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October 5, 2022

Hallowen themed slots 2022 to play this fall

Halloween Themed Slots

Slots all come with a theme. Nowadays, the theme can be about anything: from a season to a movie, all the way to gangsters, prisons and farms. Seen as fall is upon us, Aboutslots thought of bringing you our favorite autumn themed slots, with a specific focus on Halloween slots.

For those of you who’ve been living under a rock, Halloween is a holiday celebrated each year on October 31. Though it’s mostly enjoyed by kids, adults get a kick out of scaring each other too! Why not translate this into your slot choice? To get into the holiday spirit, find the best slots featuring vampires, ghosts, zombies and other unholy creatures!

The Best Halloween Themed Slots of 2022

We have plenty of good slots to recommend for Halloween 2022, so let’s wait no further and dive into our list. Ready to be spooked?

Castle of Terror

Castle of Terror is a new casino slot from Big Time Gaming where we head out to the countryside, to a place where an enchanting castle awaits. The castle is very reminiscent of the Neuschwanstein castle located in Germany and it was also this castle that inspired Disney in the creation of their logo. However, unlike Disney's fairytale and harmonic castle, this castle is the opposite, with a terrifying atmosphere similar to that previously experienced in another adventure game set in a castle, namely the Baron Bloodmore and the Crimson Castle. This is a slot that is packed with solid features that can bring gigantic wins of up to 61720X the bet. Let's visit this slot and find out what you can expect to see during the spins.

Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack is a new casino slot from Blue Guru Games where we meet this entity from the English folklore. It was back in 1837 that the first person was said to have seen this creature, which would later go by the name "Spring Heeled Jack". In reports about him, there were a couple of recurring factors that were always mentioned, which were his ability to easily jump over several meter high gates, his activity at night, and his devilish features of red eyes and claws on his hands, where he also produced blue/white flames of fire when he breathed. With these traits, one can truly understand why he spread such terror on the streets of London, where he has been reported to attack various individuals on numerous occasions. However, no physical or pictorial evidence of this creature is available, and its existence is still questioned today, as the last reported case was in 1986. The theme is certainly intriguing, so let's find out what features have been applied to this slot.

Rags to Witches

Rags to Witches is a new casino slot from Betsoft, which fittingly will be released mid-October, just in time for Halloween. It’s a Halloween-themed game with strong graphics and spooky music, creating an awesome atmosphere. The Halloween theme has been explored before in slot games like Halloween Jack and Happy Halloween. However, it is not as discovered and unfolded in the iGaming industry as its Mexican counterpart, Day of the Dead. Games like Day of Dead and Muerto en Mictlán have been huge successes, and although the themes are very similar, Halloween and Day of the Dead are different holidays. What we find a bit odd is that none of these themes have been used a lot. Halloween is something most people can relate to, so we believe that providers can benefit from exploring it more. The game features some great gameplay and a crazy jackpot, so let’s take a look at it!

Devils Trap

Devil's Trap is a new casino slot from Stakelogic where we visit a creepy amusement park, where ghosts, spiders and all other scary things are present. Yes, amusement parks certainly tend to be steeped in creepy elements in the slot’s world, where we have The Wild Class which had hungry werewolf’s roaming freely. Within this dark event, however, there are a couple of delightful features that can bring light to existence with their big potential max win of 10000X the bet. Let's find out what it takes to make this happen.

Joker Lanterns Hit n Roll

Joker Lanterns: Hit’ N’ Roll is a new casino slot from Kalamba Games where a classic Joker game is upgraded to a highly volatile gaming adventure with three types of free spins and a max win of 50000X the bet. The Joker is usually portrayed as a jolly fellow, spreading laughs. In this game, he has a spookier look with glowing eyes. You can still count on the Joker, though, who’s not only wild but also multiplies wins up to 5X the bet. All the bonus action is reachable instantly by purchasing the Cash Prize Bonus or the Free Spins in the Bonus Buy feature.

