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August 10, 2023

Swiss Certification Granted to Galaxsys Games

Galaxsys, a premier provider specializing in high-speed and skill-based gaming experiences, has revealed that a selection of games – namely Crasher, Crash, Cash Show, Rocketon, Fmines, Golden RA, and Penalty – has successfully attained certification and is currently accessible to the Swiss market. 

Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development Gil Soffer said: “Galaxsys continues to expand its portfolio of twenty-six fast and skill games availability in multiple regulated markets. Our roadmap has been remarkable in a short time frame as we look to provide the best market access for our games for our tier-1 aggregators and operators alike. 

“Galaxsys shall continue to expand its multi-jurisdictional certification and licensing this year and into 2024 and, as a business, continue its commitment to responsible gaming frameworks. Our product and compliance teams continue to work hard to ensure our games meet the exacting standards for certification and responsible gambling. We look forward to working with our partners in the Swiss market by bringing games that deliver player engagement and commercial and marketing opportunities for the operators and that their players enjoy our fast games.” 

About Galaxsys Games 

Galaxsys operates as an iGaming development studio, providing an extensive array of rapid and skill-based games within the iGaming sector. Their collection of games has been meticulously crafted to empower their partners in expanding their offerings, enhancing player acquisition and retention, and driving lucrative growth. 

The leadership of Galaxsys consists of a group of seasoned iGaming experts. They have combined their deep industry insights, extensive experience, and unwavering enthusiasm to craft optimal solutions for their valued partners. 

Skill Games 

Galaxsys is dedicated to conceiving and crafting inventive skill-based games tailored for partners aiming to explore fresh markets and elevate their revenue and profitability. To achieve this objective, they furnish their partners with state-of-the-art skill games, meticulously crafted using the latest technologies by their team of seasoned and imaginative iGaming experts. Their skill games seamlessly integrate and are accompanied by a feature-rich management platform, empowering their partners to efficiently oversee, customize, and monitor their enterprises. 

Fast Games 

Galaxsys has crafted an assortment of high-energy games designed to ignite the thrill-seeking spirit in adrenaline enthusiasts. Their collection of "Fast Games" has been meticulously curated to empower their partners in broadening their overall portfolio, enhancing player acquisition and retention, and driving profitable expansion. These dynamic games seamlessly integrate and come equipped with a feature-rich management platform, granting their partners the ability to efficiently oversee, customize, and monitor their enterprises. 

Core values at Glaxsys Games are the following: 

Genuine Randomness 

To ensure genuine randomness, Galaxsys exclusively employs the most dependable and advanced Random Number Generator technologies across all their games. For instance, we integrate Quantum Random Number Generators from the globally recognized pioneer in quantum-safe cryptography solutions, ID Quantique. 

Provable Fairness 

Their utilization of Hash-based cryptographic verification technology guarantees the absolute randomness of game outcomes. Following the conclusion of each game, players are provided with the chance to verify the randomness of the results firsthand. 


At Galaxsys, they hold the belief that random number generation must exhibit unwavering reliability and strict adherence to the most stringent standards. Subpar randomness jeopardizes security, as a predictable output bit stream could become susceptible to easy guessing or emulation.