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October 27, 2018

Evolution Gaming Launches Live Infinite Blackjack

The new Evolution Gaming game, Live Infinite Blackjack, is out and now players never have to worry about not getting a seat at the table.

Infinite Blackjack is a low bet version of the popular Evolution Gaming Live Blackjack game, where unlimited number of players can join and play. A massive multi-player scalability and a software that combines dealing of both physical and virtual cards, every blackjack player can enjoy the live gaming experience without ever having to wait.

A mix of physical and virtual cards are dealt in real time by the live dealer. A limitless number of players are dealt the same initial hand but then everyone can make their own decision about that hand and how to play it.Decision-making is assisted by real-time statistics that show how other players bet on that same hand in each game round. Players are also able to bet on one or all four optional side bets.

Available on all devices, Live Infinite Blackjack is a great table game that guarantees players a blackjack seat at all times.

Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer at Evolution, said:

“With Infinite Blackjack we finally cracked the code on how to make a one-to-many blackjack game fun and without having to make any rule changes. We did this using advanced game software, that combines the live dealing of physical cards and virtual cards directly to each individual player. This enables the dealing of individual hands for each player at the table, irrespective of how many players there are at any given time. I am really proud of the team at Evolution who worked on this. It truly shows how we are using all sorts of complex innovations, mostly hidden from the player, to make the Live Blackjack playing experience as good as it can be for the maximum number of online players. With this game now completed, Evolution has a platform for developing further great blackjack innovations, all which I believe will add to players’ enjoyment of the game.”

Bellow you can see the sidebet payouts for Infinite Blackjack:

live infinite blackjack sidebet