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November 16, 2018

New Slot Game From Yggdrasil - Nitro Circus

Nitro Circus from casino game provider Yggdrasil is their latest slot release and their first ever branded slot.

The cool feature of the game is the Nitro Jump which is inspired by the 15m Giganta Ramp from Nitro Circus live shows. In the slot, the Nitro Jump players will choose their risk level and hit the ramp doing stunts and searching for big wins.

“Nitro Circus, the world’s premier action sports entertainment brand is led by the legendary action sports athlete, motorsports competitor and stunt daredevil, Travis Pastrana. Yggdrasil’s exclusive Nitro Circus slot brings the adrenaline fueled action of the arena to online casinos.”

The Nitro Jump allows the players to choose their vehicle, and each vehicle has its own characteristics, benefits, and speed that will hit the ramp with. The higher the speed at the jump, the bigger the chance of high win multipliers. But players should also know that the faster they go, the bigger the chance of crash and a minimal win.

Players can also reach Nitro Jumps by collecting the vehicles during the base game and this will also give players a better chance of making the big jump for big wins.

Nitro Circus also has a Nitro Blast mini-game and , of course, free spins. In Nitro Blast mini-game the players can win wilds, free spins, multipliers or fill their vehicle collections. In the free spins round they can win feature picks and symbols, leading to big win potential.

Jonas Strandman, from Yggdrasil said:

“As our first ever branded game, the launch of Nitro Circus slot is a milestone for Yggdrasil. Working with the Nitro Circus team has been an absolute blast and the outcome is a great game giving players the chance to share the rush of being present during the Nitro Circus shows. We’re delighted by our partnership with Nitro Circus and the result and look forward to the game being a massive hit for all our operator partners.”

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