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August 29, 2023

Unbeatable Collaboration: Livespins and Golden Rock Unite Their Strengths

Livespins' content creators are preparing to ignite the game reels featuring titles from the renowned studio, Golden Rock. This comes after the acclaimed provider successfully incorporated the developer's complete range of games into its collection, marking the first instance of such integration.

Through this collaboration, Livespins' top-tier streamers will have the opportunity to showcase Golden Rock's titles during their live broadcasts. This enables viewers not only to spectate the unfolding action but also to actively participate by placing bets while backing the streamer's gameplay.

This results in a collective wager and a shared encounter, with each player retaining the autonomy to choose their individual bet amount and quantity of spins.

Observing and wagering while supporting the dynamic gameplay of titles like "Remember Remember," "Big Bad Beasts," and "Bonus Only" is undeniably thrilling. However, social engagement is seamlessly integrated into the Livespins experience, allowing players to engage in conversations with both the streamer and fellow viewers throughout the session.

Moreover, participants have the option to express themselves by sharing reactions, emojis, and even gifs within the chat feature. This ensures an enjoyable experience, irrespective of the outcome of their bets.

Livespins elevates this concept further through its Lightning Drop and Lightning Races features. These encompass must-drop jackpots and tournaments, introducing an additional layer to the player's journey, while significantly boosting engagement duration and player retention.

From Golden Rock's perspective, this collaboration with Livespins opens up a completely novel avenue for delivering its games to operators. Moreover, it facilitates an unprecedented opportunity for a greater number of players to engage with the unique offerings it provides, all channeled through the realm of streaming.

Presenting this distinct approach to delivering content to players led Livespins to secure the Innovation in Slot Provision award at this year's EGR B2B Awards.

Michael Pedersen, Chief Commercial Officer at Livespins, said: “Golden Rock’s games are great fun and perfect for streaming thanks to the explosive gameplay they deliver. Our streamers are already chomping at the bit to use its titles in their broadcasts.

“This is a great partnership for Golden Rock as it can get its games live with more operators than ever before and put these games in front of those lucrative but hard to reach Millennial and Generation Z audiences.
“Because Livespins sits within the casino lobby, players are protected by all the responsible gambling mechanics the operator is required to offer under its international and local licenses.
“For Golden Rock and for the operators that add Livespins, this allows them to leverage the huge popularity of streaming in a way that is responsible, compliant and most importantly, sustainable.”

For Golden Rock, this partnership with Livespins allows it to deliver its games to operators in an entirely new way, and for more players than ever before to experience what it has to offer through the channel of streaming.