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November 15, 2019

Treasures of Lion City from Pulse 8 Studios

The Treasures of Lion City slot features very interesting gameplay with great visuals. This game inspired by a submerged city which was located somewhere in China is crafted by the Pulse 8 Studios company which is another Microgaming’s loyal partner. The game features 5 reels and 25 paylines while its betting range starts at 0.25 and goes up to 50 credits.

The company which is behind the game definitely did a great job with making its Treasures of Lion City slot as appealing as possible. The game also does not lack bonus features as it comes packed with loads of wild symbols, generous winning multipliers and rewarding Rolling Reels. With these bonuses included, players can scoop wins worth up to 2,600x their stake.

The game’s RTP stands at around 94.20% while its volatility is in the medium range. The game’s developer has recently released several highly interesting games that players who enjoy adventurous slots will find very appealing including Relic Seekers, The Wish Master, Scratchy Big and Dream Car Speed.

Treasures of Lion City Slot Gameplay

Treasures of Lion City: Enter the Enchanting World

As previously mentioned, this Pulse 8 Studios release is inspired by one of the most interesting historical stories which revolve around Lion City. The city was founded sometime around the 25AD and it was among the most important economic and political centers of the entire Eastern China region. Around one thousand and seven hundred years later, the city was completely submerged. This ancient city still retains its temples, housing, roads and other beneath one hundred and thirty feet of water.

The Treasures of Lion City slot perfectly depicts this Atlantis of the East as Lion City is referred today. To retain the aquatic theme, the game features an interesting watery backdrop with clear waters surrounding its reels. There are also two ancient lion statues which give the game a nice Chinese touch. On the reels, players will come across lower-valued standard playing cards and higher-valued immortality elixirs, warriors’ helmets, crystals, and gold chests which are the most lucrative bringing winnings up to 18x players’ stake.

The game does not feature scatters, but it comes packed with wild symbols. There is a golden lion standard wild symbol which replaces other symbols and helps with creating more winnings combos. The Treasures of Lion City slot features the popular Microgaming’s Rolling Reels gaming mechanics which is triggered on every single win. Once triggered, the winning symbols are removed from the reels to make room for new symbols which can lead to consecutive winnings.

With consecutive winnings, the game’s special Win Meter located above the reels starts lightning up and some changes occur to the game depending on how many consecutive winnings players scored. These special changes include regular symbols becoming wilds including the game’s gold chest, warrior’s helmet, and immortality elixir. Then, on the sevenths, ninths and eleventh cascade, the game’s winning multiplier increases from 3x up to 27x.