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January 7, 2018

The Top Five Bluffs in Poker History

It is called a bluff when a bet or raise is made with a hand that is not a very good one. That is the core idea of a bluff. The idea is to get the opponents with better hands to fold, or at least one of them. In poker's history, there are many examples of successful bluffs. But which ones have earned their spot in poker history books? Which ones had the world buzzing?

Top Notch Bluffs in Poker History

The Ivey versus Jackson is one of the renowned bluffs among poker history players. In the game between Ivey and Jackson, the game is tight with Ivey holding a queen-eight while Jackson had a six-five off suit. Both players throw and miss, so Ivey raises and Jackson raises higher. Ivey bluffs his way to a win by calling it in as Jackson folds. It was an epic win of epic proportions. The Dwan versus Eastgate's game is a great example of hand-reading. Dwan shows exceptional skill, as he's certain his opponents have better hands than him, but his aggressive betting never shows this to his opponents. A confident Dwan was up against Greenstein's two pair and pocket aces, as well as Eastgate's triple deuces. Dwan represented a full-house with his bluff of pocket tens and thus has earned his spot in poker history. Next up in poker history's great bluffs are the game between Haxton versus Daut. This happened during the world poker tour when Isaac Haxton pulls off an amazing all-in with only a three-high. He had somehow figured out that Ryan Daut was only bluff-raising. What makes this one of the greatest bluffs in poker history, is that it was Haxton's first time in a live arena, he had fewer chips, and there were over 1.5$ million on the table. The fourth historical bluff moment goes undoubtedly to the game between Dwan and George. In this game, Dwan beat George with what can be seen as the worst hand in poker, a 7-2 off-suit! Tom Dwan boldly announced that he was in possession of a seven-deuce. Sammy George didn't believe him. Dwan manages to psyche George out again, as Sammy George next time had a two pair with aces and sixes. The last bluff to go down in history is the bluff that happened in the game between Moneymaker and Farha. It occurred during the World Series of Poker back in 2003. Chris Moneymaker had nothing after the last river card fell, but he still goes all in. Farha did his best to get Moneymaker to show something while holding onto his pair of nines. He Farha couldn't risk going all in, and soon crashed out of the tournament. The two met eight years later in a grudge match, from where Moneymaker walked out as a victor again.

Types Of Bluffs Used Throughout Poker History

The types of bluffs used by players are called a pure bluff and a semi-bluff. The pure bluff is also known as a stone-cold bluff, and it happens usually when the player believes that they can win the pot if all of their opponents fold. Pure bluffs usually have a positive expectation, which is more profitable in the long run. If the player pulls a bluff with an inferior or a drawing hand with the possibility to improve during later rounds during a multiple betting round game, the bluff is called a semi-bluff. The pot can be won in two different ways: all players fold immediately, or by having caught a card which improves the player's hand. These two types of bluffs are used throughout the history of poker. There is, of course, circumstances when they are more effective than others. Time it right and you might just have your own name written down in poker history with many other lucky bluffers.

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