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October 26, 2022

Parimatch at Reflect 2022

The biggest tech & entrepreneurial event of the year took place on October 19-22 in Cyprus. Reflect took place in Limassol and was attended by 5000 people and 120 speakers from all over the world. Parimatch Tech is one of Reflect’s partners and sent their deputy CEO, Anna Motruk, as a conference speaker.

Parimatch Tech, one of the bronze partners of the festivals, organized a relax & network zone at the event.

Furthermore, a big company stand with a bar and a chill zone was planned at the Carob Mill Restaurants Head Office. The attendees could learn more about Parimatch Tech and the opportunities it provides, while relaxing and networking in a nice atmosphere. At the location there was also a 360° Camera for anyone to create bright unique photos and videos from the event to remember.

Anna Motruk, Deputy CEO at Parimatch Tech and a speaker at Reflect, shared her perspective on the event: “Reflect offers a unique blend of proven expertise, fresh ideas, and the most interesting and engaged people from all over the world. This is something very unique to Cyprus with its dynamic yet relaxed nature. I had a great pleasure speaking at the Reflect’s stage, sharing Parimatch Tech’s take on business transformation, as well as meeting a lot of interesting people and exchanging ideas with our partners.

Parimatch Tech, an international product company, has its head office based in Limassol, Cyprus, and is integrated wonderfully with the local community. Parimatch Tech is currently hiring, especially IT professionals such as Middle+ engineers and developers. In fact, the company is planning to hire over 100 specialists over the next six months.