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December 3, 2021

Softswiss launches multicurrency support

Softswiss, the jackpot aggregator, is expanding its functionality with multicurrency support. With it, clients of the jackpot aggregator will run jackpots in all currencies required by their operation. Multicurrency support creates better opportunities for the aggregator’s clients as they run their jackpot campaigns. Before this innovation, jackpot winnings were only available in one unique currency: euros.

This meant that players could only cash winnings in euros and would only be eligible for contributions if they were playing with euros. Now, instead, all the popular currencies have been added, making the whole system much more convenient for both operators and players. 

Since Softswiss was launched, more than 450 jackpots have been played. With the multicurrency support, now jackpot contributions can be made with different currencies, which means that there’ll be much more bets and consequently much higher winnings! Clients that operate on the Softswiss platform will now be able to use an “auto-approve” feature, which will make payouts faster and automatically validate winnings. 

With the new functionality, Softswiss is the perfect solution for jackpot campaigns. For example, one of its unique tools is a library of jackpot templates, which clients can use to set up jackpots or modify various settings. Furthermore, clients can also conveniently segment players using the Softswiss Jackpot Aggregator. They’ll be able to form players’ groups and transfer them from their platform, while maintaining absolute confidentiality. 

This represents an excellent opportunity to run unlimited jackpot campaings among the various player segments, and check progresses through detailed statistics. 

“Since the launch of the Jackpot Aggregator we have received a lot of positive feedback about our new product. At the same time, we have listened carefully to feedback from current clients to develop in line with the needs of our partners. One of these things has been supporting multicurrency jackpot campaigns. It is a very important tool for operators when dealing with players. Increasing the total number of players involved will widen the reach of each jackpot, as well as boost their loyalty and trust in the draws. I am sure our clients will appreciate the new Jackpot Aggregator functionality, and we will keep them happy with new features coming soon,” commented Aliaksei Douhin, Product Manager at the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator.

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