, but we feel there’s one thing many lacks. Bonus Buy is a popular feature amongst players. It lets you pay to trigger the bonus or a feature directly instead of having to grind it. Lady Luck Games offer this possibility in some of their games, like The Treasures of Tizoc and Valhôll Wild Hammers. In the latter, there are even small feature buys like in ELK games. We believe that these sorts of buys are the future of slots. It lets you experience bonus-like features at a small cost, thus increasing the potential without increasing the risk too much. 

An integral part of games by Lady Luck Games is the audio, especially in the newer releases, like Valhôll Wild Hammers, whose soundtrack is breathtaking. The company’s sound designer Andrew Vasilyev explained that it’s based on Scandinavian folk music and that they used instruments such as a Gjallarhorn and Viking drums. Although music is often overlooked by providers, it looks like the brains behind Lady Luck understand the appeal of a unique audio experience in their games.

Madame Clues is a great example of a game where Lady Luck has invented a new way of playing slots. The game only has a single reel that you spin. The symbols landing pays different amounts, and if you land an owl or a raven, you get into a bonus game! The game might feel a little empty if you play it for long, but it’s a great substitute when the “normal” slots get boring or feel cold, and it is very easy to understand! 

Another innovative Lady Luck slot game is The Treasures of Tizoc. Instead of having to collect three or more bonus symbols like in many other slot games, you just have to connect two bonus symbols to trigger the free spins. The bonus game is similar to the one in Dead Man’s Trail, where you roll a dice and move across a map on what looks like a board game. 

We appreciate providers exploring options other than normal bonuses where you still just spin the reel, and Lady Luck does that in some of their games. 

Lady Luck Games RTP

Slot games made by Lady Luck Games have an RTP ranging from 94.5% (Treasures of Tizoc) to 95.9% (Orango Tango)

Lady Luck Games Volatility

Lady Luck Games’ earlier releases are mostly low/medium volatility. Recently, they have seemed to divert their focus towards higher volatility, so there’s something for everyone!

Lady Luck Games Potential

Just like the volatility, the earlier slots made by Lady Luck Games have a relatively low potential. However, newer releases like Valhôll Wild Hammers offer huge potential (17000x). 

Casinos Offering Games by Lady Luck Games

Some of the best casinos offering games by Lady Luck Games include VideoSlots, ComeOn, MrVegas, Betchan, and Barz

Final Thoughts/Summary

The mix of classic 5-reel slot games and new, innovative ways of playing makes Lady Luck Games’ slot catalog very intriguing.  They clearly intend to break boundaries and genuinely give players a unique experience. It’s common for new providers to get caught in the rat race and stick to the norms. That can result in a big disadvantage because there are already many bigger providers creating similar slots. Thankfully, Lady Luck is clearly staying away from that, and is instead paving their own path!

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Lady Luck! You can try their games out on free-play mode at most casinos or directly via their website!

Lady Luck Games FAQs

  1. Which are the best casinos that host Lady Luck Games?

You’ll find Lady Luck’s games at PlayAmo, N1Casino, 21 Prive and HelloCasino, among many others.

  1. What type of casino games does Lady Luck develop?

Lady Luck develops unique and diverse games with high-quality audio and visuals. They also offer many feature buys at various costs.

  1. How many games has Lady Luck developed?

Lady Luck has created 19 slot games so far.

  1. Is Lady Luck Games legit? What licenses does it hold?

Lady Luck Games is a legit and reliable provider, they hold trusted licenses by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission), GRA (Gambling Regulatory Authority in Singapore), and Curacao. 

  1. When was Lady Luck launched?

Lady Luck Games was founded in 2019. 

  1. Who are the partners of Lady Luck?

Some of Lady Luck’s partners are EveryMatrix and Qtech.

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