EGT Digital and Million Form Powerful Partnership for Future Growth

EGT Digital and the renowned Romanian online casino Million, operated by Ritzio Entertainment Group, have forged a strategic partnership. 

“EGT Digital’s gaming content immediately caught the attention of our customers and we see increased interest in it. We look forward to the certification of the rest of the games for the country so that we can further enrich the choice of the players on our website,” Petre Predescu, CFO at Ritzio Entertainment Group, said. 

Visitors to Million can now access an extensive gaming portfolio from EGT Digital, making almost the entire collection available to them.The visitors have the opportunity to try their luck with a wide range of titles, including Bell Link, High Cash, the 5 games featuring a Single Progressive Jackpot, and nearly all the slots from Clover Chance

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“Thanks to this partnership, our slots have become even more popular among the local gaming audience. I am confident that more successful cooperations with other Romanian operators will follow in the near future,” Tsvetomira Drumeva, Head of Sales at EGT Digital, said. 

About EGT Digital 

As a contemporary and visionary enterprise backed by Euro Games Technology, EGT Digital leverages its extensive collective expertise to drive continuous advancement in iGaming technology. Their team comprises highly passionate professionals who are dedicated to creating cutting-edge products with clients' success as the ultimate goal. 

At the heart of their mission lies the commitment to craft exceptional features and products. To achieve this, it embraces the ingenuity of young and talented engineers, empowering them to pioneer future-focused technology. Their vision is to exemplify a highly effective organization, dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge technology that enriches the entertainment world while championing responsible play. 

EGT Digital's games captivate players with uniquely crafted themes, breathtaking art, and mechanics that guarantee an immensely immersive gameplay experience not found anywhere else in the industry. Each mode features distinct themed graphics adorned with premium-quality art, complemented by a user-friendly interface. 

About Ritzio Entertainment Group 

Ritzio International, a prominent European gaming arcade operator, boasts a rich history spanning over 15 years. 

Renowned for its recognized brand, exceptional customer service, profitable strategy, and strong leadership, Ritzio's gaming venues primarily comprise small and medium-sized properties strategically situated in urban areas across Europe. Their stable gaming network offers thousands of visitors convenient access to a diverse portfolio of gaming venues, entertainment services, and unwavering commitment to quality and safety standards

Ritzio International's mission is to delight people from diverse social and national backgrounds. Embracing the uniqueness of each national market, geographical mindset, and cultural perspective, they cater to the distinct preferences of their customers. Through a variety of brands, venue formats, and geographic markets, Ritzio consistently fulfills and exceeds customer expectations. 

Ritzio is dedicated to attaining leadership across all segments of its business. Ambitious targets, a profitable business model, and well-defined strategic development activities are key drivers of Ritzio's success. By combining aggressive market entry with continuous development efforts, Ritzio has established a robust position in every market it ventures into.