Panda Blitz Slot Overview

Panda Blitz is a new casino slot from Playtech that takes you to the world of the panda. This bear species is characterized by its black and white coat and rotund body. The animal has a vulnerable conservation status and lives in a few mountain ranges in central China. The panda has always been regarded as a rare and noble creature in China, and the country makes great efforts to conserve the panda population. Scientists believe about 1600 pandas live in the wild today, a growing number compared to 800 in 1985. A panda spends most of its time sitting around eating in the bamboo forest, and social encounters occur primarily during brief breeding seasons. The panda is this game’s highest-paying symbol and the face of the exciting Free Games Feature. Let’s find out what Panda Blitz offers besides a great Jackpot Blitz!

Base game where you can see a lot of bamboo in the background.

Panda Blitz is a video slot from Playtech with 6 reels, 4 rows, and 4096 ways to win. Players can choose between a of 0.20 and a of 500. The game has been created with an RTP of 95.9% by default, but operators can also choose to use one of the lower RTPs of 94.90%, 93.50%, or 92.89%. All RTPs of this game have included a 0.99% that goes to the Jackpot Blitz feature. Panda Blitz has high volatility and a hit frequency of 23.42%, and 1 in 122 spins, on average, will activate one of the game’s features. The game’s max win is 2430.5X the bet, and has a progressive Jackpot, which starts at €100,000.

This thrilling adventure has some exciting features to help you pursue and land the big wins. The features are Wild Symbol, Rolling Panda Feature, Jackpot Blitz, and Bonus Buy.

Panda Blitz Slot Information

The game’s design is based on a panda theme that takes you to the deep forests of southwestern China. The fog is thick and creates a mystic feeling, fitting for one of the rarest animals in the world. You see the bamboo trees in the green background of this slot game. The reels are in the middle of the screen with the Panda Blitz logo and a reminder of the 4096 ways to win on the left side. The Blitz Jackpot levels are on the top of the reels, and the remaining buttons, including the Bonus Buy and the Spin button, are on the right side. You can play Panda Blitz on all mobile devices, desktops, and notepads. You create a winning combination by landing 3 or more of the same symbol types on adjacent reels starting at the leftmost reel. You can create a win by landing 2 or more of the highest-paying symbol types, unlike the lower-paying symbol, which needs 3 or more symbol types to create a win.

The lower-paying symbols are 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. Landing 6 of the same symbol type pays between 2.50X and 3.75X. The higher-paying symbols are a bird, monkey, leopard, buffalo, and panda. Landing 6 of the same symbol type pays between 5X and 7.50X. The wild symbol of the game is the design of a blue diamond. The Scatter symbol has the text “Free Games” on it, and the Rolling Panda Symbol is a Panda. Let’s find out what kind of features this game has to offer!

Panda Blitz Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot of Panda Blitz?

You can win up to 2430.5X the bet + progressive Jackpots.

What features are available in the slot of Panda Blitz?

The features of this slot game are Wild Symbol, Rolling Panda Feature, Jackpot Blitz, and Bonus Buy.

Bonus game where you can see the rolling panda symbol on reel three.

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol substitutes all symbols except for the Scatter and Rolling Panda Symbol.

Rolling Panda Symbol

This symbol only appears in the Free Games and can substitute all symbols except the Scatter and Wild Symbol. The Symbol can expand up to 4X4 symbol during the Free Games, helping you create more winning combinations.

Free Games Feature

If you land 3 or more Scatter Symbols simultaneously anywhere on the reels, the Free Games Feature will be activated. You are then welcomed with 6 Free Games when the feature starts.

When the feature starts, a Rolling Panda Symbol appears on reel 3, and this symbol will not spin along with the reels. If any Bamboo Symbols land on the reel after a spin, the Rolling Panda Symbol will roll to collect each Bamboo Symbol. You need the panda to collect 5 Bamboo Symbols to level up. If the Rolling Panda Symbol covers a Bamboo Symbol when the reels stop, this Bamboo Symbol will not be collected.

The Collection Meter is situated above the reels and stores all the collected Bamboo Symbols. The Collection Meter can be filled 3 times maximum, and the Rolling Panda Symbol will expand every time, respectively. Once the Collection Meter is filled, you are awarded 1 additional Free Game.

1st time the Collection Meter is filled = The Rolling Panda Symbol expands to a 2x2 symbol

2nd time the Collection Meter is filled = The Rolling Panda Symbol expands to a 3x3 symbol

3rd time the Collection Meter is filled = The Rolling Panda Symbol expands to a 4x4 symbol.

The Collection Meter is emptied when you’ve been awarded 1 additional Free Game Spin.

Jackpot Blitz

The Jackpot Blitz is randomly triggered on any spin during Base Game, Free Game, or Bonus Buy. The grid changes to 4X5 and 20 diamond symbols covering the reels during the Jackpot Blitz. You click on the diamonds to reveal the Jackpot Symbols, and matching 3 identical Jackpot Symbol types will award you the respective jackpot. The Jackpot has a reaction timer and will be played automatically if you don’t react in time. You are guaranteed a win when entering the Jackpot Blitz.

This multi-level progressive Jackpot accumulates all the bets among the online casinos, which features the Jackpot Blitz. The 4 progressive Jackpot Sizes are and start with the following values:

Mini = €50

Minor = €500

Major = €5000

Blitz = €100,000

Bonus Buy

If you want to take advantage of the Free Spins feature immediately, you can use the bonus buy option of:

38X = Activates the Free Games and gets you 6 Free Spins.

Panda Blitz Slot Conclusion

This game provides an enjoyable experience with a fun Panda theme that takes you to the deep forests of China. Panda is a commonly used theme in slot games such as Fat Panda. Although these games share the same theme, they have significant differences. The biggest difference is the enormous progressive Jackpot in this game, giving this game an edge. The biggest of the Jackpots is the Blitz Jackpot, which starts at  €100,000, which is accumulated from all slots games from online casinos featuring the Jackpot Blitz. The grid changes to 5X4 during the Jackpot round, and you have the option to pick your own Jackpot by choosing 3 diamond symbols, which all contain one of the 4 Jackpot symbol types. Besides the fun panda theme, the vast jackpot makes this game worthwhile and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

When you start Panda Blitz, a rotund panda welcomes you. The panda plays a significant role in this game as the Rolling Panda Symbol and in the Free Games Feature. The hungry panda isn’t affected by the spins during the Free Spins and will instead collect Bamboo Symbols, filling the Collection Meter on top of the reels. Every time you fill the Collection Meter, the panda expands up to 4X4 symbol type. We think this is a great touch to help you create more winning combinations when playing, and we enjoy seeing the panda rolling around on the screen.

The potential max win is on the lower side, but this is balanced out well by a high progressive jackpot. The highest RTP by default is good as it includes a Jackpot. Overall, this game has a solid design with a lovable panda as the game’s big star. The Rolling Symbol, along with the Jackpot Blitz, are captivating elements that are worth a try. Panda Blitz has a Bonus Game that reminds us of the one in Fat Rabbit, but the graphics are poor in this game, and we would prefer it to get a much-needed lift.

Panda Blitz is a slot game with a great mix of symbols and engaging features with a chance to win the Jackpot Blitz, which starts at €100,000!