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July 14, 2018

Join the tropical paradise with Tiki Fruits slot game, and have the best summer ever. Tiki Fruits has a lot to offer and you can check it out on any online casinos that have Red Tiger Gaming slots on them.

Tiki Fruits Slot Information

Tiki Fruits is a new slot from Red Tiger Gaming, with cluster pays and 8 reels. With cluster pays, it means there are no lines in the game and the symbols can connect anywhere if they are next to each other and have the minimum number that pays.

The slot looks really nice and it will captivate your interest from the first time you see it. It is kinda addictive and you will love to do spins on it. The colors in the slot and the music that is playing in the background will send you tropical vibes and will make you feel like in a vacation.

Tiki Fruits offers a lot of things, but the 2000x maximum payout is something any player would like to hit.

tiki fruits slot

Tiki Fruits Game and Bonus

Tiki Fruits slot is set on a transparent background with 8 reels and multiple symbols. in the right of the slot, is the bonus game feature. To activate that you will need to get Bonus symbols until the Bonus meter it is full. When the Bonus is full, you will get random number of freespins. Looking in the right part you will see that there are more meters with fruits that needs to be full to to activate the deletion of those symbols. So the way you want to start the bonus round is with all fruit symbols deleted, as then only the premium symbols will remain in the freespins and the payout can be more. You can also get a retrigger in the bonus round and it is easier to get a retrigger there because the bonus bar will remain loaded from every bonus symbol during all freespins.

tiki fruits slot clusters

Tiki Fruits Slot Conclusion

Playing Tiki Fruits can be really fun, but the payout most of the times is a little bit low. Of course you can win a lot on the slot if you are lucky, but like on most cluster pay slots, the usual connections will not pay good and you need to have a lot of symbols to connect so you can really enjoy the winning. The bonus round also can give you a sour taste and not pay at all, as the bonus also relies on cluster pays and there is almost nothing different in the bonus game than on the normal spins, except that the meters will continue to load on all spins and not restart after every spin. This being said, Tiki Fruits is a very nice game to play for fun, but don't expect a lot of big wins on it.Yes it can pay huge but the most times, it will not.