5K Gold Mine Dream Drop Slot Overview

5K Gold Mine Dream Drop is a new casino slot from 4ThePlayer, where a gameboard trail circulates the 5x5 grid. Scatter Symbols move a wagon on the Gold Rush Trail’s positions, awarding free spins or cash prizes up to 5000X the bet. You can also activate the Dream Drop Jackpot, which can award up to 3 million euros. The best-paying symbol in the underground is an elderly gray-bearded miner, and his dynamite sticks are Wild, substituting all regular paying symbols. Let’s dive down into this mine and see what it offers.

5K Gold Mine Dream Drop is a video slot from 4ThePlayer with 5 reels, 5 rows, and 1024 ways to win. The Min.bet is 0.2, and the Max.bet is 100. The game has the standard Dream Drop RTP of 94% and high volatility. The max win in 5K Gold Mine Dream Drop is 5000X the bet, apart from the progressive Mega Jackpot, which can reward you with up to €3 million.

Beneath the earth’s surface await the features Wild Symbol, Gold Rush Trail, Free Spins, Dream Drop Jackpot Game, and Bonus Buy.

5K Gold Mine Dream Drop Slot Information

5K Gold Mine Dream Drop is probably the most colorful mine in the world. Forget about dark, dirty, and dangerous undergrounds. The light-gray reels are framed by a gameboard with 32 positions containing cash prizes, mystery prizes, the Dream Drop Jackpot, and Free Spins. To the left are big caskets full of shimmering gold, and to the right is a casket of dynamites and a detonator. Above sits a yellow bird that moves around on a stick.

An image from the Base Game view, taking place down the mines

You start the game with a cart on the middle bottom position of the Gold Rush Trail, located below the grid. The cart can move clockwise or counterclockwise whenever a Scatter Symbol lands on the reels. To make a regular win, you need to land at least 3 of the same symbols on adjacent reels, starting on the first reel to the left. The game is available on desktops, notepads, and mobile phones.

The lower-paying symbols are 10, J, Q, K, and A. Landing a 5-of-a-kind win with them awards between 1X and 1.5X the bet. The higher-paying symbols are axe and shovel, gas torch, helmet, sack of gold coins, and a smiling miner with a huge diamond in his right hand. They will give you between 2X and 4X the bet for a win containing 5 symbols. The Wild Symbol substitutes all symbols except the Scatter Symbol.

5K Gold Mine Dream Drop Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot 5K Gold Mine Dream Drop?

You can win up to 5000X the bet plus the progressive Dream Drop Jackpot of up to €3 million.

What features are available in the slot 5K Gold Mine Dream Drop?

The features are Wild Symbol, Gold Rush Trail, Free Spins, Dream Drop Jackpot Game, and Bonus Buy.

A €3.44 win on the last spin in the free spins.

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol is a set of dynamite sticks with a burning fuse. It substitutes all regular-paying symbols but not the Scatter.

Gold Rush Trail

The Gold Rush Trail is an innovative feature turning the slot into a game board. It has 32 positions circulating the 5 reels containing 2 Mystery Symbol positions, 4 Free Spins positions, and 4 Dream Drop positions. The remaining 22 positions have a number between 3 and 5000, representing a cash prize.

You start the game with a cart in the middle of the bottom row on a column with the number 3. One of the following actions will happen whenever a Scatter Symbol, depicted by a gold cart, appears on the reels:

Move X = Moves the cart as many positions as the number says clockwise or counterclockwise.

Collect = Awards the prize of the square where the cart is before returning the cart to the trail’s starting position. Depending on where the cart stands, you’ll win a Mystery Prize, the Free Spins, the Dream Drop Jackpot Game, or a Cash Prize between 3X and 5000X the bet.

The Mystery Prize lets you choose between 3 gems that will reveal any of the other mentioned actions.

Restart = Moves directly to the start square and awards its prize of 3X the bet.

Cash Prize = Awards a cash prize.

Dream Drop = Awards the Dream Drop Jackpot Game

A piece of gold awards 6X the bet on the Gold Rush Trail.

Free Spins

The Free Spins feature starts with 10 spins. Every time a Scatter lands, it will do one of the following two actions:

Move + Pay = Moves clockwise or counterclockwise to a new square and awards that prize. This action doesn’t reset the position of the gold cart.

Cash Prize = Awards a cash Prize.

The Dream Drop squares on the trail are transformed into Free Spins symbols, awarding between 5 and 10 extra spins.

Dream Drop Jackpot Game

You can end up in the Dream Drop Jackpot Game via the Gold Rush Trail or directly from a Scatter Symbol. It has a new game board with 18 squares with the names of the five Jackpots Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major, and Mega. You get to spin a single reel that reveals a Move Symbol or a Collect Symbol. The Move Symbol will move the token and highlight a new position. You keep on spinning until you land the Collect Symbol, and you’re awarded the highlighted Jackpot.

The Dream Drop Jackpots are progressive, increasing every time a player spins the reels until one of them is paid out and reset to its starting position. They start at:

Rapid Jackpot = €1

Midi Jackpot = €5

Maxi Jackpot = €100

Major Jackpot = €25,000

Mega Jackpot = €500,000

The Major Jackpot will fall out before reaching €50,000, and the Mega Jackpot can grow up to €3,000,000 before it’s guaranteed to fall out.

A game board of 18 positions with the five progressive Jackpots.

Bonus Buy

The Bonus Buy lets the player buy two different features. Paying 100X the bet will get you 10 free spins. Stepping up even more and paying 150X the bet gets you the Gold Rush Trail Mega Spin, a single spin that guarantees to land 5 Scatter Symbols (one on each reel). The four first Scatters can reveal movement around the trail or any other Scatter Prize, while the last one is guaranteed to award the Collect Prize. The trail starts at the start position and will not affect any progress made in the regular game.

The Bonus Buy feature can only be triggered in the base game, and it’s done to the same RTP as the standard game: 94.00%

5K Gold Mine Dream Drop Slot Conclusion

Relax Gaming is the creator of the Dream Drop Jackpot. The developer has added the Jackpot to previous games, such as Banana Town Dream Drop and Santa’s Stack Dream Drop, but has also dropped a few completely new titles with the Jackpot, such as Neko Night Dream Drop. This release from 4ThePlayer is also an entirely new game with the feature added from the start.

5K Gold Mine Dream Drop has an innovative board game feature with the Gold Rush Trail circulating the reels. Whenever a Scatter Symbol lands, you can expect to move the cart on the trail or be awarded a prize. The Scatters are even more valuable in the free spins, where they’re guaranteed to pay the cash prize the cart ends up on every time it moves.

The other Bonus Game is the Dream Drop Jackpot Game, which can be triggered from both the Gold Rush Trail and from a Scatter Symbol. We have played quite a lot of Dream Drop games by now, but this is the first one with a trail game board. 5K Gold Mine Dream Drop has an RTP of 94.00%, just like the other Dream Drop games. Unfortunately, it’s quite a bit below the average casino slot RTP, but that will probably not stop anyone who dreams of the Mega Jackpot, which can pay up to €3 million.

5K Gold Mine Dream Drop from 4ThePlayer has a board game gold trail circulating the grid, which can award cash prizes, free spins, and the Dream Drop Jackpots.