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August 11, 2022

How to Become a High Roller

A high roller is a player who likes to gamble large amounts of money – and hopefully score huge wins. The land-based casinos around the world usually offer their high rollers exclusive services like limousine transfers and VIP rooms and lounges. Some might even arrange private jets for their most loyal customers. 

If you wonder what it takes to become a high roller, keep on reading and we’ll tell you.

Did you know that a high roller is sometimes called a whale or cheetah

There’s no universal definition of how much one needs to wager to become a high rolling whale. In Australian land casinos, the player is usually required to bring at least AUD$50000 to the table, and most Las Vegas venues expect a wagering sum of about USD$150000. Casinos in the Chinese province Macau might want to see at least half a million $USD on the table to offer the full VIP service.

Lucky rollers online

Luckily, becoming a high roller at an online casino usually doesn't require nearly as big stakes as in Macau. The required stakes vary, but pretty much every online casino appreciates and awards high rollers by offering them some sort of VIP treatment. It could be raising a regular welcome bonus offer of 100% up to 200 euros to 200% up to 2000 euros. In return, the casinos usually want a pretty large deposit.

Did you know that most high rollers online play Roulette, Baccarat or Blackjack?

Some internet casinos also dedicate a casino manager to their high rollers, giving them a super smooth way to communicate any thoughts and concerns. The managers can also recommend new games, and give the customers some extra attention in almost all sorts of matters.

So, how do you become a high roller at online casinos?

Some operators practice a Loyalty Program where players can get benefits before advancing to the proper VIP club. At West Casino, you’ll automatically earn loyalty points when playing with real money. Every €50 wagered on online slots or other video games will give you 1 West Point, which can be exchanged for gifts, birthday bonuses, free play Sunday, a personal account manager, and other sweet bonuses. Moving through the 7 loyalty levels will make you a proper VIP member where exclusive dinner parties, luxurious resorts and special events around the world await.

Other casinos don’t tell the players what is required to become a VIP member. Arcanebet has a loyalty program just like West Casino, and high rollers wagering large sums will be contacted by a VIP manager, giving them access to exclusive tournaments and other VIP treatments. You know the old saying; don’t call us, we call you.


At the end of the day, high rolling demands high stakes, but it can also result in high wins – and exclusive VIP treatment. As always when it comes to gambling, remember to never spend more than you can afford to lose, and that gambling always should be fun. If you stop enjoying spinning a video slot or betting on online live casino games, take a break and return when you’re looking forward to the excitement of iGaming again.