Perfecting the art of theming and design – Relax Gaming’s Anders Lokrantz talks Ancient Tumble

It's not Relax Gaming's first rodeo with a Tumble slot, and it certainly shows in their latest upcoming release, Ancient Tumble. It's one of the highest-rated games on our site, and we were keen to learn more about this creation, so we made sure an interview with Anders Lokrantz, Head of Studio at Relax Gaming, took place.

Banner of the slot Ancient Tumble with a jungle in the background.

Favorite Relax Gaming slot?

If I can’t pick Ancient Tumble, it has to be Temple Tumble!

Favorite slot from another game provider?

Razor Shark by Push Gaming.

What is your favorite old-school slot?

I really like Jack and the Beanstalk by NetEnt.

How would you describe Ancient Tumble in just three words?

Immersive, Versatile, Explosive!

The Tumble series is iconic for all the right reasons, especially its design. Can you give us an insight into Relax Gaming’s creative process for this?

The creative process for the Tumble series is a meticulous blend of historical and visual research and most importantly innovative game design which ensures the content packs a punch and resonates with the playing audiences. Our team starts by diving deep into the lore and mythology that inspire the game. For Ancient Tumble, we explored the rich heritage of Cambodian temples and jungles, ensuring that every element, from the architectural designs to the jungle environment, authentically represents the ancient culture. We then combined these findings with the cutting-edge visual effects and immersive gameplay mechanics that Relax is renowned for delivering to create an experience that is both captivating and true to its theme.

What did the design team do differently with Ancient Tumble that makes it differ from other releases?

With Ancient Tumble, we pushed the boundaries of our design capabilities by introducing a more dynamic environment and visuals and animations that have been considerably elevated. Unlike previous releases, Ancient Tumble features a hero character who actively interacts with the game, which adds a layer of depth to its narrative. The use of advanced lighting and shadow effects brings the ancient temple to life, creating a more atmospheric and engaging player experience. Additionally, we incorporated feedback we received from early Tumble series games to refine the content and mechanics, pushing the boundaries of gameplay even further.

Bonus game of the slot Ancient Tumble by Relax Gaming.

What challenges do design professionals face day-to-day when working on releases such as Ancient Tumble?

One of the main challenges is balancing creativity with technical constraints. Our team constantly strives to create visually stunning and innovative designs while ensuring they are compatible with various devices and can be fully experienced without issue.

Another challenge is maintaining historical and cultural accuracy throughout the game, which requires extensive research and sometimes consultation with experts. Additionally, we face the ongoing task of staying ahead in a competitive market, which means continually innovating and finding new ways to captivate our audience without compromising on quality or integrity.

Can you tell our readers why players should play Ancient Tumble upon its release?

Ultimately, it’s the best of Tumble all rolled into one! Players should dive into Ancient Tumble because it offers a unique blend of adventure, mystery, and rewarding gameplay. It not only provides the thrill of uncovering ancient treasures but also immerses players in a richly detailed world inspired by Cambodian mythology and adventure. With its innovative design, an engaging hero as the main character, and the potential for substantial rewards, Ancient Tumble promises an unparalleled experience that will keep players coming back for more.

We thank Anders for this informative Q&A about Relax Gaming's upcoming slot Ancient Tumble.