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January 7, 2018

Hedging Your Bets: How To Stretch Your Casino Bankroll

For any gamer, winning big is the ultimate dream, but every player also knows that there is the potential to lose. Winning is a great experience, but defying the odds and avoiding losses can also be a thrill in itself. The risks of gaming online are normally measured by either the house edge or the RTP and beating them is every player's dream. One strategy that can be employed to minimise your losses is hedging your bets.

Hedging Bets Can Reduce Your Risk

Hedging your bets simply means to reduce your risk of losses by compensating with alternative bets. They are mostly used in sports betting where, for instance, you might make differing bets on both teams to win. However, every game has some version of hedge bets. Many slots even have the random appearance of free spins or game features which help to minimise players previous losses. The phrase actually originates from around 1672 AD and describes the containment and security created by a border of hedges. Today, the term is used not only for gaming but also for the stock market and, in general, financial institutions. Hedging funds make use of this strategy on a big industrial scale. The reason is very simple, it is a very successful strategy to employ.

All online games have a different house edge, with Poker and Blackjack having among the lowest. Using strategic play in these kinds of games can reduce the house edge even further. Other games have a really high house edge, like Keno, Caribbean Stud and many of the slot machines. What all players are looking for is a bet that reduces the overall risk of their main bet, which is the ultimate goal in hedging bets. A good example would be in Roulette, where players often bet on both black and red numbers, covering their options. Some will bet on both the "1 to 12” numbers and the “13 to 24”, then hedge by placing smaller bets on the zero. Doing this increases the odds of winning to 68% on each spin.

Hedging Is A Very Effective Strategy

How you hedge your bets will obviously depend on your game of choice. Hedging is so successful that almost everyone is aware of the term and its use in gaming is universal. It can be applied to any game, from moving your strategy in Blackjack to seeking out the largest progressive jackpot fund in slots. The advantage is not only to reduce any losses but also to stretch your bankroll as far as possible. Psychologically, using this strategy can be a thrilling experience in itself. The key is to find hedge bets that are fun and not to use them to chase any losses.

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