Sweet N Juicy Slot Overview

Sweet N Juicy is a casino slot from Playtech with a delicious candy theme! Candy leads to direct stimulation of the brain by triggering the release of dopamine, so let's see if this game can spike some big wins. With a giant max win of 25,126X the bet, Sweet N Juicy should attract players looking for a significant hit and lucrative gameplay. Regarding the features, the Cascading Reels and Sweet Prizes Feature offer massive multipliers up to 500X, so let’s find out what this mouthwatering game offers!

Base Game with Scatter Symbol on reel 3
Base Game

Sweet N Juicy is a video slot from Playtech with 6 reels and 5 rows. Due to the scatter pays mechanic, this game has no regular pay lines; wins are created by landing 8 or more of the same symbol type anywhere on the reels. Players can choose between a Min.bet of 0.1 and a Max.bet of 70. This game has been created with 4 different RTPs, with a below-average RTP of 95.87% by default, but operators can choose to use one of the lower ones, such as 94.51%, 93.49%, or 91.94%. Sweet N Juicy has a hit frequency of 18.15%, high volatility, and a max win of 25,126X the bet. The combined feature frequency averages 1 in 212 spins, and the max win frequency averages 1 in 1,000,000,000 spins. The frequency of wins over 1000X in Sweet N Juicy is 1 in 113,122 spins. 

This sweet slot game adventure has some lovely features to help you pursue and land the big wins. The features of Sweet N Juicy are Cascade, Sweet Prizes Feature, Free Games, and Feature Buy.

Sweet N Juicy Slot Information

The game’s design is based on a candy theme, filled with classic casino symbols such as fruits and yummy candies. The game grid is in the middle of the screen, and the Sweet Prize Balls are positioned to its left, carrying multiplier values ranging from 2X to 500X. If you want to advance directly to the Bonus Game for a cost, use the Feature Buy button on the right side of the screen. All remaining buttons, including the Spin and Bet Size buttons, can be found on the right side of the reels. You can play Sweet N Juicy on all mobile devices, desktops, and notepads. You create a winning combination by landing 8 or more of the same symbol types anywhere on the reels due to the Scatter Pays mechanic, activating the Cascade.

The lower-paying symbols are purple candy, turquoise candy, green candy, red candy, and yellow candy. Landing 12+ of the same symbol type pays between 0.7X and 3X. The higher-paying symbols are purple grapes, orange, citrus, and watermelon. Landing 12+ of the same symbol type pays between 4X and 50X. The Scatter Symbol is the image of a lollipop with the text “Sweet,” landing 4 or more of this symbol type will trigger the Bonus Game. Let’s find out what kind of features this game has to offer!

Sweet N Juicy Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot of Sweet N Juicy?

The max win is 25,126X the bet.

What features are available in the slot of Sweet N Juicy?

The features of this slot game are Cascade, Sweet Prizes Feature, Free Games, and Feature Buy.

Free Spins with 4X Multiplier in Sweet Prize Feature
Free Games


The Cascade feature is activated when a win is created, and the winning symbols will be removed from the reels. New symbols will fall from above and allow new winning combinations; this will continue as long as new winning combinations are created.

Sweet Prizes Feature

This feature is located on the left side of the game grid. It contains a stack of Sweet Prize Balls. The stack of balls changes with every new spin, and the highlighted ball will be awarded if there is one or more winning combinations. The Sweet Prizes can award the following:

Blue Ball = This ball does not award a prize.

Multipliers = 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, 8X, 10X, 15X, 20X, 50X, 100X, 250X, or 500X the bet. The awarded multiplier value is applied to any winning combination.

Free Games = +3, +4, +5, or +8 Free Games can be awarded. The +3 Free Games ball can only be awarded during the Bonus Game.

Wheel Sweet Prize Ball = When awarded, 1 spin is awarded, with wheel prizes of 20X, 50X, 100X, or 500X the bet available.

After the Sweet Prize Ball is awarded, it is removed as part of a winning combination, and the next Sweet Prize Ball gets highlighted.

Free Games

This feature can be triggered by landing 4 or more Scatter Symbols anywhere on the reels during the Base Game. Depending on whether you land 4, 5, or 6, Scatter Symbols award 10, 12, or 15 Free Games, respectively. You can also trigger this feature by landing a Free Games Ball during the Sweet Prize Feature, and if the Free Games are awarded from multiple Sweet Prize Balls and/or by a combination of balls and Scatter Symbols, the number of Free Games awarded will be added together. 

You can retrigger the feature by landing 4 or more Scatter Symbols, or when a Free Games Sweet Prize Ball lands, awarding additional Free Games accordingly.

During the Free Games, there is no Blue Ball, which means the Sweet Prize Balls always award a prize for each spin.

Feature Buy cost 70X the bet.
Feature Buy

Feature Buy

If you want to take advantage of the Bonus Game immediately, you can use the Feature Buy option. You pay 70X the bet and then receive between 10 and 15 Free Games, with an RTP of 95.88%.

Sweet N Juicy Slot Conclusion

Do you know why candy is called candy? The English word “candy” derives from the Arabic word “qandi” which means “made of sugar.” If you are familiar with the slot world, you know that the candy theme is one of the most used, with popular releases such as Sugar Rush and Sweet Bonanza 1000. Playtech has successfully created an impressive gaming experience with excellent win potential and a worthy contribution to the candy slot category.

First of all, the max win of 25,126X the bet is astonishing, especially considering recent releases from Playtech with much lower figures, such as Mega Fire Blaze: Rocky and Elephant Riches. Even though the massive max win creates an exciting buzz, the max win hit frequency of 1 in 100,000,000 spins dampens the excitement a bit. However, we commend Playtech for finally providing such great win potential! So what about the gameplay? The Cascading Reels works great with the Sweet Prizes Feature, awarding multiplier values up to 500X and a chance to trigger the Bonus Game. Once the Bonus Game is triggered, you are guaranteed a Sweet Prize every spin, and while testing, we managed to retrigger additional Free Games and made some significant wins in the later stages of the feature.

In conclusion, we had no expectations when we started testing this game, and it soon became apparent that this new installment aims to compete with other popular candy games, such as Sugar Rush 1000, offering similar mechanics and features. We would love to see a more ambitious design, but with that said, this game offers great win potential and entertaining gameplay.

Sweet N Juicy is a slot with a great Sweet Prizes Feature providing multiplier values up to 500X!