Flux Slot Review

If you decide to play the Flux slot, you will have a chance to see beautiful precious gems with different shapes and colors, flowing in and out, turning on the reels and leaving behind only stardust. Reminding us of remote space, it will introduce you to another dimension, presented in this slot by Thunderkick with 5 reels and 15 paylines.

Created with vivid colors and great animations, the Flux slot will teleport you into cosmos where you'll be floating in the unknown. The music conjures an uncertainty which follows throughout the whole experience and it'll bring the sensation of the upcoming adventure. Join this adventure and get to solve all the puzzles of the Flux.


Flux will show you wonderful little gems in vivacious colors and shapes, glowing in the dark and reminding you of the stars. They look as if they are teleporting onto the reels when each spin finishes.

When they do stop and start slowly turning in place, the symbols start to shine - particularly if the symbols form a payline, and there is a stronger glow, becoming quite radiating when you get to win big. The turning symbols bring something different and keep the game dynamic at every moment.

The theme sets you into deep space somewhere with floating objects. You'll be traveling at the speed of light and get to see just how vast the space is, leaving behind the Stardust. The sound reminds of something you cannot really define or place, something far away, remote, and mysterious.

There is the wild symbol, in gold, with hexagon shape and turning frame. The bonus symbol looks interesting, with a white square shape, and the letter B turning inside.

Flux slot review
Stars and colorful gems will bring big wins your way in the Flux video slot


The Flux casino slot has a few outstanding features. There is a wild symbol, and it usually comes in company, increasing your winning chances. The wild symbol can act as any other symbol, except the Bonus symbol.

If you are lucky enough, you will get three or more Bonus symbols floating on the reels, triggering the Bonus Game. You will be given a choice what kind of Bonus Game you'd like to play. If you get 3 Bonus symbols, your choices will be between 16 free spins with the opportunity to win both ways, 12 free spins with extra 3 rows, or 8 free spins with the possibility to increase your winnings with both ways and additional 3 rows.

If you get 4 Bonus symbols, free spins will increase up to 32, 24, and 16, with the same additional features. Five Bonus symbols give 48, 36, and 24 free spins with the same rules as before. It is also possible to trigger the Bonus Game inside the Bonus Game, and that way win even more.


Flux is an interesting game with the setting that makes you guess if you are in a dark space somewhere or in a remote future, with time travel, and teleporting. Either way, it looks really nice and shiny. With great animations, wonderfully unforeseeable sound, and creative design, the Flux gives undefinably awesome sensation.

Unlocking the Bonus Game, you'll be taken to a different place, very close to stars, and if you decide to add some extra rows, you'll get the full package experience.

In the end, if you like to look into the sky at night, stare at the stars, and generally if the clean-cut design is of your taste, then definitely try the Flux slot. The valuable stones will float in and out of reels leaving the golden dust behind and increasing your account balance.

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