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August 14, 2023

EGT Digital Achieves a Stellar Launch of Gaming Content in Serbia 

EGT Digital is further extending its presence across Europe. Its latest platform for gaming content is now accessible on the online betting site in Serbia. Players can now enjoy titles from the Bell Link, High Cash, and Single Progressive Jackpot series. This marks the initial entry of the Bulgarian provider into the Serbian market

Expressing her positive evaluation, Tsvetomira Drumeva, the Head of Sales at EGT Digital, highlighted the significant value of the partnership. She underlined its utmost importance and remarked that this stands as yet another notable achievement for the Bulgarian company. Ms. Drumeva stated: “I believe that this is just the beginning of a steady streak of success for our company in the region as a whole.” 

“After their launch, EGT Digital’s titles were very well accepted and have now become some of the most favored options in our online casino selection,” said Nenad Aleksić, Head of Online Business at MerkurXtip. “Anticipating similar positive results, I foresee the upcoming integration of the remaining games from the provider’s portfolio, which we plan to do shortly.” 

About EGT Digital 

Situated in Sofia, Bulgaria, EGT Digital constitutes a vital component of the Euro Games Technology (EGT) Group. EGT stands as a rapidly expanding entity within the gambling sector, boasting a workforce of more than 2000 individuals and maintaining international branches across 25 nations. Its extensive product portfolio has been adopted in excess of 85 jurisdictions spanning Europe, Asia, Africa, as well as North and South America. 

EGT Digital is a contemporary and future-oriented enterprise. Building upon their collective expertise, they consistently advance in the realm of iGaming technology. Their dedicated team of passionate experts crafts pioneering solutions, with a steadfast focus on ensuring their clients' achievements remain at the forefront of their endeavors. 


EGT Digital’s goal is to craft exceptional features and products by leveraging the skills of youthful and gifted engineers, who are poised to deliver technology with a forward-looking perspective. 


EGT Digital aspires to set a benchmark for a profoundly efficient organization that pioneers cutting-edge technology, making substantial contributions to the world of entertainment, all the while advocating for responsible gameplay. 

Thrilling gameplay, exceptional artwork, and a wealth of new titles – EGT stands as the ultimate casino games provider offering a comprehensive package. 


EGT Digital has revolutionary attributes, captivating bonuses, and enticing jackpots designed to captivate and retain players. 

Empowering player engagement, EGT Digital’s Campaign Manager stands as a potent retention instrument, enabling the creation of diverse campaigns and events. It offers personalized bonus features and player rewards tailored to individual preferences. 

Tailored to players' unique requirements, EGT Digital offers a versatile platform integration. Their comprehensive managed solution empowers players with full control over the casino operations, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. 


Additionally, EGT Digital operates in accordance with numerous prominent jurisdictions and strictly abides by Responsible Gambling Regulations. They diligently adhere to all specific regulatory prerequisites, guaranteeing that their products are meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and security.