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September 13, 2021

GambleAware launches new support training and awareness program across Great Britain

GambleAware is an independent, grant-making charity which deals with the prevention and treatment of gambling harms for people who live in England, Scotland and Wales. The organization is always working to protect casino enthusiasts and gamblers who might be losing contact with reality and is constantly looking for new ways to do so.

The latest of their projects is the Gambling Harms Awareness and Support training programme, which will take place across Great Britain. This program will have the goal to increase awareness and knowledge about the potential harm of incorrect gambling behaviours and will be held by professionals who work or volunteer in eight sectors: debt advisors, faith leaders, primary care, social care, occupational health, criminal justice settings, housing and homelessness services and community pharmacies.

This program is aimed at people working in these settings, who might not have the right awareness, knowledge and skills to identify problematic gambling behaviours and provide players with the appropriate support. Because gamblers might turn to them for help and assistance, these professional figures need to be prepared for early interventions and to be able to reduce gambling harm within the community.

With this programme, the people at risk will be provided with the right support, because professionals will know how to recognize risky gambling behaviour and how to provide assistance. GambleAware will invest three million pounds over a three-year period, and the organization expects that this training will encourage earlier intervention and therefore easing the harm currently caused by excessive gambling.

This training for professionals and community leaders through the new programme will also expand the National Gambling Treatment Service (NGTS) provision and promote a community-based approach to gambling prevention. GambleAware is looking now for qualified organizations who will be able to create and provide the training while using and increasing GambleAware’s existing networks, both nationally and locally, throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

The selected provider will work together with existing and future providers of training on gambling harm awareness and intervention, so that the organization can continue providing an environment of gamble awareness and a safe space for those who are victims of their reckless behaviour when it comes to gambling.

This programme will become part of the current portfolio of training resources offered by GambleAware. The goal of the organization is to be able to reach an ever-growing number of people with more tailored resources to meet the needs of specific groups.

If you’d like to check out more information about “Invitation to Tender,” feel free to do so here: the deadline for the applications is 12 pm, on the 5th of November 2021. Furthermore, you can contact if you’d like more information or if you’re interested in applying. For advices on responsible gaming, visit our forum!