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Here we have a game developer who is fairly new to the market, since they started their business in 2018. But despite the young age of the business, they have managed to establish themselves in the market and become big quickly. 4ThePlayer was created by the co-founder of Ash Gaming, namely Chris Ash and the professional Andrew Porter. These together with a carefully selected work team would lay the foundation for this fantastic game development studio. With as much experience as these people possess, they quickly understood what it took to be able to deliver slots that stand out from the crowd. They are based on four pillars that will create the best gaming experience. It should be innovative designs, features and themes on their slots. They have adult themes and no childish themes. Here, their players should really feel safe and they therefore attach great importance to responsible gaming. They want to convey a very clear message with their slots, and it should be easy to understand the gameplay. By creating innovative features and math models, you create an extra excitement among the players by offering great winning opportunities.

A very skilled management with innovative ideas, has resulted in the fantastic gaming experience that their slots have

Here they really wanted to give the players that little extra and they have, among other things, developed the innovative mechanic Dual Spin. Through this, there are two ways to spin the reels. Something you can see in the slot 2 Gods Zeus vs Thor. You can choose to spin through a red or blue button. Here Zeus represents the red and Thor the blue. If it is a winning combination with the same spin button that you used, you get double the win. This is truly a magical extra feature to their slot. They take the victory further with a bonus feature that includes Win Spins. These are spins with guaranteed winnings, where you can participate and influence its multiplier by choosing the right colors.

4ThePlayer has a collaboration with Yggdrasil, which allows them to take part in the YGS Masters and thereby distribute games through their platform. It is a very strategic choice to use this platform as it gives them greater publicity. When it comes to the user experience, they have placed great emphasis on the games working well on all devices, where its design contains well-detailed motifs and symbols.

Since they are quite new in slots, they have not had time to create very many slots yet. But those who have been released have showed a very high class with innovative features. Where we can see 2 Gods Zeus vs Thor, 123 Boom!, 1 Left Alive, 9k Yeti and 6 Wild Sharks.

2 Gods Zeus vs Thor

Here we have a slot where you can take part in the above-mentioned Dual Spin and Win Spins. We have here in some incredible way managed to end up in a place where a great battle is going on between Zeus and Thor. Who is really the most powerful? You play here on a slot with 5 reels, 4 rows and 2048 paylines. There is a high volatility here and you can manage to take home a maximum win of 15'630X. It is a very exciting slot where you can participate and choose which side you want to stand on. Then you can choose to change side however you want. How popular your change is among the gods is another matter.

123 Boom!

Here you get to take part in a spectacular adventure out at sea. Where a battle is going on between the pirates. You play on a slot that has 5 reels, 4 rows and 1029 paylines. Here are the cannonballs you want to get and its associated ships, as wonderful features await them. Here are Explosive wins, Sliding wilds and bonus feature. This bonus is a feature that can last a long time and you can succeed in winning really big through it. Where the game's maximum win is 14'827X the amount you bet. Jump aboard and take part in this pirate adventure.

6 Wild Sharks

To continue with action-packed themes, we also have 6 Wild Sharks here. Judging by the title alone, you understand that it will be adrenaline-filled spins. Here you play on a slot that has 6 reels, 4 rows and 4096 paylines. In this exciting adventure that mostly takes place under the surface, we can take part in wonderful features. Among other things, the free spins bonus game, by locking sharks on the game's reels, it increases the chances of winning there. You can succeed in getting a maximum win of 10'368 X the amount you bet. Put on your diving equipment and follow below the surface. But be on your guard, there are a lot of sharks lurking down here.

4ThePlayer Conclusion

4ThePlayer repeatedly demonstrate with their slots the innovative capabilities they possess. These are games that provide fantastic gaming experiences and with a real innovation in both the game's themes and the features they have. Which results in you rarely being disappointed. Ash and Porter, together with a very skilled crew have found a good strategy in the development of their game. Which makes us very curious to see what they come up with next. Those who are waiting will see.

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