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June 20, 2022

xQc‘s gambling once again is the subject of a streamer’s critiques

Mathil commented on xQc’s own admission of being addicted to gambling, while still promoting the product to his followers. He’s not the first one to say something on the matter. In fact, Asmongold, Amouranth, and former Twitch streamer Ludwig have all shared their opinion on this dilemma.

As of now, however, none of them have provided an alternative solution.

Mathil also offered little more than criticisms to his colleague. He also spoke of the deep issue of how celebrities are never satisfied with the money they have. But the most serious accusations toward xQc regarded the fact that he’s convinced the streamer would ‘sell his audience to make a little more’.

He criticized the agreement that xQc has with gambling sponsorships, which should net him $10million a year. He also questioned why a streamer would make so much money in the first place, saying that, “you know, you need a lot of money sitting in a room and playing games.”

Of course, the way xQc deals with his finances and how he adds onto his wealth are completely up to him, but the recent events have caused a lot of criticism from the community.Some fans have also taken xQc’s side, saying that no one is forced to follow the streamer’s example. xQc has insisted in fact that although he’s addicted to gambling, he has enough money to afford this addiction. His father also reprimanded him during a stream.

xQc provides his followers with a promo code that they can use to register at the gambling sponsor. As of now, 119 million dollars have been wagered through this code, as testified by xQc himself. It certainly is a sign that there’s a demand for gambling. Of course, xQc can’t turn his fans into gamblers.

xQc has been struggling with this decision for a long time, suffering for the pressure of his peers and other creators. Finally, in May, he declared he’d continue gambling.

The role of Twitch

There currently is a petition to clamp down on gambling on Twitch, the platform owned by Amazon. So far, however, Twitch has been hesitant as to what to do. Jeff Ifrah, from Ifrah’s Law, has commented on other streamers before, saying that streamers who promote gambling websites that are not licensed in the United States to US audiences may face some legal consequences.