Pragmatic Play's Blackjack League: What's the deal? Get the scoop in our Q&A!

Pragmatic Play has been running a Blackjack league since April 1st, with this festive event having a total expected monthly prize pool of €1,000,000. We at AboutSlots were curious to know more about this and therefore had an interview with Kasper, Head of Marketing at Pragmatic Play, to find out more.

Overview of the Blackjack League daily tournaments.

Johan: Hi Kasper! Thank you for joining me. You know we love slots here at AboutSlots/CasinoDaddy, and the guys will be all over Sweet Bonanza 1000 when that comes out next month. But something else from Pragmatic Play caught my eye recently – and it’s not on reels. Can you tell us a little about the €1,000,000 Blackjack League promotion?

Kasper: Thank you, Johan. And yes, certainly! Blackjack League launched at the beginning of April and is Pragmatic Play’s flagship promotion in Live Casino. Every month, €1,000,000 in prizes can be won by players across a range of live Blackjack tables and games. There are four tournaments – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Privé – running every day until 30th June, although I can see that date being extended if player demand keeps up. Each tournament has a different stake limit, and there are 500 daily prizes up for grabs in total, with a top daily prize of €10,000 in cash.

Johan: To be honest, it was that €10,000 top daily prize which grabbed my attention. Is the league for high rollers only or can anyone play?

Kasper: Anyone can play Blackjack League. It was designed for all player segments, meaning everyone from complete beginners and casual players to seasoned high rollers. The four different tournaments reflect this approach, with a €5-10 minimum stake in Bronze, €25-50 in Silver, €100 in Gold, and €1,000 in Privé.

The €10,000 top daily prize is available only in the Privé tournament, which is obviously aimed more at high-stakes players. But keep in mind that the other tournaments offer more prizes overall and are awarding over 70% of the total prize pool each day, so there’s plenty to play for at any stake limit. Also, the top prize in Gold is €5,000, with a prize of €1,000 available for finishing second or third on the leaderboard.

And remember, all prizes are awarded on top of any wins hit during the live games. All players who meet the wagering criteria will have a chance to win something extra with Blackjack League.

Johan: OK, so what does it take to have a chance of winning the Privé tournament?

Kasper: Privé Lounge Blackjack is a single-player game, with a max dealer session of 90 minutes. Pragmatic Play offers a number of tables to meet the growing demand for this premium VIP title, so there’s plenty of availability. To top the leaderboard in a Privé tournament, a player will need to hold the highest consecutive win streak by the end of it. In theory, this could be any number from two wins and up. In practice, I can tell you that in April, the highest consecutive win streak was 13 and the average across all 30 Privé tournaments was 9 consecutive wins.

If a player has multiple consecutive win streaks, only the longest and earliest will be used to determine their leaderboard position. Also, if two or more players are tied on the leaderboard, the winner will be the player with the earliest recorded final win in the win streak. So, it could pay to play early in the day, but of course, there’s nothing stopping a player from going on a bigger run just before the tournament ends.

Johan: And what about the other tiers? Will we need to grind all day to climb the leaderboard?

Kasper: No, not all. Only the first 100 qualifying bets count towards a player’s leaderboard position in Bronze, Silver, and Gold. These tournaments work a little differently from Privé, as consecutive wins are converted into leaderboard points. A player receives 10 points for their first consecutive win (after placing minimum of two qualifying bets), 20 points for their second, 50 points for their third, and so on, all the way up to 10,000 points for 10 or more consecutive wins. If there’s a tie, the player whose score was achieved first wins the top prize.

Players will always know where they stand in Blackjack League, as the real-time leaderboard can be accessed easily from any participating game. In the end, there’s no trick to winning – it all comes down to luck. But how and when players place their bets, and in which games, could affect their final leaderboard positions.

Johan: Thinking of our core audience at AboutSlots/CasinoDaddy, why should a slots player consider giving Blackjack League a go? What’s in it for them?

Kasper: There’s a growing connection and synergy between slots and live casino – take your favourite Sweet Bonanza slot, for example. Pragmatic Play adapted this brilliantly to suit the live environment when creating its popular Sweet Bonanza CandyLand game show. If you consider the increasing crossover of themes and mechanics, the lines are becoming increasingly blurred as developers bring these two worlds together.

So, first I would say, “why not?” There’s more to online casinos than slots, and live casino is a thrilling product offering to explore, with its mix of traditional and original games. And Blackjack is consistently one of the most popular live titles, as it has been for as long as online casinos have been in existence.

Added to this, there’s a good selection of participating games in Blackjack League. If traditional Blackjack isn’t your pace, there’s Speed Blackjack. If low stakes don’t interest you, there’s Privé Lounge Blackjack or VIP Blackjack. The choice is excellent, and the potential rewards are compelling, with daily top prizes of €200, €1,000, €5,000, and €10,000 across Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Privé respectively.

Johan: Finally, you hinted earlier that Blackjack League could be extended. Is this on the cards?

Kasper: It’s entirely possible! I’d expect Blackjack League to return soon once this season is over. Whether that’s at the end of June as currently scheduled remains to be seen. Pragmatic Play is always receptive to what players want, so I’d say extending it is a strong possibility at this point.

Johan: Thank you, Kasper! All very insightful, and a pleasure as always. I’m sure we’ll be reaching out again soon ahead of the Sweet Bonanza 1000 release.

Kasper: Likewise, Johan. Looking forward to it!

We thank Kasper for this informative Q&A about Pragmatic Play's current Blackjack League!