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January 7, 2018

Going online these days has become as easy and as frequent as breathing. The technological advancements constantly being made every day have made it such that you can find nearly anything you need online. The iGaming scene is no different. Some years back, if you wanted to indulge in any form of casino activity, whether slots or table games, you would have had to physically leave where you were and look for a brick and mortar casino to enjoy yourself. However, now you can simply do so from the comfort of your home on your PC or laptop. And it doesn't stop there, an even better advancement for online casino players is mobile play from your smartphone or tablet. You can now access your favorite online casino games anywhere, anytime, and without any restrictions so long as you have a good internet connection.

New Technology and Trends for Online Casinos in 2017

To keep things fresh in this industry online casinos have to adapt and embrace the top new technology trends that come up. Not only does this help them to better retain their current loyal clients, but it also helps them acquire new clients. These new trends range anywhere from newly added payment modes, for example, the use of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, to new gameplay advances. Once upon a time, you needed to visit a casino floor to find and play casino games. Then, it became possible to access a casino site from the comfort of your desktop browser, And now, the process is even easier and better with the mobile play option which allows iGamers to access casino sites either from their smartphone browsers with instant play or through downloading an app.

How do I choose a new online casino in 2017

It may seem easy to choose a casino, but even well-seasoned players have a lot to take into consideration when picking a site. New players, in particular, might be easily wooed by the bonuses and promotions offered for signing up to a site. However, you require more than that to make the right choice. Other than the bonuses offered, there are other things such as the terms and conditions for signing up, the wagering requirements offered with the bonus you wish to claim, the types and varieties of games available, the software providers involved with a site, the online casino's validity and licenses, payment methods, to name but a few. The good thing is that all this information can be found on most, if not all, online casinos' FAQ sections.

Discounts, bonuses and free spins from the newly established casinos in 2017

So you've done your research through various information sites and found the perfect casino for you, what next? The most immediate concern will probably be how to play and claim the promised rewards. These can be in the form of bonuses, discounts or free spins awarded for different activities carried out on the site. Always go through a casino's wagering requirements to establish what terms need to be satisfied in relation to bonuses. In general, discounts will come in the form of coupons or bonus codes sent through periodic newsletters to loyal clients. Free spins may be awarded for signing up or making deposits into your casino account. Bonuses can be awarded for the same purpose as free spins, as well as creating your account through an information site's link.

New Payment Methods in 2017

In the past, going to the casino meant you needed to walk around with quite a bit of cash on you to deposit at the cashier's upon your arrival. But nowadays, with improvements to a variety of online payment service providers' platforms, depositing as well as withdrawing or transferring money from your bank account only requires a smartphone, sometimes the service providers app, and internet connection. This means you can transact from anywhere, anytime. The options available in this payment area include debit and credit card payments through Visa, American Express or Mastercard, and E-wallets such as Neteller, EcoPayz, Skrill, and Paypal. For those not comfortable with transacting online, there are offline options such as eCheck and Bank Wire that allows you to deposit to your casino account from the bank.

New Mobile Casinos in 2017

The advancement of technology now allows for advancements even in the online casino arena. For a more personalized experience whenever you want, you have the option to indulge in your favorite games from your smartphone. There are two ways to access your preferred casino from your portable device. The first method is through Instant Play. Just as the name suggests, you can instantly play your game directly from your device's browser once you have selected the casino you want. The second option is through downloading the given casino's app from your app store. This may be because the casino is yet to optimize their platform to allow instant play. The majority of online casinos, however, try and ensure that they offer both options to their clients for them to decide their preference.

What happens to online casinos when a new regulation of the gaming market appears?

Regulations in this industry are considered a necessary evil. This is due to the popularity of casino gaming from its inception. With more and more people choosing to indulge in this somewhat addictive past time, there is a necessity to have guidelines in place so as to streamline the industry by offering a level playing field for new casinos, keeping unscrupulous operators at bay, earn revenue for their countries, as well as protect their customers' interests. New industry regulations will lead to new compliant casino sites coming up, which will lead to better incentives for the users, which may also lead to bigger jackpots for those in compliance with the set standards. For information on the latest regulations, visit any reputable online casino guide so that you can stay in the know.