Dungeon Tower

Dungeon Tower is a new casino slot from Peter & Sons where we travel to a forgotten tower deep in the dungeons of mount Argol in search of the 20,000x max win. It will be game #22 from this Armenian provider who keeps providing us with engaging and intriguing games. Their previous release, Voodoo Hex, felt like a fresh game in an industry where innovation is tough to accomplish since so many features and themes have already been used, so we hope that Peter & Sons will follow that trend in this one!

Zombie APOPalypse

Zombie APOPalypse is a new casino slot from Avatar UX with attacking zombies, frightened people, and some body parts. It has the developer’s brand new MultiPop mechanic, where symbols taking part in a win disappear while new ones are added with a multiplier. Although it’s new, it resembles Avatar UX’s PopWins mechanic, which we have seen in PapayaPop and MonkeyPop, to mention a few. The symbols in this zombie-infested world pay both ways, giving the player 2048 ways to win in the base game and 6250 ways to win in the free spins when an extra row is added.

4 Deals with the Devil

4 Deals with the Devil is a new casino slot from 4ThePlayer where we meet the devil herself. A deal with the devil is known to be a deal that is good at first claim but usually has many subsequent consequences. This time there is not only 1 but 4 deals that we can take part in with the devil, but where they have a chance to give really nice follow-ups with wins of up to 5000X the bet. This game developer usually goes their own way with their games, where they experiment wildly with different features, something we noticed for example within their 7 Elements which offered a hefty dose with peculiar features. Let's visit this site and find out more exactly which deals this devil has to offer us.

VooDoo Hex

Voodoo Hex is a new casino slot from Peter & Sons where we travel back to New Orleans during 1921. It's a dark and foggy night, where we visit a voodoo shop that can perform the most spectacular magical rituals. Voodoo and hex are themes that have become increasingly popular among slots in recent times, where we have slots such as Hex, Voodoo Magic and Voodoo Temple, among others. Although these games have contained completely different features, the common theme has resulted in a nerve-wracking event with its slightly eerie surroundings. This time it is a smaller slot with a 3X3 reel setup that we are playing on, but one should not underestimate this smaller setup, as its associated explosive features can result in many memorable moments of play with wins of up to 9400X the bet. Let's find out what you can expect to see during the spins.


Beastwood is a new casino slot from Quickspin where we wander deep into a dense forest filled with dangerous beasts. We get to join the former sea bandit, Mr. Beastwood, on this exciting adventure, where he spends his days slaying these dangerous monsters and collecting big awards along the way. It's a slot that has been created with a host of delightful features, where we can take advantage of Reel Multipliers, Free Spins and Endless Reels that can make the visit very rewarding by generating wins of up to 29541X the bet. Let's visit this site and find out what you can expect to see during the spins.

Curse of the Mummies

Curse of the Mummies is a new casino slot from Blue Guru Games where we travel back to the ancient Egypt. It's a place teeming with cursed mummies, but if we play our cards right, these fellas can be quite welcoming. The tomb turns out to be filled with a very lucrative bonus game, where its increasing multiplier can help players scoop up wins of up to an incredible 12532X the bet. This isn't the first time that mummies have come to life in the slot’s world, as we've seen the game Ramses' Revenge, among others, where Mystery Sandstorms, Free Spins and a playful design characterized that game. It’s now time for us to visit this mummy filled tomb and find out what you can expect to see during the spins.

Boilin Pots

Boilin' Pots is a new casino slot from Yggdrasil in which we get to see a cauldron filled with many festive features. During the spins, this cauldron can grow quite large and deliver up to 16807 ways to win, where you can win up to 10114X the bet. When it comes to boilin’ pots and stews, it is something that has been used since a long time ago, where the perpetual stew was a very popular way to cook. The fascinating thing about its perpetual stew, was that the pot never really got emptied and instead you continuously refill it with new ingredients to stay active for a longer period of time. When we say longer, we certainly mean for a longer period of time, as the Thai-based restaurant Wattana Panich, among others, has had its perpetual stew active for over 48 years. Let's visit this place and find out what this boilin' pot has to offer us.

