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October 17, 2022

Scientific Games and Groupe Fdj Partner up for a Revolutionary Lottery Game

Groupe FDJ, the operator of La Française des Jeux, France’s national lottery, has partnered with Scientific Games to unveil iDecide. This is a new, revolutionary lottery game feature on scratch cards that allows players to expand their experience by scanning a QR code and continuing in a digital game. Although digital scratch cards are nothing new, this concept is a first. 

The announcement of iDecide comes with perfect timing, as the World Lottery Summit in Vancouver is underway. Groupe FDJ and Scientific Games will host demonstrations of the new product, showcasing it for the industry. This should give the parties an excellent opportunity to market their innovation and give it a good kick.

iDecide works as follows: Each instant scratch card game featuring the iDecide feature has a QR code and a callout promoting the opportunity to continue playing. If a player wins on the physical card, they can either decide to cash their winning ticket at retail or wager a portion or all their winnings in a digital game. The iDecide digital game is accessed by scanning the QR code with a mobile device. To increase winnings, the player must successfully advance through the digital game. Advancement is randomly determined by the decisions the player makes during the digital game.

Xavier Etienne, Executive Vice President Technology and International for FDJ, said, “iDecide easily connects lottery players from an instant scratch card game sold at retail to the digital channel. These unique products were strategically developed to connect physical and digital game play with a focus on providing a unique digital entertainment experience for players while preserving FDJ’s strong retailer network. There has never been anything like iDecide, it is truly a product of the future for the global lottery industry.”

As with all gambling innovations, security and integrity are vital. Digital iDecide games are promised to maintain the same safety as physical games. No digital registrations are required, and prize winnings from both the physical and digital games are redeemed at a lottery retailer. Winnings from the physical game can be redeemed instantly if the player chooses to end play. Furthermore, the winnings are updated automatically if you decide to move on to the digital version.

Jeff Martineck, Senior VP of Global Lottery Product Innovation for Scientific Games, said, “Games featuring iDecide modernize the lottery experience for the consumer. These unique games put the power of choice into the consumer’s hands, moving them seamlessly from retail to digital as they decide how deeply they want to play and win. Best of all, iDecide games firmly connect lottery retailers to the digital channel, maximizing revenues and contributions to lottery good cause programs.”

Kicking things off, FDJ will launch three games featuring the iDecide feature. This will be available at over 30,000 retailers in France. However, Scientific Games has conducted consumer research, confirming that the potential is universal. Hopefully, iDecide will expand and be available at your local lottery retailer within the near future.