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November 18, 2022

ELK Studios Enables the Possibility to Save Bonuses and Features

Since its launch in 2013, ELK Studios has grown increasingly popular with its innovative mechanics and groundbreaking features. However, there’s one thing that our viewers at Casinodaddy and we have requested for a long time, and it’s finally here.

In the past couple of years, hunting bonuses and saving them for a mass bonus opening has become prevalent. It’s a crowd-puller that streamers, especially, love to use. A bonus hunt means that you trigger as many bonuses as you can, but wait to open them until you’re done collecting, at which point you play the features subsequently. This creates an action-packed session where you get to enjoy all the fun parts of different slots, one after another. 

Although bonus hunts were made famous through streaming, we know that many of our viewers like to do it as well. It’s tough to do with a small balance, but lowering the bet substantially might result in a couple of bonuses even without a big bankroll. 

Until now, players have not been able to save features or bonuses from ELK Studios’ games. The bonuses were only held for a short while, and if you waited for too long, you’d just get a payout, instead of getting to experience the feature. Considering ELK slots are many people's favorites, this has been a frustrating barrier. If you want to spend time doing a bonus hunt, you’ll, of course, want to include your preferred games. Funnily enough, many of ELK’s latest games, such as Propaganda and Nitropolis 3  have a “bonus hunt” feature, which significantly increases the odds of landing Free Spins. 

Thankfully, ELK Studios has listened to the community. Starting on the 24th of November, bonuses by ELK Studios will not be automatically opened. Instead, you can choose to save them for up to 12 hours, giving you plenty of time to hunt other bonuses before opening. 

This is fantastic news, which elevates this beloved studio to new highs. 

Bonus Hunt Guide and Information

Instead of just playing one game at a time and opening the bonuses as they land, bonus hunting means that you trigger a bonus feature in one slot, close it down, and open up a new slot, repeating the process. Once you’re done hunting, you go back to the slots and start collecting bonuses one at a time.

Although the overall payout won't change just because you save the features, a bonus hunt adds a special kind of thrill to a session. First of all, it is an exciting challenge to see how many bonuses you can trigger with a set amount of money. Secondly, you get to play a variety of slots instead of just grinding a few of your go-to games. 

Most importantly, you get a session filled with action. Instead of the normal process of dead spins, bonuses, dead spins, you get all of the dead spins out of the way, and then it’s one bonus feature after another, and every single one of them could result in a big win. You should be aware that a bonus hunt is not an automatic profit, but it does go well every now and then. Sometimes, you’ll even have a series of extra lucky bonuses, which is the ultimate thrill.

Aboutslot’s tips for an enjoyable bonus hunt
If you’ve decided to try out a bonus hunt, there’s plenty you can do to make sure you’re safe and your gambling won’t get out of control, while still enjoying your time. Let’s see what our expert bonus hunters recommend when trying out this exciting form of play!

1. Set a limit - Decide how much of your balance you are going to use for the hunt, and stop when you reach it, regardless of how many bonuses you have.

2. Make sure it’s allowed - Some casinos and providers don’t allow saving a bunch of bonuses, so read the terms & conditions or ask customer service!

3. Mix it up - A bonus hunt is perfect for finding new, exciting slots and stepping out of your regular rotation. 

4. Have a strategy - Of course, slots are all about luck. However, if you have a small balance, you might be better off playing low volatility games and vice versa. Just make sure you’re comfortable and you enjoy yourself!