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January 7, 2018

The World's Most Outrageous Vegas Bets

Las Vegas is famous world over as being a major resort city, known essentially for its shopping, fine dining, nightlife, entertainment and, of course, the casinos. It is very obvious why many choose to call it the gambling capital of the world. The city's history is filled with colourful stories of people willing to take significant risks on Vegas bets, with the hope of bigger rewards. The vast majority of visitors to this venue choose to place their bets on Poker, Blackjack or other traditional casino games. However, there is a smaller group that wants to play on everything and anything. Prop bets, as they are called, are responsible for some of the most outrageous wagers that have taken place in Las Vegas history. Even if, as a player, you never felt tempted to gamble away your entire bank account, you can always admire the wild streak found in these daring gamblers.

Vegas Bets That May Really Surprise You

Vegas history is certainly full of illustrious stories of gamblers who have been lucky enough to win life-changing amounts of money. Many people think that Vegas bets might grant you a good win once in your lifetime. When a Las Vegas man found himself winning twice, it seemed as though Lady Luck had her eye on him. Elmer Sherwin was no spring chicken, and at age 76, he won a $4.6 million Megabucks jackpot. He used the money to fulfil his dream and travel the world. He continued to play slots and 16 years later, he won $21 million on exactly the same jackpot! Just last year a woman from Hawaii placed a $3 bet on a penny slot game and walked away with a $10.7 million jackpot. Vegas bets are not only reserved for land-based casinos. There are also a number of well-established, reputable online casino groups. Over the years, these online casinos have given away more than $27 million in progressive jackpot winnings. These online casinos are slick and attractive and provide players with a safe gaming environment, secure payment methods and great customer support. They also offer fantastic opportunities to win with action around the clock. You can enter a world of opulence when you play online slots and sign up for a new account. Take your casino experience to the next level. There are hundreds of games to play and progressive jackpots totalling more than $2,500,000. You have every opportunity to win outrageous amounts when you play on your computer or mobile device.

Vegas Bets Are Just As Much Fun Online

Bring the excitement of gaming online with Vegas bets that can change your life. Casino games are enthralling. Just like Vegas land based casinos, the online versions are glitzy and glamorous. Betting with real money is a favourite pastime and can be pretty lucrative for those who take the time to learn about odds and how to use online bonuses profitably. Just make absolutely sure that you find a renowned casino with a good presence and reputation. Do not sacrifice on thoroughness and research every last detail about other players’ experiences, how they place bets and how they cash out.

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