Freaky Friday Fixed Symbols

Freaky Friday Fixed Symbols is a new casino slot from Stakelogic where we meet an insane doctor who performs some sinister experiments. It's the same name, but the peaceful souls looking for the movie Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan will get a shock when this game appears in the search bar instead. It's a slot where we can win insane wins of up to 10000X the bet with the help of expanding symbols and free spins, among other things. It's not the first time we've visited a madhouse in the world of slots, where we recently were treated to some scary spins with the slot Mental. Let's visit this place and find out what you can expect to see during the spins.

Zombie Carnival

Zombie Carnival is a new casino slot from Pragmatic Play in which we visit an amusement park that certainly has lost its amusing part for the visitors. It is a place where a virus has run amok and spread among the visitors, turning them into zombies. Yes, the amusement parks have a tendency to turn people into scary creatures in the slot’s world, as we have seen before in the slot The Wild Class. It's a slot packed with a few but exciting features that can pay up to 5000X the bet. Let's visit this creepy place and find out what you can expect to see during the spins.


AbraCatDabra is a new casino slot from Gold Coin Studios set in a magical world with a cat and a rat that can perform wonders with their magic wands. You have probably already noticed that the game’s name is a wordplay on the word abracadabra, which could refer to several different films, a song by Steve Miller band, or a British rapper. Most of us probably think of it as the chant used in ancient Roman medicine and by magicians of today. The magic cat looks like it’s taken from a high-quality cartoon, and the game also has a narrator, making the theme complete. Prepare to experience three different respin features, free spins that can be retriggered and a pick bonus game that can bring you a jackpot of 5000X the bet.

Hand of Anubis

Hand of Anubis is a new casino slot from Hacksaw Gaming where we meet a powerful god from the Egyptian mythology. It is namely Anubis, the protector of the gates to the underworld, that we get to meet in this slot. He had a lot of different roles in the Egyptian mythology, but his weighing of the hearts of the dead stands out from the crowd. He was then said to place the heart of the dead on a scale, where a feather also was placed. If the heart was heavier than the feather, then the person would have no afterlife, but if the heart was lighter, it was a sign that the person had lived an honest life, where they were spared a place in the afterlife paradise. Within this slot, we are treated to a darker gaming experience, where the slightly creepy Anubis characters along with its music create an eerie atmosphere. Something that can bring light to this dark existence, is the game's festive features that can award wins of up to 10000X the bet. Let's find out what the features do.

Phoenix Graveyard

Phoenix Graveyard is a new casino slot from ELK Studios that lets us take part in an epic encounter between the grim reaper and the phoenix. We find ourselves in an overcast and grey place, where the more colorful symbols bring light to this creepy place. They have succeeded phenomenally with the mood setting of this slot, where the detailed design as well as tuneful sounds give the game an extra layer of excitement. It's certainly a slot that sets itself apart from previous slots from this game provider, at least theme-wise, since we get to take part in a couple of familiar and lovable features here too. The game’s expanding win ways are similar to the nitro reels we've seen before within the Nitropolis series, where they can result in gigantic amounts of ways to win. Just as the game's name reveals, we will get to meet the phoenix which within this slot is a jumping wild and the scary grim reaper is the game's walking wild. It is a slot that is packed with many exciting elements, so let's visit this site and find out what you can expect to see during the spins.

Lordi Reel Monsters

Lordi Reel Monsters is a new casino slot from Play'n GO that brings us another spectacular heavy metal band gaming experience. This game provider's penchant for rock has hardly gone unnoticed, where we've taken part of slots like Hammerfall and ZZ Top Roadside Riches, among others. This time it's time for the Finnish heavy metal band Lordi to enter the stage. This band was founded back in 1992, where they are associated with melodic metal music and the wearing of monster costumes. In 2002, their career really blossomed, when the song "Would You Love a Monsterman?" was created, followed by the song "Hard Rock Hallelujah" a few years later, which managed to win the whole Eurovision song contest and its melodic tunes made most people sit and swing to the beat. They are a fantastically exciting band, and it will therefore be extremely interesting to dive into this slot and find out what you can expect to see during the spins.


Is there a better way to get into the holiday spirit than playing Halloween themed games? No, there isn’t! These are just some of our favorite halloween games - those that we’ll be playing! - but there’s plenty more Halloween slot games to choose from. Just check our slots page to find more of the best halloween slots!